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Rahu and Ketu – The Madness Inside You

Rahu and Ketu are the two planets which people fear the most as a lot has been said about them in the classical text, which does create fear. Still, this article will take you to the depth of Rahu and Ketu, which you have never imagined, as even when I will try to explain them in detail, it will depend on which particular phase of life you are at present; you will understand this article from your point of view.

Rahu and Ketu- People go through experiences in the dasa of Rahu and Ketu, which they have never even imagined in a million years that they will be able to live this kind of life. It can be extremely good or bad depending on certain factors, and we will look into these factors in this article, and if you have been through one of these dasas now, it will make more sense as now you will be able to connect the dots.

Astrology blog on the Rahu and Ketu

Rahu and Ketu are Shadow planets as they do not have any physical existences; they survive in spirit form; these are the spirits who have a lot of unfulfilled desires, and these desires can be of any kind; they can be materialistic desires which is related to the physical body such as loving a particular person, eating certain kind of food, living a particular lifestyle, It can be any desire which you have to feel and is on a physical level.

Rahu is the natural ruler of the 11th house or Aquarius, which is the house of desires and any planet sitting there shows our unfulfilled desires. That is why we have a particular planet sitting in the 11th house of our chart.

While in dasa of Ketu, when someone loses the purpose and path to go higher in life, When someone is not able to progress spiritually and is stuck in the 8th house or Scorpio, then people search for light, a guru who can guide them so they can fulfil their progress that is why Ketu is very specific who can give them peace in life.

Rahu and Ketu dasa shows the extreme ends of your life, which is why it is called the north node and South node of the Moon. Read this very, very carefully, and you will understand why I am trying to convey – ” You live a life of unfulfilled souls in dasa of Rahu and Ketu.” You are only the medium so that these souls can complete the journey. That is why you are amazed by the progress or downfall in this dasa as your level is raised completely to another level to live a certain life or decreased to an extremely low level.

There are so many desires which will erupt through you as spirits wait for people who are born in certain combinations who can complete their desires such as If you are born with the Ketu Venus combination, In dasa of Ketu, you will look for someone who can fulfil your soul desire in relationship rather than the physical looks as this person will guide you on how to progress further in terms of relationships.

This is whatever work you perform in Rahu, and Ketu dasa is always a pending work of some other soul only carried by you. No wonder all classical text said is right that when you are not in your control, You don’t have much free will and only respond to the desire of some spirit who has possessed your body.

One of the dictums of BPHS says – In Rahu dasa native will bath in Ganga river, I have personally experienced the moment you do this as a remedy of taking a bath in Ganga river in Rahu or Ketu dasa or even when visit any powerful temple or ashram – you will fall sick for at least one month. No medicine will be able to cure you.

the madness inside you - astrology blog

After this, the purpose of doing Ganga snan was so the spirit can be liberated from your body, but how can a spirit leave your body when your task is unfinished? By doing Ganga snan, you have created a disturbance in the energy level of the spirit, which is why you will fall physically ill without reason.

Rahu is represented by 100 or multiples, and people who have prominent Rahu often say, “At least 100 would have died, then you are born.” For prominent Ketu ones, it is said, ” You are the special one who descended from the sky like an angel.” in a sarcastic tone.

This is true as this is what these people are- I want to do a session only on Rahu and Ketu in detail, explaining more on this topic and what can be better days than Pitrapaksh.

Eligibility- Should have clear basics about Signs and Houses and must know one of the dasas (Yogini or KCD).

Fee- Require students who can come with ten charts and give feedback in real-time rather than worrying about their chart so I can teach some core depths of Rahu and Ketu before I forget and move on. In this session, we will see how to predict events of natives which are extraordinary in their life even when they look like simple events. How to time using KCD and Yogini.

Predictive Techniques of Rahu and Ketu


  1. Hp

    For prominent Ketu ones, it is said, ” You are the special one who descended from the sky like an angel.” in a sarcastic tone.

