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Tarpan- A Remedy of Promise

Sarvapitra Amavasya is one of the most powerful days to let go of all sins and do this remedy to get blessings of Pitris and one of the best remedies is to do tarpan but, Let us understand what is Tarpan and how to do this?

Tarpan kriya usually involves taking gangajal or any river water in hand with black til while wearing a durva grass ring and saying a final goodbye to our ancestors but this is what actually happens that we help our ancestors to carry on their journey with the help of water so they can complete their journey by assuring them that we will fulfill all the task they were not able to complete in this lifetime and what happens with assurance is -the can carry over their journey worry-free. Imagine when your mother is about to leave for 2 days,
She will remind you of several daily chores to be done and you keep reassuring her that don\’t worry- I will take care of it. That I still remember you and will take care of your words.


When we do Tarpan we take responsibility for completing the unfinished task- Even if you don\’t know mantras, Even if you are not aware of anything else still what you can do is- You can sit in a clean place in your house and do this mentally and let all the issues related to ancestors -to let go such as let me give you an example- Rahu and
Ketu in your chart is really heavy as they represent your ancestors from the Parental or Maternal side- see which one is in more trouble – even if you don\’t know Jyotish still you can see family history on both ends and see the family pattern as you are the result of the two.

One of the powerful remedies was to plan the tree of a nakshatra in which Rahu is placed such as Rahu in Bharani to plant an amla tree but even if you are unable to plant a tree due to some reason – Do it mentally- plant a tree mentally. Think about your ancestors why they were worried? What was the task they were not able to complete in their lifetime and how you can fulfill it, How you can bring them to peace?

Ketu is not only your maternal grandfather- It is your complete maternal family and the same goes for Rahu as parental family. These two are the storage houses for Moon as called as a satellite of Moon only.

Let me give you a few examples as to how this remedy has given peace to so many people in past.

A native had Ketu in cancer in the 6th house and Moon in Libra.

Q- Has anyone in your family ancestors left the house after the fight and stayed somewhere else?

A Native said I will confirm and tell and a few weeks back he returned with an interesting story – one Maternal uncle left to stay with an elderly woman -who was already married to someone else. but after a few years -women left with someone else and the family never returned to talking terms with the uncle due to a social boycott.

Q- Does your uncle want to come back and family didn\’t accept? (Here is where it goes interesting – As taught in Happiness series when Moon is in 7th house especially with Venus Native is hungry for emotions and kind of blind to get into relationships as Moon is in Libra here so the same effect can be seen)

An Uncle never wanted to come back but wanted to marry a girl within the close family and was badly beaten and chased away in family function due to which he did court case for property and property was never settled till now -there is a fight.

Q- How is your father?

A With angry voice- He lived with another woman when I was 15 but also keep taking care of us but due to him and his second wife only my marriage got spoiled- I asked \”Do you see several ends of the story right now\” – I think the light over his head must have glown by now.

He just held his head by realizing that how one event of the maternal family has come in his life to spoil his own marriage twice. (the guy had 2 marriages and both failed.)

Q what should I do to correct it now?

A. Pacify Ketu- first of all, Let go of the grudge against if anyone has gone out of the norms decided by society – as that is how Rahu and Ketu suppose to behave – Your wife also must have said something to you which was unacceptable for you.

Yes as one of them wanted celibacy in marriage as one of them was from Belarus and wanted the spiritual path to be followed and the second one -I caught cheating with my guru. (Both Marriages has issues related to Libra again)

Now realize why Ketu is behaving in a certain manner in your chart- Have you ever been a backbencher- you know when the teacher says – \”No one can cheat in my class\” backbenchers take this as a challenge.

People with prominent Rahu Ketu- are like- \” Hold my Beer, Let me show you how this is done\”

So we tried this remedy on zoom by asking him to let go of grudges and complaints against the maternal family for property, father for not living with him and interfering in his marriage, forgiving spouse for doing their own karma.

You can do this by holding a flower, a tree branch, fruit, or anything as a peace offering in your hand and say- I forgive you all from the heart as by keeping grudges you hurt yourself most. you might feel like crying while doing this as this is completely ok as all this pain of leaving someone was inside there and you were trying to be ok with that much pain and grudge inside you. You should never feel guilt for someone else karma, There will be a lot of people in our life who will come and leave and this is because -everyone has different stops in life where they need to get off.



