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Tattoo & Astrology

Tattoo and Astrology

so this was the question asked in Lunar astro FB group a few days ago -Is there any astrological significance to tattoo on the body and a lot of people are getting inked nowadays as compared to earlier times with a lot of options available in tattoo shops- It\’s difficult to choose which symbol we can opt for.

Any shape or symbol when we wear in form of locket or draw on the body -It act as a mark to the universe to attract certain energy as if you see when we do any ritual we draw a lot of symbols to attract good energy such as the most common one you must have seen is people drawing Swastik and writing shree on the entrance for the good luck.

Similarly, a dummy face of the devil in front of the house to ward off any evil eye are some of the common examples we can easily see around us similarly lockets of OM or any god goddess or Venus pendant with encircles is very common but why we are doing all this is so we can attract similar energy towards us. As we all know all types of energy is available in the atmosphere -good, bad, ugly and these energies help us via different mediums- sometimes through people, sometimes through thoughts while we are sleeping, and sometimes by giving us signals.

The picture shows any common Hindu home- Right from the entrance to the Tulsi plant-look at all the symbols very closely -Rangoli pattern -and please tell in the comment section -how many symbols you can closely observe with meanings.

Everything around us in the form of symbols or patterns forms a miniature model of the universe to produce miniature energy related to that pattern to help us in our life. such as drawing concentric circles mandala helps in the energy of Venus while drawing the pattern of Mercury helps kids in studies.

Venus Patterns helps in relationships

It must When we have a very clear connection with our inner world and the moment we think about something -within a few hours we start getting signals, news or some person comes with an opportunity in the same direction and the reason it has happened is that we project that thought out in-universe so strongly and with powerful conscious, especially when it is coming from the heart which is clean from any grudges, jealousy as the heart does not only get blocked physically but also the vibrations also get blocked due to pity issues we accumulate over a period of time,

Even when you are reading this- Please raise both hands and while remembering the person you have grudges against or creating problems for you in this life. Say \” I forgive you\” you need to learn to forgive and move on not for anyone else but for your own growth, You are as big as the battle you are fighting, so pick a task which seems impossible to do so that even when you fail you will have no repentance of failing because it is worth trying.

Similarly when we draw any tattoos on the body what we are doing is we are attracting the energy from the universe represented by the tattoo-and it definitely affects the horoscope of the native such as – look at the chart below of Johnny Depp


So the tattoo he got in 1993 which is one of the most crucial and important years for the career of Johnny Depp is of the downward triangle- As I have told earlier in one of the blogs earlier that downward triangles are used for wealth and materialism but these triangles also bring a lot of addiction and morality issues as downward triangle represents Rahu. Johnny Depp became an actor in 1990 and he was doing sitcoms but only in 1993, he signed 3 movies which is a big leap in Hollywood, and started getting noticed.

The energy of Rahu started to work in his chart but as it is placed in 12th house of the chart in exalted position shows a lot of relations with new people moving to uncomfortable zone and disposition in 11th is gains -This is the year he won the golden globe award for the first time.

Interestingly he was also running the antardasa of Mercury only and I think that is why he got attracted towards the downward triangle tattoo to be marked upon his body and it clearly gave him results.



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    1. Akshita

      Hi Sir, It’s amazing how universe works and how we attract energies… I have been planning to get a tattoo on my next birthday and this comes right a week before that. I am obliged to be in sync with your frequency.. ? Thank you

    2. Anirudh

      Very good article. Most of the symbols in rengoli in the picture , we can relate with positive aspects example swastik. I wonder what is the significance of zig zag line like like AC (alternate current patten). And a bindu/dots on lows and highs.

  1. Raunak

    Hello sir ….its interesting how u connected tattos to astrology……could u also explain how name tattoo effect someone…..and is it beneficial if someone with rahu 12th to have that inverted triangle

    1. Subhashree tripathy

      Sir I m back from varanasi on Saturday..nd I was thinking of doing lord shiva tatoo on my left hand.. coincidence or nimmit I got this article today…jay Shree mahakaal ??????

  2. Saloni Surana

    1. Mango leafs torana symbolizing goddess laxmi on front of door to ward of evil energies.
    2. Laxmi feet to increase footfall and attract prosperity.
    3. Swastik to balance energies of environment around.
    4. Om to increase connection to postive source’s.
    5. Ram name helps to activate personal power or solar plexus chakra.
    6. Rangoli having different shapes and pointing to 8 directions to attract prosperity and good luck.
    7. Deepak in upward triangle to remove darkness and rise upwards.

  3. Shivangi

    Lakshmi paduka and mango leaf hanging at the enterence then geometric pattern rangoli then on tulsi chura there is a upward triangle space for diya with RAM on the top and swastik , om .

    1. music raga

      Vanakkam sir, unfortunately today evening around 6 O’ clk I am talking about lord shiva tattoo with my office colleague. I am surprising the same topic in lunar astro notification.?
      I felt some message for me but I don’t understood the universe msg fully. Thank you very much.

  4. Vishal

    I have mercury in 12th house Pisces with Venus, sun ketu..I am running Saturn MD / mercury AD..should I draw triangle on rahu mount in my palm…will it help? Or should I draw it on biceps? Pls guide..

  5. Absolute God

    I have a tattoo of BLACK where A is a triangle
    After that tattoo I went into isolation and lost the contact from the world…
    Also I have a bat ? tattoo….
    Thinking to remove them alll….

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