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sarswati yantra

Sarswati Yantra- Autism & Vaak Siddhi

This yantra in the last few months I have given this to several kids who were suffering from Autism and students of Jyotish -who require vak siddhi but before you rush to buy this Yantra – Wait and read the article first to decide as there is a reason why this is not for everyone.

Understand Yantra first- A yantra means an Instrument or Machinery which is made to perform certain tasks but unlike any electrical or mechanical machine this is a spiritual machine – A medium to perform certain things.

Any yantra which is built with the help of triangles represents that we require power and force from outside as triangle represents the from of Yoni or the gateway to enter the world or exit the world- as all the major yantra you will see which are mentioned in tantra nadi in which native requires helps from yaksh, gandrav, Yogini, Ashtmaitri are in the form of triangles as what we are doing we are asking for help from the outside world and when we require objects in physical form -yantra will be in downward faced triangles as that represents female reproductive parts- Yoni or Vulva.


When we require help in spiritual form or power -Yantra will always be made with the help of upward direction of the triangle as that represents lingam as the triangle is the gateway to the outer world and so is Ketu -Lingam represents as a receiver or antenna to act as machinery that you are ready to receive power from the outer world using this medium.

Try doing this as an experiment make a shape of a triangle outside your house and you will see the number of unwanted visitors will increase in your house as what you have done is – that you have given a mark to the universe that you are open to receiving. Try it on your phone by changing the wallpaper to a triangle or patterns of the triangle.

You will suddenly experience a lot of activity is happening on phone as what you have done is – you have opened a gateway a yantra – a passage for energy – Just a simple experiment by drawing a pattern you are giving a signal to the universe that you are open to receive energy either is physical form or spiritual form.

The oldest Sri- yantra which is formed with the help of 47 triangles when drawn of Shiv lingam does wonder for sadhaks of Sri yantra.

Shiv Lingam with Shree Yantra

Now when you have understood the basics of Yantra but getting a yantra in a particular Muhurta is not enough as there are yantras which are for various purposes and can be made -It is like getting machinery but every machinery has fuel and it is most important and this is different for different yantras.

Regarding Sarasvati Yantra- The yantra is made with an upward-facing triangle and with the seed mantra of Ahem as what this seed sound contains is a million possibilities depending on how you are going to pour the fuel in it and I will fuel part in a few mins.

Sarasvati Yantra holds capabilities to sharpen your brain, thinking pattern and enhance the way you speak, It increases focus in achieving goals as you start getting help from the outer world-but only if you are capable to do Sarasvati mantra regularly.

The complete Sarasvati mantra is \” ? ???????? ?? ???\” and then, later on, can be done as \”? ?? ???\”
This mantra should be done after taking shower in a normal or cold water bath sitting in a clean place by placing a woolen cloth first on the ground and offering flowers to Maa Sarasvati- minimum 5 mala daily until you complete 1.25 lacs and then can be continued for a lifetime.


Every one of you will get different results based on what speed and focus you do the mantra – It is like everyone has the same car but how efficiently you can drive it depends on skill set- so some of you will get very quick results – if you are focus and dedicated as Yantra helps you by the energy generated by you during Jaap to get you help from the outside world, So if you are doing Jaap in random speed – this is least effective as you are not controlling your breathing and chanting quickly but when you control your breathing and say the seed mantra in a long manner by the humming sound – the energy generated will be of greater intensity.


If you cannot do Jaap and meditation then this yantra will be of no use and this is the case for any yantra until and unless you give fuel -it will not work – In case of small kids suffering from autism- parents can do the Jaap by keeping water in ewer pitcher(Lota) and then make sure kids wear it in the neck.

How to Check- You should be able to check this yantra is working or not as every yantra- I have seen has a different energy outburst -The day you start doing Jaap -observe closely -there will outburst of energy in house via electrical equipment\’s like blown MCB or TV gone bad or water pipe will break out or mirror will automatically break and this is very good if it happens in first 15 days as this shows yantra is working- In individual charts you can pinpoint house area and events but to not make this article complicated – Read- Remedy Worked!!! How to Check? – Lal-Kitab

Now when you understand how this is going to work and what is required on your end now you can go ahead with Sarasvati yantra as Muhurta is Basant Panchami- This yantra is useful for kids suffering from autism, to mitigate the negative effects of Lord Rahu, Mercury issues in the chart, anyone who requires vaak siddhi. This yantra can be worn by anyone without any side effects.