Gift away fruit, wheat flour, milk, sugar, or anything you feel like offering to complete this task.

One of the best remedies of Ketu is to say \”Aham Brahmasmi\” Several times a day and it does wonders to your soul.

so as a result of remedy -In 6 months time native came back with big thank you as a result of leaving a grade what happened with him was that in 6 months guy relaunched his business brand in which he was struggling, Got into a relationship and moreover -he was happy from inside out as he had a vision- Always remember the problem with Rahu Ketu axis is the Vision Person don\’t know what to do.

You can do this remedy tomorrow of letting go of grudges, promising your ancestors so they can complete the journey – I promise you it will take only a day to see the change in your own energy.


  1. Gurpreet kaur

    Thanks a lot guiding people…my Rahu is really troublesome seventh house with sun Venus Saturn. Twenty years off marriage like hell..insulted by husband only several times…blames and what not…still I want to stay with him…may be sometime he will realize the worth of me… I forgive him for always now may it was my karma…living with my daughter’s now and looking after them. Waiting for him to come back…

      1. Sheeraj Kataria

        i have not much knowledge of astrology but i follow Sir on youtube. As 10 house represent profession natural lord saturn. Also ketu is involved so may be connected to maternal family. There may be any incident in maternal family when labours(saturn) clothes(libra) may be torn. So you can donate clothes to saturn (labours) it will really help you.
        Rest God will bless

  2. Chandana

    Thank you sir, will definately do this remedy tomorrow….facing trouble in personal life may be because of Rahu in 3rd and Ketu in 9th house with Kal sarpa dosh for a cancerian ascendent….Gratitude sir???

  3. Hemali

    I do have Rahu and sun in 7 house in libra but my marriage is been good yes argument but nothing major and I m happy I have him because he really tolerated me in all way . Will do the remedy but I don’t have any grudge for any of my ancestors. But still I will do for my father who pass away in May in India and no one could be with him except my Mother and brother

    1. Smitha

      Thank you so much . I was crying while reading the article specially during forgiveness part. I have problems with Ketu. Rahu in lagna for Gemini ascendant.

      My maternal family side is not at good level.

      I will do this remedy .

  4. Swati Parimi

    The person who was guided by u is a blessed person… All his pending karmas were cleared… Keep guiding us… God bless you… May the supreme lord gives me a chance to consult you… Sir..

      1. Biwalkar

        Thank you for this guidance Sir ?

        I am told that my Shani Rahu Ketu all are really bad…will try doing Tarpan…by God’s grace hope this helps my kids and my health to get better???

        Had done the Mahashivratri remedy you had said…and it felt really good?

  5. Sai prabhakar

    Thanks a lot for sharing this karmic pattern and showing us the right path to get rid of our pending karma. We are always thankful to GOD and grateful to YOU for all these years of enlightening journey

  6. Manu Kalia

    Thanks for a wonderful article,
    Being a son of writers, I am quite confident, you have a few books already written,
    they just needs to be compiled.

    Thanks for Remedy from deep of my heart.
    Aham Brahmasmi ?


  7. Neeru Singh

    I lost my sister in December due to Covid ,she left us while sleeping ,it was a terrible shock .She had so many things to do ,wanted to visit temple and wanted to reside in mountains ,What can I do for her .Can I visit that temple on her behalf .Please in case you get time , answer me I know you are too busy.Thank you for your support to this ignorant world you don’t know how many lives have changed because of your positive vibes which you pass on to us .we must have some good planets .??

  8. Shruthi ananth

    Dhanyawad sir .
    Your posts touch and change so many lives . One idea one thought can change the person’s thinking and his karm gets altered.
    Thanks for bringing in positivity in to ur students life.
    God bless you with abundance

  9. Mini

    ??Insightful teachings, today after reading this post I actually decoded my mother past life n this life fears and gave her your remedy of doing virtual ????? ?.
    Can’t thank enough for your remedies and timely preachings?
    Hoping to meet you in person one day??

