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Yogini Dasa – A Dasa of Shakti

In Jyotish, the most crucial and critical part for any astrologer is to time the event; there are numerous ways by which timing of an event can be done, and dasa is one of the ways given in Vedic Astrology. Yogini dasa was one of the dasa which I started working on and realised the outcome is not consistent and this was going through all the books published on Yogini dasa; as an astrologer, one has to be very honest with himself while analyzing charts that weather if I had applied this dasa when the event was unknown on the chart, Weather I would be able to predict the event? I realized one biggest mistake while using Yogini dasa is that we are using it like Vimshottari dasa only difference we have made is changing the dasa lords, such as we have determined that Sankata is ruled by Saturn, so we will start analyzing the dasa period similar as we will do in Vimshottari. Truth is Yogini dasa is a dasa of energy which means what energy you are capable to receive in any particular dasa; it is linked to Ashtyoginis so we can draw our references related to dasa based on yogini rather than on planets, the second mistake was wrong lordships allocated to dasa lords such as Mangala is referred as Moon dasa, but in reality, this is the dasa which should be referred to Mars. Below is the correct table of Lordship.
Yogini Dasa Correct Lordship
Mangala Mars
Pingala Venus
Dhanya Mercury
Bhramari Moon
Bhadrika Sun
Ulka Saturn
Siddha Jupiter
Sankata Ra/Ke
If you see now- Bhramari – which means the one who is always roaming and think about which particular planet comes to your mind Is is Moon or Mars- We all know it is the energy of Moon which is never stable that is why Bhramari is given to Moon. I have explained all energy in detail in the Yogini dasa course, but this is just starting to enter this dasa. Until and unless we understand the energy of a particular Yogini and how it will be applied, Every energy has a particular bandwidth to which certain events happen in life, Such as Venus, which rules Pingala, applies its energy in the 12th house from its natal position to give results in dasa of Pingala. This is the chart- I picked from the Lunar Astro FB group where a lady is asking this question. “I started a business in partnership in 2020 and facing a lot of financial difficulties in the same. I am getting suicidal and see no hope in living further. Please guide Deepanshu Giri sir please help” Yogini dasa She is going through dasa of Dhanya/ Ulka- Which if I go by the traditional method will be dasa of Jupiter/Saturn and both of them are not related to partnerships or professions but the moment I changed to new scheme of dasa which will be Mercury/Saturn -You will realise -In one glance I can say the problem will be in the profession. The applied energy -Saturn applies its energy in 6th from natal position in this dasa and that is 10th house – This is the energy of dispute, hard work, and now Venus which is a significator for partner has to go through this energy that is why problems in the profession is arising. As Saturn sitting with Mars so energy is of struggle being carried to 10th house of profession. Secondly, Mercury applies its energy in 3rd from natal position and 3rd from Mercury is pada of A-7 in 3rd house which also shows property related issues and paperwork especially is not done properly that is why native is struggling with partners. Remedy- The Best Remedy in this dasa will be take a Devi Idol and everyday spend at least 30-40 minutes decorating your temple, diety of Devi and taking care of her, One of the more practical remedy will be making sure you are paying proper attention to kids and taking care of kids dressing everyday properly. Sringar offering to diety means that we are trying to replicate our thoughts in the from of beauty of our diety, Our gods looks like us only as everything around us is a resultant of our own energy we attract, So when we start doing sringar the purpose is to hide flaws in opposite person and look for scope for improvement. I realized this as once I got sewa to do Sringar every Tuesday in Hanuman temple, and it is a very tedious process of applying cloves, Ilachi in a particular sequence over hanuman ji, Changing clothes and making sure he looks presentable, It felt like the responsibility that whoever will come for darshan today should look at diety with almost no errors visible, I think most of the times we don’t even want to look at diety directly as the beauty of any diety is not visible to naked eyes that is why I think we close our eyes in the temple. Click below to learn more about Yogini Dasha :
Yogini Dasha – Timing of Job and Marriage
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  1. Sambhav Jain

    Sir after your last video I was anxious that where will I get revised lorships of yogini dashas. I was trying hard to figuring it out since you explained in last video. Thank you.

    1. Amit Dharia

      Bit sir , in your previous lecture you have told us that bhadrika is mercury dasha
      …Can u just please recheck all tha planets of yogini dasha in correct ….i mean if there is something misconceptions of wording and Writing when you were delivered through content making….

  2. Sushma Mehra

    Greetings of the day Deepanshu ji.. I can connect very well to each word, don’t know.. how super power.. Or say divine power.. Helps me to decorate.. Their is laddu gopal ji, in our house.. And it will take almost 2hrs to decorate.. And then very very pretty sweet and shining laddu ji..

  3. Pradeep Sharma

    Hello Sir
    I too have same combination very close Mars Saturn less than 3°
    My date of birth is also 8March 82
    11:47 am Delhi, tauras ascendent,
    Rahu 2, ketu 8, Jupiter also 6 forming daridra yog.
    While there is kind of unions
    As jupiter in rahu nakshatra rahu in Jupiter nak, sun in Jupiter nak
    Another moon in magha , ketu in shukra ??????? and shukra in shravana
    Mangal in his own with Saturn also in chitra and Mercury also in Mangal nakshatra Mercury Venus are in Capricorn in 9th
    Moon in 4 Leo sign while sun aspecting moon from 10th in Aquarius.

  4. Shikha Kothari

    Dear Deepanshu ji,

    Thank you so much for picking up this chart, this chart is mine. I have been trying to seek guidance from you since very long but this time I just posted the chart and left for Himachal Pradesh to visit Chamunda Devi and while returning I got to know that my prayers has been answered.Thank you for making me believe in miracles and energies. Meanwhile I will continue with the above remedy, please give me an appointment for one one one consultation it’s a request ??.

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