    This seems so true bcoz my mom often tells me that. Having sun mercury Jupiter Ketu in seventh house of Scorpio.

    I think I have a prominent Ketu

  2. Lokesh misra

    Sir many things you wrote are correct or i would say almost all things-
    1)That things about 100 is maybe related to shatbhisha nakshatra and angels (ketu) about -magha nakshatra – as your rightly pointed ou(t i am going through ketu dasha-rahu antardasha) , and over the past few years many taaveez ,with urdu syllables or even sometimes bhasm in them have been found in my house and when we went to ask about it people said -” someone has left some spirit behind you, to trouble you”
    2)Also three months ago ,i had these uncanny temptations and i was not able to figure out why ,as i was really crying because even the thought of them was more or less excruciating ,but somehow still i was moving in that direction .
    3) from last 2 years i feel a constant drainage of energy from my body even though I want to study and divert my attention towards academic(ketu in 5th in saggitarius) as that what makes me feel happy, but i am unable to do it.

    1. RM

      I am running through saturn mahadasha and ketu antardasha.taurus ascendant saturn rahu in 9th house and ketu in third house. Having extreme chaos in life and lost my mother last month.i think this might be due to ketu.any suggestions please

  3. AD

    My Rahu at 5 th house with Moon at Aquaries at Satabhisa star. Working at IT sector, but practice homeopathy and ayurved by curiosity. And it’s works for me and other. Yes when sani and rahu start loose my job and within 2 months got new job with much higher salary.

  4. Prafull

    My DOB:-13-Jan-95,5:50pm,Ghaziabad.
    what you have said is true in the dasa of Rahu i felt like i was not in my control and after Ganga snaan i felt that my energy changed i got saraswati mantra diksha and time period of rahu dasha became little better after snaan.I have Rahu in 4th Libra, Canc Asc ,Ven& Jup in 5h. Some one who can see spirits told me that my mother has some spirit from chauraha(She is Cap Asc ,Rahu in 1H with Sun) and did shaktipaat and hawan for that after which my mother got little relief from problems like migrane (All this happened when my Rahu dasha was about to end).

  5. Archana

    Sir, a lot of what you said is true, like
    Spouse has rahu + sat in lagna
    Got married in ketu dasha
    Has venus with ketu in Aquarius
    Recently lost his parents within a year of each other(jan 2021,and jan 2022)
    Whenever he was on the way to haridwar/pehowa had major tyre problems with car.
    And was sick for a long time after bathing in ganga n coming back

    1. Neelam

      Thank you sir for providing us such a deep knowledge In my chart Ketu is in 12 th house with Jupiter in Aries sign and Ketu nakshtra is Ashwini.
      Sir ketu dasha totally transformed me.Now I am inclined totally towards spirituality I have done too many sadhana and having experiences also now I am at the end of ketu dasha and inclined towards astrology also.one thing more earlier I was not even doing daily pooja.but conditions arises left the job isolated and only thing left is God dhyana

  6. Ajaysharma

    Sir I have ketu in 10 th house in Aquarius and rahu in 4th house Leo Saturn in 11th house pieces and Jupiter Mars and Venus in 9th house in Capricorn. I am Taurus asendent. Many astrologers told me that this placement is not good for getting govt job because sun is in 8th house in Sagittarius as it is a weak placement of sun

  7. Vishak

    I have rahu/ketu 6/12, maha padma Kaal sarp dosh…rahu in 6H hasta in Virgo sign, ketu in 12H in Pisces in u.bhadrapada in D1,
    Ketu in lagna in 1H in Libra sign & sat+rahu in
    7H in Aries sign…..till Jupiter/mercury Md/ad it was OK..once Jupiter ketu started, I got huge problems like health, jobloss , relationship. U name it everything got down.