I am thankful to Vedvaani publications -who took the pain and initiative to do this without any profit as I told this to several of my students and I was not in favor to buy yantras in bulk from the market as the quality of silver would have suffered – Vedvaani publication got everything made inhouse from buying silver to die making process-along with a poster of Maa Sarasvati which you can paste in your pooja room or get it framed including postage this is 1100 INR.

Here is the link for Vedvaani publication- https://www.vedvaanipublication.com/product/sidh-maa-saraswati-yantra/

I hope it helps all the kids who are suffering from Autism.



  1. Riya

    I have Saraswati yoga in my chart and now in JMD and V AD, I am studying in a top biz scholar now mid-life career growth educational/skill. Should I get this yantra? I am a healthy individual with no speech issues. But would like to enhance my knowledge, speech and intellect. Thanks

  2. GVP

    Should one preparing competitive exams for quite a a long years can wear it? I m preparing for exams from 2014 with no success!!But I m very spiritualistic and confident of doing Jaapa. Ketu in my 10th house of career!!Spiritual door should lead me the way!! Please Deepanshu ji,one consultation ?

  3. Biren Patel

    Great Sirji.

    Thanks a lot. This will be helpful to millions who suffer from Autism. But I will be thankful if you can explain, I couldn’t understand below line in your article.

    “parents can do the Jaap by keep a water in ewer pitcher(Lota) and then make sure kids wear it in neck.”

  4. Poonam Noorani

    Dear Deepanshuji,
    I too plan to start the mantra on 16th Feb as mentioned. I just wanted to confirm 2 things.
    1) Is there a specific timeline to complete 1.25 lacs count (like 40 days or so)
    2) Can we continue the mantra and keep wearing the yantra during menstruation period.

    Awaiting your kind reply sir. Thank you in advance.

  5. Debalina Kundu

    Review: kept phone wallpaper of the saraswati yantra, but never chanted the mantra ever.Suddenly every day atleast 5-6 friend requests started pouring in from men whom I never ever knew in book Facebook and Instagram.What does this mean?

  6. Raghav Joshi

    Offered the prayers to saraswati yantra along with dhoop deep and flowers, after reciting the mantra of 3 mala was about to wear by removing the silver chain from the neck for inserting the yantra, and one of sudden the chain lock got cut and later wore in silk thread of orange colour. And recited mantra of 2 mala. Total 5 mala as instructed by shri Deepanshuji.?
    As I’m also running Rahu Mahadasha about to End on sep- 21.
    Feeling happy ?

  7. Sushma kumarK

    Sir.,I saw this article after basant panchami.My daughter’s name has speech and attention problem.Can I have this yantra now and please when to wear and also can I chant mantra at my daughter’s behalf

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  9. Namrata Mehta

    Very helpful Sir as many kids are suffering from this voice issue and parents too. Dear Sir, if I hv circuit of exalted Mercury for my 7 lord Sun as kumbh lagna and facing marital issues & separation so, can I mk this yantra to sove that problem ? Regards

  10. Smita

    I waited for nearly a year to see if this Yantra suits me. I had a hand-drawn one and few months back got inspired to get the silver medallion. Due to some problems in vendor’s system, the yantra took its own sweet time to come home. Finally when it arrived, I had a strange sense of outer world happiness. Within days, Ma Saraswati got to work. I discovered nearly a dozen old phones and devices stashed in cupboards. Found a place that buys old devices, refurbishes and puts them in second hand market. So out they all went. Next Mother wanted to clear out my library. I had shelves and shelves of books of past interests that I no longer read or used. All this while I was least bothered to clear up but suddenly I got super annoyed by the lack of shelf space and cleaned out everything. Found a second hand book seller and gave it all to him. I hope these signs can be taken as Yantra working?
    I absolutely love having Saraswati Yantra at home and gaze at it in silence. It has a wonderful soothing, cleansing presence for me. Thank you.

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