  10. Padmasiri

    Thankyou sir, Pranam you,
    My mother was taken away by my sister and sister force mother filed a court case against me based on false facts . Now mother wants me to give all properties mother and father gave me(Father already passed away).Any remedy i want my mother to come our house(ancestors house) and live with my family. Rahu in sixth house with sun .any special remedy that i can perform.

  11. Resham

    Thank you Sir for this remedy. ?
    I would be really grateful to you if you can help me as I suffer from sleep issues. I cant switch off the light at night as I think someone will come. I had an incident in foreign land where I was alone in house and was sleeping deeply with light off when at exact 12 midnight someone whispered something in my ear and I shouted at the top of my voice but could not see anyone. Thankfully my dad was 5 minutes away and he quickly came home. This was in Feb 2017.
    I get anxiety at night and can’t sleep properly. I also have Rahu in 10th house in sign of Sagitarious which might explain supernatural stuff.
    I would be extremely indebted to you if you can give me any advice . ????

  12. bhaveshjnaik

    Deepanshu ji ,you are too good ,thanks for each n every post / Youtube Video ,i have an out of the box question : we see many people with dual personalities , is it because most have different Chandra Rashi And Lagna Rashi ? ,what happens if Both Are Same ?

  13. Rose

    I followed the suggested ritual. I hold the apple in hand and spoke the words of forgiveness. And chanted aham bramhmasvi when I can. I could not gift away the apple as here because of covid can’t make offering at temple and people are not willing to receive gift of food..so I cut open the apple and what is weird is the core of the apple was black which is strange as all others that were not offered was normal. Also that night I had a dream, I was trying to Curr an old man as everyone thought he was possessed by an evil spirit and I was an Islamic shaman..but it turns out that the man just have a weird character. Could this person have cursed me and my children as I had my children helping me in my dream? Please help. I am not Hindu by birth so making offering to pitris is new for me.

  14. Sudeshna Thapa

    Today is my birthday . And after reading this , I have decided to have a fresh start from today. “Aham! brahmasmi”.
    Since I am blessed with such a beautiful article today, I pray lord Mahadev to create such atmosphere and such favourable circumstances where all the works, plans and initiatives carried out by Deepanshu Giri Sir to be completed in his estimated time without any obstacles.

  15. Simi Rasheed

    Thank you so much sir,i read this in rituals of happy soul 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏, so many changes after reading each and every article of lunar astro 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  16. Preeti

    Thankyou Sir for the enlightening article.
    Sir you told the tree for venus, please mention for all nine planets since my rahu itself in ketu Nakshatra in Aries sign so which plant should be planted.

  17. Arti Thakkar

    Thankyou Sir for the lovely guidance
    Sir i have ketu venus in 4th house in vrishabh and rahu in scorpio in 10th house can you please guide what i can do I want to know the purpose of my life why i have been born i have only rahu ifrom 7th to 12th house and all the other planets from lagna to 6th house my Astrology Sir said you have work related to rahu pending in this life. If you can guide 🙏🏻Thankyou

  18. Rad

    Namaskar, please could anyone explain sir’s statement from the article a little bit more “Ketu in your chart is really heavy as they represent your ancestors from the Parental or Maternal side- see which one is in more trouble – even if you don’t know Jyotish still you can see family history on both ends and see the family pattern as you are the result of the two.” The reason i ask is i have seen a pattern from my paternal grandfather’s side (i don’t know before that), from being the richest, the luckiest person he went to a mental asylum…some say there was black magic, some say the family incurred a curse/wrath from someone…once he passed on it affected my uncle in a similar way,he turned to alcohol, once he suffered, my father started suffering and once father suffered, my eldest brother turned bad..in between there was a middle brother who became autistic and passed away at 14.. because of my elder brother’s activities my married life became hell…have continued only because of Sai Baba..but once i noticed this pattern (and to be honest i have not even gone to mother’s side since i don’t know), i have been desperately seeking answers to what may have gone wrong more have lost mother last year and it doesn’t seem to end. Want to really do the right things for my spouse and child. If anyone can help with the right direction. Jai Sai Ram

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