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Secrets of Zodiac sign - Astrology Blog

Secret of Signs

Learning the energy of each sign is not only critical but essential for every astrologer to master the zodiac; you should be able to predict using the qualities and energy of each sign on the blank chart with year-wise events; use the energy of that sign to predict for example -Pisces.

Pisces is the natural 12th house of the Zodiac- It is a sign of giving out; this is a sign of sleep. When we are sleeping, we rely on god with close eyes that we will be able to wake up again. Similarly, wherever Pisces is in your chart, you will have a habit of trusting people blindly. That is why Aquarius ascendant trusts family members blindly, even when cheated.

Secrets of Zodiac sign - Astrology Blog

Pisces is a sign of giving, so it will be difficult for Pisces ascendants to ask for their own money and salary increment as they are natural givers in the family. In contrast, Taurus ascendants will give their whole salary to someone as Pisces is in the 11th house of salary, and for Taurus, cooking and other skills come naturally without much effort as they have mastered them in a past life.

For Aquarius ascendant – the 45th year will be the year when natives will have troubles related to property and finances in life; the 37th year is a highly dreadful year for these natives, while the best of the year for Aquarius is 35th and major transformation in life happens at 24.

You can predict every year’s good and evil for each ascendant based on a blank chart, such as Gemini is the sign of communication happening in 5th house entertainment. Gemini is a sign which is known for mimicry and signing. Hence, these people enjoy mimicking other people, and even when they want to marry someone in a closed circle amongst relatives or neighbours, the plan will be cannibalised due to the father.

The challenging aspect of life is unsettling home and continuous travel in work; what changes them in life is the death of close ones from incurable diseases, but these people don’t give up easily in their profession even when their personal life suffers due to Job- All the movie characters of supercop police we see one thing in common amongst them is that their spouse is not happy with them as they are too much involved in work and want to solve the impossible.

This is a story of every Aquarius ascendant, even when no one likes them in the company or home. However, they still get going in the same job when everyone else will tell them to leave and move on; why are you doing such hard work even after years?  now, you can see that for cancer ascendants, people want to associate but only in the background, not in the open, as people want to take benefit but somehow don’t want to accept that they are linked to these people. One of the famous politicians who did a lot for the country, and till now, when people are using the same facility created by him, don’t miss a chance to abuse him, Abusing at a point where they can’t even defend themselves or kids of cancer ascendant has to listen for deeds of their parents again one side of the story, no one will dare to say it openly in front of cancer ascendants when they are alive on in front of them that is why Cancerians need to be clear with this fact.

The age of 41 is critical for cancer ascendants for health, 33 for profession and 32nd for the good or bad name; 47th for father and 48th is one of the defining years for cancer natives. If you look at most of the cancer ascendant charts, these predictions will match.

First, start with learning the energy of each sign in detail, make predictions related to each ascendant, and then go to the timing of events.

To learn Energy of Signs in detail – Predictive Astrology Level-1 course click on the link below

Predictive Astrology Course Part-1 – 𝐋𝐮𝐧𝐚𝐫-𝐀𝐬𝐭𝐫𝐨 (lunarastro.com)



  1. Shweta

    Sir Cancer asc, extremely correct what u said.
    Why facing insults and financial issues Cancer asc. Not finding a way in life, passionate to learn astrology but life is giving never ending financial issues.
    Sir i had filled consultation form of my husband Mahendra Utekar and mine Shweta Utekar.
    In june, pl guide sir.
    Thanks for all support from u and lunar-astro team. Gratitude sir 🙏

  2. Chandra

    True for Aquarius ascendant regarding family ,home and work. But it is yet to reach those mentioned ages to confirm.
    Also true for cancer ascendant natives, regarding association of people with them only in background but not in open.
    Native got fatty liver at age 41

  3. Raj Kumar Pachauri

    The more i watch the vedios of preductive astrology part 1, more i get mesmerized and dig out new techniques. No word is enough to praise this marvelous work of Sri Dipanshu ji. 🙏🙏🙏

  4. shiva acharya

    pranam to shri.deepanshu giri sir,

    sir u explained about

    sir one of the videos u said tht kumbha lagna people must have a “Revangeful carrer”(may be becoz of scorpion 10th house?!), for cancer ascendents is what is said u r right , age 32 -very low in fame& name matters ,and 33 – professionally dibacle !
    and u mentioned tht PEOPLE doesnt aggrees openly tht what cancer native done to the society ! but why this is happening? is tht becoz cancer natives mostly go throw on intution bases ?, or any curse for cancer?
    and second point “what are the remieds / cautions for cancer ascendents in this matters?

  5. Suketu

    Respected Deepanshu Sirji 🙏
    Humble Salutations 🙏
    Bang on for Aquarius ascendent.
    Yes I am reviewing all your videos for the basics on Planets and Signs.
    Heartiest gratitude for guiding us with this divine knowledge of Jyotish 🙏🕉️

    1. Dhiramani Das

      Hi. Scorpio is a sign of transformation… The results are diverse in scorpio…i feel ! I have venus in scorpio….. And till now…. There are confusions about life, love etc in my life… I personally think scorpio in itself is a very broad difficult sign…not very easy to predict and taught in just single article…may be… Anyways…may God be with you and may you find light 🙏

    1. Dhiramani Das

      Hi. Can you share your experiences about being cancer ascendant? I am also cancer ascendant…30 years female and unmarried… So how is it for you? Marriage? Career? Pls share details if you dont mind … 🙏

  6. Rahul Kumar

    Pranam and charan sparsh Sir,
    For Taurus ascendant, bang on Sir,
    I don’t think about money although I don’t have and I love cooking and whatever I cook, it turns out to be tasty and awesome.