  8. Sthanakiya Megh

    Currently under Rahu Mahadasha since April 2019 and had to leave Dubai March 2020 due to Corona Pandemic and now learning jyotish from you.
    You said spirit’s control us but can those spirit work selflessly for others as since last 1.and half years working for plenty of people’s but they initially come test my intelligence and later say it was nice taking to you and pay later 😉
    I have no regrets and rahu in 4th house of Scorpio and 10th Sun and ketu so I know have to work selflessly for masses without any expectations.
    But this article is another gem from you 💎

  9. Aman Nagar

    Saggitarious ascendant rahu in first house jupiter in 8th house in 2010 rahu mahadasha started and make my life hell suffering from depression and other health issues but yes visited many temples in this time period had ganga baths but still suffering did many remedies nothing worked no medicine works on me life became miserable

  10. Anu Garg

    सही कहा सर 2017 में केतु की महा दशा में और 2022 में राहु की सूक्ष्म दशा में गंगा स्नान के बाद लगभग एक माह तक स्वास्थ्य खराब रहा ।
    क्या विमशोत्तरी दशा का ज्ञान इस पाठ्यक्रम में सम्मिलित करने योग्य होगा 🙏

  11. Sanjay Kumar Sinha

    I watch your yt just after my 18years of marriage distrubed my wife engaged some non hindu muslim and break my relationship .
    With my 10years son I separated .she is now 41years old .
    She is egoist hot temper lady.
    My business too down I am penniless.
    She suit divorce case two year ago
    How to back her
    Please make rahu n ketu remedy to back my family
    As I have no my dob
    She is rich family n I know she is wrong .

    1. S Devi

      Right now I am running through Rahu Mahadasa with rahu antardasa, my rahu is in 6 th house in Virgo hasta nakshatra 14 degree, i am totally inclined towards spirituality left non veg, onion , garlic and very much interested in jyotish and like to read any kind of enlightenment books. Wants to serve needy or underprivileged. Suddenly my thought process has changed towards satvik things, have become very calm and peace.

  12. Vindya

    people who have prominent Rahu often say, “At least 100 would have died, then you are born.” For prominent Ketu ones, it is said, ” You are the special one who descended from the sky like an angel.” in a sarcastic tone.

    Absolutely correct sir, a lady well known to me in her late thirties has Moon, Mars and Mercury in Adra (7th house) and Ascendent (Sagittarius) in Mula nakshatra. Her behavior is unbelievably strange , especially when it comes to relationship matters. She has a daughters, after 2 divorces and 1 seperation from “living together (only for 2 years), still searching for partners. So people around her under the impression that she is suffering from Borderline personality disorder.

  13. Indu jain

    ,नमस्कार सर आपकी हिंदी में राहु केतू की विडियो पढी जब भी हिंदी में कोई विडियो या बलाग आता है तभी एक नयी उर्जा का अनुभव होता हैं मेरी केतू की दशा शुरू होने वाली हैं तो मैं सभी अनुभव लेने की कोशिश कर रही हूं धन्यवाद आज हमारा सबसे बड़ा त्योहार उत्तम क्षमा हैं मिचछामि दककडम

  14. Minakshi

    You are right Sir I am confirming that I visited Ganga river on 31st Jan 2022 and on 4th March 2022 I had to go through ectopic pregnancy surgery as I was 2.5 months pregnant.My rahu is in 4th house Aquarius and ketu in 10th house leo , sun and mercury in 3rd house, venus and saturn 2nd house sagittarius, Jupitar in 7th house and mars in 6th house virgo sign. I most of time call my husband 100 jhute Marne p tum ek paida huye ho.

  15. Palash Mondal

    I’m stunned…i have Scorpio lagan rahu and first time in my life when i took ganga snan it was my rahu antardasha period. Immediately after i came back to home after ganga snan i fell sick for atleast 1 month and no medicine worked. No antibiotics…. nothing, even i wished my death and started practicing how can i leave this body……….. I’m sorry but I’m just got stunned.

