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rhythm of nakshatras

Rhythm of Nakshatras

There are different ways to interpret the future on different levels depending on how specific or broad you want to make a prediction. The Broader level to answer any question is by observing a person and making a statement based on his looks.

Such as several times in live class and during meeting people, I make statements based on observation and a person’s energy level. This is the broad prediction for life and points out the most problematic feature of the chart, then comes by looking at the chart and using the qualities of Signs and planets and making a prediction using dasa, such as planets in Libra will give trouble due to women and offering significations of the planet to Devi will be extremely useful such as for Sun in Libra- offering a silver Chattra (umbrella) to Devi will be a remedy for happy married life while Ketu in Libra applying red colour alta to feet of Devi or small girls will give relief in dasa.

Then comes the Nakshatra to make an incredibly detailed prediction as the energy of nakshatras is precise as compared to the energy of Signs and so are the remedies. That is why remedies done on the nakshatra level have obvious and specific results. Even gemstones of each nakshatra give much more superior results than the planet ones.

Imagine the sky as a radio transmitter and yourself as a receiver of energy – You only receive energy as per the frequency of your birth chart as the main receiver is Moon. As the Moon progress through various nakshatras, the dasa and frequency of your birth chart and life changes, Nakshatra and nakshatra padas are remarkably fine-tuned frequencies to give results.

So let us look into a chart and see how specific we can go for predictions and remedies.

chart prediction and astrology

Let us look at this chart –  The native approached during the dasa of Jupiter -Rahu through another astrologer to analyse the chart and in one look you can say both planets are in bad houses so dasa must be bad but look closely at what is happening in the chart and how karmas play out.

My first prediction was -Did you helped someone in time when someone died in their family or paid money for diseases or given someone shelter during the death life situation – As hasta nakshatra is about preserving and helping people in hasta nakshatra, and this nakshatra is capable of giving sudden wealth through people you have helped in bad times, All your good and bad deeds will come in front of you when hast nakshatra planet will run in dasa so that it can be extremely good dasa or bad dasa.

When he heard this one line of prediction of death – the native explained the story of what actually happened in his life and the dasa which every astrologer said is going to be extremely bad turned out to be a life-changing one.

Here the planet delivering the result is the 2nd and 11th lord and the natural significator of Jeev in the 8th house of death- so any money given as a loan or investment to someone to help them will come back to you multiple times. This native is a senior CA in an IT firm, and several years back, he brought land which he did not require just to help a lady whose husband was in the hospital and died just before the marriage of a young girl; later on, the same land was acquired by govt at a premium price.

Jupiter in 8th house- A Jeev has to go for this Jupiter to give the result but when you help any soul in distress the karma of hasta nakshatra gets completed.

Rahu is placed 11th to Jupiter in the dasa Lagna and is in Pushya nakshatra. Grahan yog in the chart, Pushya nakshatra has the capability to give results of the things you have even forgotten, and this native forgot this land; look in the D-10 chart- A chart to see your karma and manifestations.
You will find a 4-11 combination – Jupiter placed in the 4th house of D-10 and Rahu in the 11th house.

astro chart and remedies

This means the karma you have done to help a Jeev get a partner (Jupiter in Libra) by buying their land (4th house) will be considered one of the karmas you were supposed to do in this life.

When the dasa of Rahu kicks in – It is sitting in the nakshatra of Pushya – A nakshatra of strategist who wins battles silently as in this dasa, he not only became financially independent but also got into a different league of life.

Hasta nakshatra is the vision for the afterlife, but fruits are reaped within this earth by simple acts of helping people, which you will manifest through karma.

Whatever act you will perform when the moon is transiting through hasta nakshatra you will get the result of this karma in 15 days only that is why when someone is suffering from disease or any other trouble, natives should wait for hast nakshatra to do donations. This is the nakshatra of this life troubles and prayers done with folded hands in front of god gives immediate results.

Hasta is preserving – giving shelter to people, animals or anyone who has come to ask help from you, It is your dharma now to protect people who are under you at any cost as this gentleman did. The least you can do is offer food to animals, save plants and continuously donate as per your requirement for needy people.

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  1. Nitesh

    Lots of great insights as always. Similar incident has happened in our life recently. Need some guidance. You said to wear gemstone of male planet aspecting your Ketu in some video. So if I am Saggi Lagna and Makar rashi…can I wear Pukhraj. Its costing almost a lakh rupees….so little doubtful. But honestly I think I need to wear it…bcos my LL is in Paap Kartari.

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