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Pasupat sadhna- beautiful astrology blog

Pashupat Sadhna – To know secrets of Universe

In my last blog on Uttrabhadpadra nakshatra, we learned about the great Ahirbudyana who kept all the secret knowledge of the work hidden from the eyes of everyone deep down in the sea, Only way to access this knowledge is to go through the test of Ahirbudyana that whoever gives get such knowledge should be free from sins and should use this knowledge for a better purpose. It means anyone who had animal instinct will never be able to get this knowledge.

This is only possible by praying to someone who is capable to lift us up by providing us energy so we humans who are behaving more like animals modify the energy and improve in life. It is none other than Pashupati Nath Mahadev who is capable to do it, The translation on Wiki if anyone sees for Pashupati Nath is written as – God of Beast but that is not true and I wondered how Wikipedia is providing such a wrong reference and this is not what Pashupati Nath means- but then I had a look at references on the Wikipedia to see which Shankaracharya or Hindu Akadha is their source and it was very surprising to see it was Akada of Cambridge and Massacheutes and all Shankarchayras from parampara of Macaulay’s.

If anyone can please contribute this to Wiki please do and correct them that Pashupati Nath means – The one who can help you to travel from animal to god and this is one sadhna which helped Ahirbudyana to give up animal instinct of being a snake and work towards the higher knowledge in life, As the purpose of showing that would be Ahirbudyana being one of the most powerful cold-blooded animals who can kill people the moment he felt insecure, If Ahirbudyana was capable to access this knowledge by doing the Pashupat sadhna then anyone can do this Sadhna.

When Shree Krishna visited the ashram of Rishi Upmanyu, this is sadhna done by Shree Krishna as well, the same Sadhna is done by anyone who has achieved the status of god as to become a god you need to leave the animal’s instincts and nature otherwise you will never be able to see beyond the horizon, As animal has a lot of limitations such as body, senses and moreover thinking capability, When we ask as humans that why someone is suffering from health issues or money problem, these all are our limitations in life.

Pashu-Pat Sadhna- It means the one who has transcends himself from animals (Pashu) to Gods (Pati). Students who have not performed any Sadhna of Bhagwan Shiv in Saavan till now – Please perform other Sadhna first as there is a sequence of 8 types of Sadhna and every Shivratri we are performing one sadhna and going to move up in life.

Even animals gave up their fighting nature when Shiv is around, All the opposite energies come to Zero state around shiv as this will happen with you as well after sadhna that your resistance towards nature will come to a point where you will only observe things as you know that all this is part of nature and resistance is not an option, When people around you will feel calmer and the first effect you could see in yourself will be in pets that pets will be extremely calm around you, their nature will change, suddenly you will see there will be lot of pets approaching you without reason.

When dog and cat start eating in same bowl in your house, this means your energy is affecting them the reasons animals will approach you is to communicate or ask for help in various ways, Please pay attention to them, help animals in every possible way you can as this is your chance to pay back karma for animals, so if you see any animal in pain, Treat them as if you would have treated lord Shiv.

Pasupat sadhna- beautiful astrology blog

Here are links to two previous sadhna, Please perform them first and students who have performed the sadhna earlier can continue to perform Pashupat Sadhna.

(59) Mahadev & Savan Remedy (English & Hindi) – YouTube

(59) MahaShivratri & Maha Remedies – YouTube
Pashupat Sadhna- The sadhna has to be started from Monday on 18th July and to be continued till Shivratri for 9 days only on 26th July.

This Sadhna requires you to draw 8 petal lotus first using turmeric and Sindoor like the one shown in image below and place a Shivling made of Blue Sapphire, Blue Stone or Amethyst in middle. In case you are unable to get any of these as all these are costly items and will cost good amount  as an option get black plum or blueberries and mix them with flour to make Shivling.  As if you are using consumable then for 9 days you have to make new Shivling each day and after 9 days mix all shivling in to plants.


Sadhna has to be done early morning or late night when there is no noise around you, Family members can do it together- This will start by applying agar in south portion of lotus, Applying desighee in west,  applying sandalwood in north portion of lotus, Lighting a diya and dhoop made from agar or guggal.

Soak sunflower seeds in water a night before and 108 seeds to be offered to Lord Shiv , One after every rudra gyatari which is given below.

Same seed to be offered to any bird, dog or any animal you have access to access to.

This is sadhna of 9 days but every time you will do, there will be a cleansing effect in you, I wish you all the best for this sadhna and may everything you have not even thought about yourself should come true. As when Mahadev gives you something, It is always beyond expectations.