  16. Amandeep

    Sir its not 100% right but some things mirrored what u said. I have 10 charts and in know them personally let me talk to them than i will post an comment.
    after ketu-rahu dasha orantardasha there would be significant changes, I agree

  17. Annu

    I’m sorry for what you’re going through. I understand that you’re baffled with your mother in law’s behavior and I don’t think it’s witchcraft.
    I have worked in retirement homes and it seems your mother in law is displaying signs of Dementia, Depression and related mental disorder. That’s why she’s unable to keep herself clean, using diapers and asking the same questions repeatedly.
    I would strongly suggest that you see a doctor who’s familiar with diseases of the elderly otherwise your family and your mother in law will continue to suffer. There’s medical help out there, I hope you can get it.
    This isn’t witchcraft, she’s ill.. It’s very possible that she has suffered from a mental disorder her entire life and has never been diagnosed and treated. Thanks

    1. Bhaskar Nandi

      Dementia : You are right.
      It’s very possible that she has suffered from a mental disorder her entire life and has never been diagnosed and treated : You are right.
      Doctors : Have seen many, but there seems no cure for it. It appears to be a Physical Deterioration for her, gradually.
      Depression : May have been there as she had a Cold Marriage or a Cold Relationship with her husband and in Laws. She may have been a victim of Politics within her own family and there was no one to stand by her or Support her. As a result she may have gone into depression.

      Me and my wife, we take care of Senior Citizens, help the old and the Elderly.Serve the poor and the needy. However, at times,
      we are at a total loss for her behaviour and attributes.

      It seems, we have to learn to leave with it, at the same time keep ourselves happy.

  18. B.M

    Don’t complain about the mother inlaw. Instead use compassion towards her and give her care and understanding.This is like test of saturn and the more you turn attention to being kind and respectful towards an elder, For sure Saturn and Nodes will give better results.Saturn and Ketu truly will push one to extend themselves to help an elder and providing the care with less complaining. I have seen situations turn around and give blessings.🙏 Try not to blame your mother inlaw for her behavior as she sounds like she is having mental decline and illness with likely much agitation.Compassion and give thanks God that your are healthy and able to give her care.

    1. Bhaskar Nandi

      Thank You.

      Yes, she suffers from Dementia.

      We ( me and my wife) are in the habit of helping the poor, the needy and the Senior Citizens around us. We take care of people who come to us for help.

      Kindly and Compassion : Yes, we seem to learning new and unexplored heights of Kindness and Compassion. We seem to be going through the learning process.

  19. Raj Kumar

    Thanks for this information.
    I am goring through Ketu MD and Rahu PD is starting from December 2022. This information make be aware of the coming time and I will try to notice on this more carefully.


  20. Shakuntla Yadav

    नमस्कार सर मेरा मीन लग्न में राहु और शनि दोनों है मैंने PhD high thermostatic paints mai की है पर higher education होने के बाद भी कहीं नौकरी nahi lagi. अभी राहु की दशा चल रही है, मेरा जन्म शुक्र की दशा में हुआ था और यह जन्म दशा से पांचवी दशा प्रत्याहारी की दशा है राहु की, जो 2006 में शुरू हुई थी और 24 में खत्म होगी । 2006 में जब राहु की दशा शुरू हुई उससे डेढ़ साल पहले ही मेरी फैक्ट्री बंद हो गई उसके बाद मैं घर में रही कुछ काम नहीं मिला करने के लिए कोई नौकरी नहीं मिली करने के लिए 2006 में जब मेरी राहु की दशा शुरू हुई उसके 1 साल बाद 2007 में मैंने अपना घर बनाया और उसने शिफ्ट हो गई लेकिन नौकरी का कोई काम नहीं बन पाया नौकरी नहीं लगी जो घर का किराया था उसी से ही घर खर्चा चला लेकिन जैसे राहु में शनि की दशा आई तो एस्ट्रोलॉजी की तरफ रुझान हो गया और मैंने एस्ट्रोलॉजी पढ़ना शुरू किया ।राहु में जब केतु की दशा आई तो उस टाइम में अध्यात्म की तरह बहुत रुझान हो गया राहों में केतु पूरी दशा में मैं इसको मंदिर गई आपने जो कहा गंगा स्नान वाली बात कही, अभी 2021 के एंड में मतलब 31 दिसंबर 2021 को गंगा स्नान तो नहीं लेकिन हां मां नर्मदा में स्नान किया था और वहां से आने के बाद 2 महीने बाद बहुत बड़ा मोनेटरी लॉस हुआ जिसमें जितना पिछले 10 साल में पैसा जमा किया था सारा का सारा चला गया अभी जो है दशा राहु में चंद्रमा की दशा चल रही है मेंटली स्ट्रेस है जैसी राहु की दशा शुरू हुई तो राहु ने मतलब घर पैसा गाड़ी सब कुछ दिया पर ऐसा लगता है कि अब जैसे जो सभी कहते ना जाते-जाते सब ले जाता है तो जाते-जाते राहु सब कुछ ले गया लेकिन अभी फिर भी माइंड में एक सकून है कि जो गया सो गया जो कुछ गया मैं दोबारा से हासिल कर पाऊंगी।

