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Saavan- The month of Serpents

Ashlesha – The diety of this particular nakshatra is Nagas, and as Sun is about to transit this nakshatra and this is the point where Mars gets debilitated in the Zodiac as the energy here is not supportive to Mars.

There are many stories of Serpent in literature, but one of the stories on why someone becomes a serpent is of Takshak – the snake who bitten King Parikshit. On the way to complete his karma with King, he met a saint in between who was rushing in the jungle; on enquiry, the saint disclosed that he was going to meet the king to save him; Serpent said, then you should learn the serpent mantra to cure people, but then serpent requested him not to save king as his time is over on this saint asked that you have so much of wisdom and compassion, then how come you became snake?

Article on Saavan

Sanke replied that I used to create fear in people by making false stories, used to make money from people by creating an emotional drama and had a deep wish that anyone who looked at me should be in my control by using mind games and then eventually take control of their wealth and as a result, I got the birth of a snake that now everyone is fearful of me, I wished for this in last birth so much that it came true. Still, I had to give up the human body as the human body was made for doing good for others rather than creating fears in someone and playing with emotions.

People with prominent planets in the Cancer sign should be very careful of hurting the emotions of others as there is a reason why ashlesha is famous for playing mind games and creating traps for others; they might win in this life but eventually will lose; planets in Cancer sign give troubles on an emotional level which is far more painful than a physical level.

I used to be one of the best purohits in the city. No one can pronounce mantras like me, and I used my abilities and skills only to create fear, and now even to create fear, I don’t even have to recite a thing; it was my bad karma and wishes of the past life which are coming true.

When Sun transits the Cancer sign – a sign of water, the month of Sravan is going on, and all the significations of Mars start to suffer as for agriculture to take place, it depends on rain in monsoon; it is this month which decided the fate of bumiputra -Farmers. Even animals such as honeybees have problems with the monsoon to create food, and even if one group of honeybees gets food, there are chances of robbery by another group.

That is the period when snakes from deep under the earth start to come up as their own house is getting filled with water and restructuring of the earth’s inner core is happening; We welcome nagas on Naag Panchami by offering them sweet loaves, but also this is the time when a lot of other insects and reptiles will come out and also the core of the earth is opening to accept things, This is the period when you should offer various items to earth as gratitude and also think on more profound terms that the mistakes and good deeds committed by you are the reason that you are getting emotional pain and happiness in life.

Such as, Saturn’s 4th house means you have created an emotional pain for someone for something very basic need such as food, shelter and now in this life, it will be difficult for you to understand how much work is to be done; you will have no leisure time, even if you will get money, but still you will keep on working, Your relationship with kids will be complicated. So to offer something back to earth, to replenish the earth’s resources – Start with Ground water replenishment in your house, as by doing this, you are filling up your land again with water.

You can do the same rituals for the planets in the sign or house of Scorpio and Pisces, as both have Naag nakshatras.

Secondly, in the month of Sravan- Here are planet-wise objects in cancer signs to be given out. So every day makes something for the earth and offers it on the ground where earthworms or insects, ants can consume it if you cannot find insects then offer to earth only, As these insects are giving you a chance to complete your karma and this is why it is written in Shiv Puran that it is like dropping a pot of nectar from hand when a person does not do rituals in month of sravan.

This is the month of Naag- Naag means that they have the desire for nothing left in them, and that is the reason snakes are given the responsibility with extraordinary powers as to get birth as naag the person had to be highly brilliant in a past life, but the moment they get birth as naag they realise that their wishes have come true. Still, now they don’t have anything else, such as they don’t have strength, they can’t eat much, and due to ego of past life, they can’t even stand, and every time they try to raise their head, It is taken as a threat so better be silent and hidden. Being a snake is tricky as you will be badly mistaken for all your needs and be killed even when you try to do good. This is the story of all naag nakshatras -( Ashlesha, Jyestha and Uttrabhadrapad) Highly mistaken.

Read Uttrabahdrapad Nakshatra here

snake and the astrology

Serpents have access to mystical powers, wealth, fame and things only a few can imagine. It is the month of Sravan, where it is easy for everyone to pray to nagas and offer earth various dishes wishes can be granted.

This remedy has worked wonders for many; you can try this but understand the deeper meaning of upcoming naag Panchami on why we perform a ritual. Instead of namesake when you perform a ritual, It helps you connect more to nature.

