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Past Life and Combust Planets

Past Life and Combust Planets

In this, I have discussed two rules that help us in understanding the events and life patterns associated with combust planets.

But, before that in the previous blog on combusted planets, I had discussed how it gives out special assignments.

So, somebody had commented (in the comment section of the previous YouTube Part – 1 video) that – it means diplomats will have combusted planets.

If you go and search in the databank – you will find that the diplomats will have at least two planets combusted in their charts and they are given special assignments and always under immunity.

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Reference from Shlok in the Classics: I will tell you a shlok reference to make you understand the importance of Combust planet and the shlok is:

The native learned so much and was a scholar in a past life so in this life he will get Jupiter as the combusted planet and it will be debilitated as well.

So, the rishi has given out everything in such depth within a few lines of this shlok as he goes on to say that he will get combust planet in this life because he has mastered the significations of Jupiter but since he had ego, a feeling of superiority and the didn’t desire to help others.

What he is also trying to convey is that you will have to be born on Earth again so that you can learn how to stay humble and secondly, you had a lot of pride so you will get Jupiter as a debilitated planet in the chart.

Whatever planet’s energy you master it – eventually you will get it as a combusted planet and if that planet goes into debilitation as well, it means you had a lot of pride regarding the significations of the same.


Sun – Saturn where Saturn is debilitated and combust too shows that in a past life – you had mastered the energies and significations related to Saturn like mastering your skills, profession, patience that’s why Saturn is combust but debilitated as well because it gave you ego.

In a past life, you weren’t able to do justice towards others and to someone because of something.

Also, you did not take care regarding the responsibilities assigned to you that’s why you have got Saturn as a debilitated planet.

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  1. Amandeep

    Sir if saturn,mercury go combust in 12th of libra, At that point sun is deblitated too.. At that point how these energies play..
    I am in foreign , even i didnt qualify for many things but i got it. i understand that concept . but sun is deblitated in my chart. i want to understand that, can u make 1 more blog or tell me the book which is available online.

    Thanks a ton Deepanshu ji

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