  21. Vaibhav

    You are only the medium so that these souls can complete the journey. That is why you are amazed by the progress or downfall in this dasa as your level is raised completely to another level to live a certain life or decreased to an extremely low level.
    For prominent Ketu ones, it is said, ” You are the special one who descended from the sky like an angel.” in a sarcastic tone.
    From my child hood to my whole life , people always said to me (satya wadi Harishchandra) and now , from last 6 years , I am experiencing ultra exteme progress and downfall in spirituality both in my Rahu dasha. I am too much tensed after this downfall. It feels like if u are fish , then someone came and take u out of water, without any reason. Leo lagna , RAHU SUN MERCURY in my lagna. Rahu dasa is running .

  22. Ruchika Sharma

    Had goosebumps!
    Just want to be able to listen to you on rahu ketu…have a very basic knowledge…so don’t know if I am fit for the same….but the burning desire to get knowledge from you is immense.
    Rest is in the lord’s hands🙏
    Thank you so much Deepanshu ji.

  23. sona

    I am an Aquarius ascendant.

    1st H – Saturn,
    4th house – Venus and ketu conjunction (How does this impact my marriage life)
    5th H – Sun,
    6th H – Me,
    7th H – Mars,
    8th H – Jupiter,
    12th H – Moon.
    I really love a person and he genuinely loves me. However my mom is against it because the boy is from other community. Should I go with arrange marriage or love marriage?

  24. manoj soni


  25. Anshu kumar

    Bhut khub
    Deepanshu jee….

    Rahu ketu ki dasha m sade sati aa jaye toh bina ganga nahaye he lgata hai ghat ghat ka pani pillwa diya…

    Still belive in divine faith.
    God will take care of us if we take care of body and mind in the rahu ketu dasha.

    Any advise or suggestion would be appreciated.

    Dhanyavad 🙌🏼

  26. Ankit Mohapatra

    Thanks a lot sir for this divine knowledge. I know a few people who have went through the ketu mahadasha and reason if at all they suffer is that either they don’t compromise on something or they don’t give up something which is already out of their hands. Mostly its related to it’s dispositor.

  27. Ankit Mohapatra

    Thanks a lot sir for this divine knowledge. I know a few people who have went through the ketu mahadasha and reason if at all they suffer is that either they don’t compromise on something or they don’t give up something which is already out of their hands. Mostly its related to it’s dispositor.

  28. Shiv Kumar

    I want to enroll myself for free classes for Rahu and ketu.
    I myself going through the rahu dasha and had Ganga snan various times. I have also completed 5 regular Ganga snan on Amavasya.
    Secondly I am going through the unfulfilled desire at this time.
    I saw a kundali of a person who had rahu in 10th house he was living in a wreaked house. I predict the same even I don’t meet him till date.

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