During the evening, make something sweet to be offered to insects, snakes, ants, and if you can’t find any reptiles under any tree or earth hole.

Make a sweet pancake from Jaggery syrup, milk and chickpea flour
Deep fry sweet pakoda
Syrup made from Jaggery and water.
Honey mixed batter
Sweet Milk

There is one more recipe which my grandparents and now my mother made yesterday called as Mann- Which is made on clay Tawa and by mixing four types of seeds and this is not like a pancake, but moreover, like a biscuit which does not go bad even after weeks, I am sure you will find that recipe online as well, It is said if you eat this during the month of Shravan then you will not suffer from several diseases,

Also, this month, make Snakes from wheat flour, pour jaggery syrup on them, and offer to ground them. Once you perform this remedy, you will experience energy in your house and life as what has happened is you have done a really powerful remedy of giving something sweet to earth. Someone keeping this earth stable -Snakes; imagine what this earth can give you back. The ones with access to most of the knowledge and wealth in this world are nagas. They are not expecting you to do this as this is how nagas are but keep doing this ritual for one week to see the change. If you are fortunate, you will get a dream of Sanke or a physical view of Snake, based on the type of snake you will see; you can interpret what you will get, Which we will do in the comment section.

There are more such rituals written in the book Rituals of Happy Soul- If you haven’t read it yet -Go through it as this is one book which is not for astrologers but to make people understand the value of energy.

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  1. Sangeeta

    Few days back ,before stating of shravan month ,a baby phython was found in our bathroom, ( on second floor).we caught it politely and threw it outside in adjacent plot. Full of weeds and other plantations. (Sort of mini jungle)

      1. Neha

        Thank you sir, what a beautiful interpretation of Naag Devta.? I had a dream of Naag 2 days ago on Thursday early morning, but I could not interpret what it means, I read your blogs and it uplifts my soul so much so that knowingly or unknowingly I get answers to my questions, which I can’t find anywhere else. God bless you sir??? I am also born in Shravan
        Nakshatra . ??

    1. Khumo

      I pray to God that I never see a snake with my naked eye until I die, rather they come as people with those Nakshatras. I am afraid of snakes. I was once very said n I found one in my room and they killed and burned it.

  2. Divya Singh

    Hi i read your post today…i want to mention that i hav ashlesha Ascendant moon in lagan…in the first day of savan in the back of my house there is a snake” mahadev wala snake” the design at this back nd colour is black…everybody seen him but because i am afraid of snakes i didn’t even tried to saw him…usually whenever i saw snake in my dream i met a problem in near future….As u said its good to see snakes in dreams really it is ????

    1. Namrata

      I heard if you see snake in dream you get money / financial benefit? why r u afraid of snakes ,see think them as creature of God, lord Shiva ‘s dear naag dev,lord Vishnu’s priya, lord Kartikeya is used to be worshipped in South India for serp Devta! You will stop hvg this feeling of fear?love them as Nature’s creature.

  3. E S Jagadeeshwar

    Thanks Deepanshu ji, I had Scorpio Lagna in Jyesta and in 4th house aquarius retro Saturn.

    Since Dasara 2021, in Jan 2022, in July 2022 I had some minor health issues and stayed at home.

    On 8-6-2022 before giving argya to Sun I spotted a snake at our home, not hurted me but within few minutes it vanished on it’s own. On the same day in evening I participated in Shiv Parvati Kalyan in Sri Durga Malleswara temple in nearby girijanwada.

    Before this Kalyan somewhere I lost my idcard, aadhar, helath card, some money.

    Kalyan prog on Uttaraphalguni was completed very peacefully. 70 Girijana families participated. For them it is first time.

  4. Abhishek Grover

    Snakes have so much knowledge, but if they have emotionally hurt so many people why have they got access to such big knowledge! I can understand this dilemma as me myself being the Jyestha Nakshatra native. Yes we might have hurt the feelings of so many people & may be due to it only we also get hurt most of the times. The pain of snakes is so much on the emotional level that it is very difficult for others to understand.
    Also I remember in Najoomi Sir’s class of lal kitab that it is only Moon who is able to win the 8th H. Although Moon gets debilitated in 8th H but Moon can only clear the mess of 8th H. Moon wins the 8th H but himself gets destroyed in the process. We cancer, scorpio & pisces have so much to do with water that every time now when I get in contact with water, I feel this is divine which people take for granted. Water is so mysterious & so are the nagas. Happy Saavan, the month of rain, the month of Mahadev!
    Thank you Sir for your divine knowledge! You made us not just astrologers but more than that…

