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Aug 30, 2022

Decoding Shree Ganesh

This is part 2 of the Article- Please start from this article- Shunya – Shree Ganesh- Lunar Astro Shree Ganesh- To Understand the energy of Shree Ganesh, you need to understand the energy mastered by him; in this universe, every god is rulingRead More

Aug 19, 2022

Moon – Guard Your Happiness

Today, when we celebrate the birth of Shree Krishna, Let us look into how Moon can help us be more happy and content in life and experience the divine bliss of the universe to experience the Maharaas. We go through several emotions throughoutRead More

Jun 19, 2022

Healing via Marriage

A king should marry a queen, as for Kings and queens, what matters is whether after marriage my power is increasing or not, A king has no say in marriage, they marry for the benefit of the kingdom even if that comes sacrificingRead More

Jun 10, 2022

Why we suffer in life ?

I always wondered why there is a mix of good and bad souls on earth and why good souls are few, but you will find these people everywhere setting up an example for everyone else. Their compassion, kindness and giving nature makes usRead More