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Scorpio and Remedies – Astrology

Scorpio and remedies – Scorpio is a radical sign and wherever it is placed in the chart – you cannot work under someone related to the significations signified by the house and planet occupying this rashi.

Aquarius ascendant people cannot work under someone easily because they want to be independent over there.

Similarly, Cancer ascendant people cannot learn from someone else and it is difficult for them to accept others’ ideas because they have their own way of thinking.

The word ‘radical’ and ‘instability’ is deeply linked with the sign of Scorpio that’s why whichever planet will go in Scorpio – there will always be fear related to the significations of that planet.

So, Venus in Scorpio will give issues in relationships as there will always be instability.

Jupiter in Scorpio will give problems with boss, father, guru and due to lack of principles or fear of it – will give him troubles in the longer run.

Mercury in Scorpio will give speech-related issues as there will not be a proper flow of communication and similar can be said for paperwork as well.

Saturn in Scorpio will not give a stable profession.

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Whichever planet will go in Scorpio – all the significations related to it are unstable.

There is always going to be fear wherever it goes because you want to stay independent over there.

3, 6, 10 & 11 are known as Upachaya houses as they get better over a period of time whereas 2, 5, & 8 gets decayed over a period of time because in case of Leo – it’s a cycle that when it’s on peak – you get a good position or promotion and eventually when the decay happens – you have to leave that particular position eventually.

In the case of Scorpio – you cannot change it but only keep it in control because it is also the sign of death which you cannot change.

Now, For the remedial part and detailed insights – please refer to the YouTube video mentioned below:

Hindi Viewers (please click here): https://youtu.be/L7HgWSulp2A?t=705

English Viewers (please click here): https://youtu.be/L7HgWSulp2A?t=1590

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