  5. Ram Gopal jajodia

    I saw a naag on first day of pasupati Sadhna. My dog starts barking as I sit for sadhna at night.
    My lagan in jayestha,guru+ Mars in rewati, moon in ashlesha. Everybody knowing me fears to talk as when I will take revenge

  6. Pankaj

    Thank you for the information sir your insights are very deep
    But one thing i always feel that i have snakes around me even while typing this i feel that my head is protected by a snake though i feel very scared by snakes

  7. Rashmi

    I have ketu in ashlesha in 5th house and ascendant lord in uttarabhadrapad and just a day ago before reading this insightful article i had a dream where i was playing with a cobra like snake trying to catch it and laughing like a kid while the snake not at all reacted in a harmful manner infact it was equally playing.

  8. Sakshi

    Wow, just this morning had a dream about big black snake in my home. It transformed into an earthworm when it went outside. Amazing read as usual. Will give wheat and sweets to mother earth as I Have jupiter and ketu in cancer.

  9. Utkarsh Sharma

    Sir on 2nd july( saturday) i completed my construction of a guest house on my farm land which is coming from my ancestors and we have established our ancestors their in form of bricks. That day after completing the work i offered boondi ladoo to ancestors and then distributed sweets to all my labour. After one night i.e on MONDAY MORNING I SAW DREAM OF SNAKES ON MY FARM AND I THEY WERE EVEN ON MY FOOT. I was little fearful about it dont know why it happened? Still I went to temple on the same day and offered milk to shivling. Can you explain what it could be?

  10. Chaitali S

    We are staying in a flat on 11th floor, can we do this remedy in the pots of our balcony or do we need to go out and perform the remedy on the roadside/ uner the tree?

  11. Bhawna chettri

    Sir Namaskar ?
    Since 15 July till today 22july i have dreamt of snakes almost every night. In one of the dream i was escaping from snakes , one of the snake got into my clothes and bite me somewhere in the left part , i felt the pain , burn similar to a bee sting , had experience similar to death. Next morning in my left side of the waist there are two mark exactly like snake bite. However there was no pain . Only marks ..
    How to interpret this . Kindly help.

  12. Shruthi

    Namaste sir,
    You always answer whats creating conflicts in our minds.
    I was bitterly crying and read this. I have rahu in cancer sign in pushya i might have creatd some bad karmas related to nourishment in my past lives.
    Thank you for showing us fhe right path with so much compassion.
    Thanks again

  13. Shouvik Mukherjee

    I have planets in all three Naga nakshatras –
    3 planets in Ashlesha,
    Saturn in Jyestha
    Rahu in Uttarabhadrapada

    I guess I have a LOT of emotional Karma to rectify – thank you Deepanshu ji

  14. Nitya

    I saw a video a couple of months ago about how a really aggressive snake entered a shop out of nowhere and caught a man sitting in the shop off-guard. But despite the shock of the ambush, the man kicked the venomous snake and using his legs to wrestle with the snake, caught hold of it by the hood on one end and the tail on the other. The man then showed his ‘capture’ proudly to the watchman of the shop. The bravery of the man was on another level altogether.

    I had a vision of snake some 2-3 days ago, but this is exactly what replayed in my mind. I can co-relate it with my home situation. There are two Ashleshas in my house- my mom and sister-in-law. Both are immensely self-absorbed, deceptive and as cold-blooded as you can imagine. I see the vision as a hint that I am going to overpower these two nagins in my life.

  15. Parag Thakur

    Thank you sir for this knowledge.. ?
    Is it good to have snake as pet? Its very common here in Usa.. these days I don’t know why but feel like getting a snake as pet..

  16. Selva

    Sir, You have provided the enlightenment on why Naag nakshtras are highly mistaken. That one paragraph healed me (Ashlesha nakshtra) more than anything else. My humble pranams for guiding us through this article.

    P.S I couldn’t find the Recipe for Mann. Is it ok to use any four seeds to make that biscut. If time permits please share additional details.


  17. Chandana Bhattacharyya

    Wow Sir…. What a deep knowledge… Gratitude always… Am cancer asc with saturn in Ashlesha nakshatra in my lagna…. I feel so guilty of depriving others of their basic needs in my past life… We at our home do rainwater harvesting… I try to feed animals which ever i can street dogs, cats, crows…i will certainly do the ritual of offering something sweet to earth for insects… Sir my mother was critically ill from last 3 weeks with heart n lung problems now recovering… Rivht now my major concern is my mother’s health… Please sir give some guidance to help me come out of this tough time… Heartfelt gratitude Deepanshu sir.