As a result of this Sadhna apart from animals, a lot of new energies will start coming towards you but this is all so you can complete the karma and move forward.

Let me know your experiences in comments.


  1. Arjun

    I started doing shiv sadhana barely a week ago and 3 days back I woke up at midnight and saw a cat sleeping beside me on my bed!! I don’t own any cat. It then ran away from the window.

  2. Ram Gopal jajodia

    Done shivratri sadhna this year . Feeling very light and relaxed. A injured puppy come to our house, become my daughter’s friend. My 8th lord mercury(R) in 7th with sun ketu. I will try this sadhna.

  3. Smita

    Namaste Sir. A couple of years back, just before covid began something got into my head that I should visit Pashupatinath mandir. While planning trip, there were too many obstacles. The last nail was when the travel agent was so rude to me, that I finally understood Shivji is saying dont come now, and I gave up. Soon after that He told – visit me at Ujjain. The Indore-Ujjain plan fell into place within a matter of days and I visited Sri Mahakaaleshwar and Sri Omkareshwar – Mamaleshwar. True story – I magically discovered Jyotish and Lunar Astro a few months after my Ujjain darshan, during a traumatic time in my life.
    Totally excited that you’ve blessed Ahirbudhnyo – Pashupatinath Sadhana upon us. I collected all the items and ready to start on 18th with your blessings. If Mahadev wishes, I will share updates if any, post Masik Shivaratri. Pranam.

  4. Sonal Raithatha

    I didn’t find translation on wiki what you have mentioned. But what i have found is god of animal, so i added one line which you have mentioned above of worshipping pashupati helps to leave animal instinct and transform to be God like.

  5. Jignasha Brahmhabhatt.

    Namaskar Deepanshuji. This is the next day of Guru Purnima. Yesterday I was thinking, how I shall wish you and thank you and God to bless me to find you. Thought to wish it on your latest video or what shall I do? Was not sure. The reason is I wanted that my greeting and vandan shall reach to you. You shall personally see it, read it. And see today you shared this article with us on YouTube. Sir, I truly believe you as my Guru I will tell you the story how a shivling came to me and also how I just found you on you tube. I have deep heart feeling and faith that I will definitely meet you one good day and
    learn from you for sure. How? that I don’t know. Not able to express anything more than this as you will definitely feel it for sure. Belated Happy Guru Purnima sir. Guru Charan me shat shat naman. ?????

  6. Dr Amit Rathi

    It was 28th of January,2022,my Guru told to do one remedy of Mahashivratri (2 Triangles) up to Holi 2022, I also performed the same remedy 1 year back.
    My business is totally dependent on Coal as fuel since I do Brick Manufacturing at Uttarakhand, all of the sudden everyone know Coal prices shoot very high just triple rate, i felt shattered considering downfall in business there was no hope, world was blank in front my eyes.
    I, with my daughter started this remedy and performed as per sir guidance up to Holi,during this time by Grace of almighty and sir, we found alternate fuel for the same purpose and slowly we came to track, we have not covered all losses but hope by blessings of almighty and sir we will cover.
    It was an amazing experience for me.
    Before, sir’s today remedy, i planned and start today morning; the 2nd remedy of making ?????? ??????? everyday, i will do it whole Shravan month with 9 days remedy.
    Since, last month i was thinking where i can share this incident of my life, today,i got the right place to share.
    I would like to get sir’s blessing

  7. Kshipra

    Dear Sir,

    My parents always tell that women cannot worship Mahadev but they should worship ma Gauri. So wanted to ask can women make shivling and pray or there is another way for women to do it.

    Please help.
    Thank You Sir ???

    1. Akanksha

      Women can worship Shivlingam. It is said that in the whole Shivalingam, complete Shiva parivaar resides. In the front, where water flows, the long part, both Lord Ganesh and Lord Kartikeye, in the middle Goddess Ashok Sundari (daughter of Ma Parvati and Mahadev), then in lingam at bottom part Ma Parvati, and then above sits Lord Mahadev. Above the lingam where water pot is, there resides rest of the daughters of Ma Parvati and Mahadev.
      Rest is your choice. Be Happy.

  8. Lopa Nath

    Pranam Sir,
    Can we do both sadhana togather? (first savan sadhana n Pashupati sadhana)..Can we do this from 21 as I read this late…In Gujarat Savan start after Amavasya…
    Pls guide sir.

  9. Manish

    Dear Sir,

    Please accept the gratitude for the article and Sadhna. My question is If one could not start it because of sootak (death in family)… Can there be any other muhurta to start e.g. Monday or Pradosh in next week. Please suggest and guide.

    Thank you sir.

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