  7. Amitt Sharrma

    Our Dear Deepanshu Sir is Cancer ascendant and we all love to be associated with him. Aur market mein seena thok kar bolne k liye taiyar rehte hain openly jitna bhi seekha jaisa bhi seekha hai it’s Major DG Sir.
    Hum sabhi student bhale hee kitne bhi blogs videos online dekh lein but aatma prasann aapke video notification se hoti hai kyunki yahan guurd rehsay samajhne ko milte hain and most importantly.. KYUN sawaal ka jawaab Lunar Astro se milta hai.

  8. Anuradha shubhi

    pranaam sir
    as in one of ur lectures u have mentioned about abnormal and forcefull entry of rahu nakshatra native and vice verca problems during delivery in ketu nakshatra native…mesmirisin ur every word is trustworthy as i hv seen such event few days back.
    incredible decoding it was..i am blessed to be part of ur teachings indirectly.
    narive,s DOB 5th aug2022

  9. Punam

    नमस्कार दीपान्शु सर
    जैसे हम भगवान की तारीफ नहीं कर सकते वैसे ही आपकी तारीफ हम नहीं कर सकते कयोंकि उसके लिए हमारे पास शब्द नहीं होते। जब से हम आपसे जुडे हैं तबसे हमारे जीवन में जो बदलाव आया वह एक जादू की तरह है।हमारे परिवार में दोष है जिसकी वजह से हममें नकारात्मक ऊर्जा है और हमसे सब दूर हो जाते हैं। पर जब आपका नाम आता है और आपकी बात होती हैं तो शरीर में एक अहसास होता है जो भगवान को याद करने पर होता है ।आपकी हर पोस्ट में सच्चाई है। आपके रूप में भगवान ने हमें वरदान दिया है।जिसके लिए भगवान का और आपका धन्यवाद

  10. Jyoti

    Sir a very good explanation but what about marriage of cancer ascendant as my son is cancer ascendant and girl he is seeing is also cancer ascendant though she is elder to her The girl is working and earning well whereas my son is trying to establish online business though he has completed law He is 26 Need your guidance

  11. Smita

    Namaste Sir. Satyavachan. Aquarians for sure top the ‘most unwanted’ list. Takes 50 times more effort than normal person to achieve same thing or even less. Lost a family member to an incurable disease and seeing the suffering, lost all interest in normal life thereafter. I have still not resumed regular life as I am constantly thinking there must be more to life than a std template of be born-earn-reproduce-die situation.
    Both money houses ruled by Jupiter. I never have sufficient income and whatever is saved up goes like a large wave hits and takes it all off. To top it, I give away so much that i feel Banks should create a new product ‘daan loan’ for me. Coz sometimes I borrow money to donate to someone!! It’s hopeless. 🙂
    I keep reminding myself that Highway analogy you gave for Aquarius. Maybe there’s more than meets the eye in the land of Pisces if and when I reach there.

  12. Nagesh Rao

    Good research work and insights. My son, wife & Sister are Aquarian ascendants, with Taurus, Aries & Cancer Rashi respectively. Aquarian males have to suffer a lot. Both my wife & sister are home makers. My wife’s relatives are curious to know her status, comfort, lifestyle & conveyance in her life. She is like a star attraction to them, not right now, but from her childhood. She used to be the most beautiful girl amongst her cousins and sisters. By the way, she has a lot of relatives. Normally, marriage happens in their family with a known boy or girl in their family circle. But their parents, especially her mother, got her married off to a boy outside their family circle. Where in it ruffled the feathers of their own kith & kins, hence such a curiosity over the years right from the day of marriage. By God’s grace, the boy did well in his career and personal life. Giving no chance for their negative comments. This traditional family still believes it is only because of her star Bharani & time of marriage that brought success in the boy’s life. Of course, she is down to earth and smiles at this comment. I was wondering about all these things. Why do her cousins avoid her while in their family functions and not interact so much? I pointed out to her she is not ready to accept.

    My son, a Hotel Management Guy who is heading Front Office ops in a 5-star/Branded Hotel, is refusing to move on to the next option Airlines & Logistics irrespective of good working conditions and high salary. Sun-Ketu in the 10th house often picks up arguments with his bosses in the customers’ favour, of course with proper justification, wherein at the CEO level it gets cleared with his valid point of view. Despite this still wants to continue in the same job and same industry, though he has very high capability & intelligence. As somewhere you have mentioned, every 3 years career breaks up for no reason. For a silly reason, he quits his job.
    This was intriguing me for some time & stressed us out but now found solace as it is his karma, remedial measures only we have to do as parents. He is just a happy-go-lucky guy.
    Thanks for the wonderful insight.
    Best Regards
    Nagesh Rao.

  13. Dhiramani Das

    Thank you so much for the insight sir 🙏🙏🕉️ Gratitude always.
    I am cancer ascendant…30years,female ..
    Still not getting job and also no marriage prospects…. (Though i have been a topper in schools and college)
    Please enlighten my path …
    Please guide me air 🙏🙏🙏

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