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astrology article on rohini dasha

Rohini Dasa -Code of Cosmos

When we read Bhrighu Samhita -One question should arise in our mind that how Maharishi Bhrighu is giving out life-span based only on the Rashi chart and then describing various events based on it as there are no divisional charts mentioned neither any special rules are given but still accuracy and snapshot is still there.


There are charts with 3 or 2 planets not necessarily Jupiter or Saturn but in some cases Rahu and Ketu only or Mars and Venus but then also Maharishi Bhrighu is giving out six-page prediction with events and timing of it- and this is because the book is pointing us that every single chart has its own timing system and this is the code of cosmos and now we need to search for it as even in different nadi text, hora classical works and even in BPHS- there are several results mentioned with ages-it means that whichever classic work I might pick up- all of them knew this code inside out to time events but over a period of time it is lost.

So the quest begins last year on Sharad Purnima only-2 years back -You know the feeling, when you at least know what you are searching for-the butterflies in the stomach-It was all the finding the lost treasure feeling again as an Underwater Robotics Pilot-I got the chance to work on treasure hunt twice in life and both times it was worth it as the excitement to search the unknown treasure box is something unmatchable but this time it was something more fulfilling and I knew rather than outside -I need to get inside to get connected with this find answers as this have happened in past as well that we attract the energies to make us understand the subject without which it was never possible to write a book on Nakshatras- or several other secrets which I revealed out- It is not written anywhere but the knowledge is always there is cosmos searching for the channel on the right frequency to give it out- as synchronize we get with nature-the more information we can get.


I went through several theories to find out that why two similar charts even got different timing and finally one day the cosmos got unlocked-then I went on to test it in different combinations of BPHS and Nadi -It was just like all of them decided on a conference call that this is the timing system as SOP. the tears of Joy and cramps in the stomach followed as this was written from my first book of Jyotish to most advance one and it was just mere ignorance of me as a reader to overlook every time -Maharishi Parashara mentioned at this age this will happen or in Bhrighu Nandi Nadi-it is said the life span is 70 years of age. -I might explain some other day -how I actually got the code-the timing system which is unique to each chart- the moment you realize that every single Jyotish book you have read till now has that code inbuilt. It all started on Sharad Poornima so I decided to name this dasa on Moon\’s favorite nakshatra– Rohini.


I am sure all of you have BPHS in the library but have you ever thought why a debilitated moon when Vargottma gives excellent results in terms of money and in Capricorn Lagna will get married to a very rich spouse-this is not said by me but Maharishi Parashara in BPHS- haven\’t we overlooked the fact the whole secret of Vargottma is in this line only and in one antar of this moon only money will be there with native not any family members but we have a tendency to read and overlook BPHS.

The Code of Cosmos is in three parts– Longevity- Yogas- Timing and often students ask -how we have to be sure about timing as different combinations give it and there are so many factors- It can be possible in various dashas as also BPHS says- 7th lord/Venus/Planets sitting in 7th house- 7 lord from Moon and planets in 7th house in D-9 -how to rule them out.

Let me show you some examples.


Let me work out Marriage Timing-
In a Snapshot method of Bhrighu -The marriage age is 27 and yog is of troubled married life at the age of 39- the person will have problems in education but also fall from the position at the age of 40 on account of allegations from Junior but when I look from Rohini dasha -it will make the picture more clear-

Event 1- Marriage- Let us look at D-9 and Dasha -In D-1 it was Dasha of Libra -Leo and both of them correspond to marriage.


In Navansh as well Dasha is of Virgo-Gemini- and rulers activated at that point was Moon which is also sitting in 7th house -making it clearly visible.

Let me do one more chart as this person is not yet married and my student so -this will be like a reading to him in which year he can expect to get married.


Like in this chart- the next year-2020-2021 is going to be extremely troublesome for father as this is the yog of Saggitarius which has moved to 12th house while the ruler of the chart and 34th will be the prominent year for him to settle down in life and profession as well as Cancer dasha will start the cycle for next few years and cancer has a property to give peace to native but in order to get it attained a lot of hard work in 33 will be there and also by Snapshot Bhrighu method-the year of Marriage is 34 years.

Calculations- I have not disclosed calculations of this dasha or code of Bhrighu as I believe I am not ready to explain in writing but i am sure most of you will go back to BPHS and BNN and read every single line.

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  1. Devidatt joshi

    These are like miracles coming out of no where every single video or article is like pearl found after deep diving in the sea hats of to you sir there is nothing I can say

  2. Nik

    Hi, I am one of follower of Deepanshu Ji. I didn’t find myself fit for learning astrology but if someone need financial assistance for this course I can try to help.
    Please email if you genuinely want to learn and help peoples.

  3. Neil Naman

    I have vargottama moon debilitated , from childhood only whenever I need I got how much I want, but I am alone being a big joint family from my mother side as well father side.

    Being a child it was tough moon debilitated in 5th house d1 chart which leads to many affairs in my life.

    After I understood my planetary positions that I will get money instead of relationship, so I love being alone but sometimes it becomes overwhelming to me.

    In get together with any relationship ( friends, family) I don’t think about money if I am giving ( like in restaurants, ordering food on Zomato or swiggy).

    I have vargottama moon debilitated in 11th house (d9) chart.

    I am not married till yet but I will marry whom I feel connected emotionally.

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