  18. Deepak

    Oh my God, I’ve Sa in 4th in Jyestha and Mo-Ra in 8th of UBP. All in 4th Pada. It’s like the Naga gods are answering my thoughts through you, I was just discussing about nagas and serpents last night while walking with my mother (you see those circuits) and now I saw your blog entry. Deepanshu Ji, your series of blogs have had such profound impact, words cannot describe. If it was your circuit lectures (on YT) a few months ago left me thinking, the last few entries on the blogs have completely clean bowled. I’ll surely see if I can do something this time. As I’ve lost all hopes for mantras and remedies. Nothing works! I continue to live in darkness. Lastly Gratitude to you Sir, for sharing these knowledge. I know we live in the Age of Ignorance and Darkness, but you continue to shine the light upon few lucky of us who read you or learn from you. May God shower all the blessings and peace upon you and your family.

    1. Take A Look

      Great insight Sir! It feel quite relaxed that there will be something special always before any significant celestial time is coming up!

      I have recently suggested some 2-3 people to donate Jaggery…after that I saw Thin and long serpent just beside our doorstep……
      Venus was Pitrukarak that day and my Venus is in Mrityubhag!

      Just grateful to u for whatever you are providing us!?

  19. Namrata

    I heard if you see snake in dream you get money / financial benefit? why r u afraid of snakes ,see think them as creature of God, lord Shiva ‘s dear naag dev,lord Vishnu’s priya, lord Kartikeya is used to be worshipped in South India for serp Devta! You will stop hvg this feeling of fear?love them as Nature’s creature.

  20. Ajay Sable

    Bang! Now I could connect the dots. Now I know why my mom puts Naivedyam at various places in Shravan. And particularly on Naagpanchami why sweets are made that way.

    But sir, I was confused when Saap and Naag were used interchangeably. As far as I know and what I interpreted from ShrimadBhadavadGeeta that they are two different things. Krishna says I am Vasuki among the Snakes and I am Shesh Naag among the Nagas.
    Also, Rahu is always associated with snakes and never with Nagas.

  21. Libin Mathews

    Really loved the Blog on Snakes & Sravan Month, Will surely Serve Earth & snakes, will follow the remedy.
    Co incidence My Lagna Nakshatra is Jyestha & Rahu in 5th house in Uttarabhadrapada. Always use to have numerous Snake dreams. Hope to Gain more Knowledge on Vedas & Occult in 2022. Thankyou Once Again for the Book got it in 7 days in Kerala

  22. jigyasa

    Before this article was launched I was watching youtube and randomly a video came across of some temple in south india ,i just clicked it having no intention ,just a random click . First time in my life i came to know that there are temples of nagas in south india who r worshipped like such rituals. They believe that a pandit or a particular person gets the naga devta in their body and accept offerings. the dance of that panditji was like snake dance. i don’t know whether ppl believe it or not but they seems to believe in their rituals deeply I think. After watching this video in next two days ,deepanshu sir posted this article. Sir can u please tell us does this co- incidence relates to something unique or any special event in this saavan month? how should i take it in my life. In this savan month I am doing pooja daily for shivji and fast on mondays. The video I watched randomly was ” Naga darshana at kallangalla vasuki subhrmanya temple,udupi district”. If in case anyone wants to watch that video. kindly tell me if it has any message for me. (The temple was of naga vasuki who is a great bhakt of god shiva.)
    my id — jigyasa5jigyasa@gmail.com

  23. Jevicka

    Pranaam sir. As you verily mentioned that after doing remedies we might come across snakes in various ways or with naked eye or dreams. Im delighted to tell you that i am doing the remedy of making snake from wheat flour n jaggery syrup and offering to mother earth. Thrice i came across snakes in television and few fb post randomly . I am feeling a sense of stability internally. Something i cannot describe.
    Bow down to you 🙏

  24. Shilpa Patel

    After reading this, I offered jaggery syrup and water under a tree outside my house, today on the second Monday of shravan, I had a dream of having a pet snake in my house, whom I treated like my child and the snake also followed me everywhere in my house while I did my home chores!! I don’t know what this means but usually I am very afraid of snakes and I never had snake dreams!!

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