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Parivartani Ekadasi- A King’s Dilemma

Today on the 6th of September 2022, when we are starting our wellness centre to help people overcome chronic problems in life, we decided to start on Parivartani Ekadasi as Ekadasi is a tithi of healing – this is a tithi when our Mind and Soul support each other in all tasks.

When Mind and Soul are in sync with each other, whatever inner resistance the body has created over some time, tends to get resolved; there might be so many blockages which we are not even aware of but still exist in our emotional or mental place, but every Ekadasi gives us a chance to solve these inner disputes so we can progress in life.

Every Ekadasi comes with a different energy as Sun and Moon are in a special position, and King and Queen have a habit of solving problems wherever they go. The problem with this couple is that they rarely agree on a task; King looks for practicality and Queen looks for an emotional outcome but when both of them are in sync that is the day of Ekadasi when both try to solve the problem with mutual understanding.
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This is a tithi of being absent-minded and focusing on one task rather than multitasking as this is an internal matter -a matter of tussle between mind and soul that is why connection from the outside world is disconnected. You are engrossed in your thoughts without thinking about what is happening anywhere else in this world.

Today’s Ekadasi is about King Bali, who was ruling three worlds and still his desires were not fulfilled as he wanted to rule over the swarg as well and due to this Lord Vishnu came down to earth as simple short height Brahmin and challenged his ego – That all I want from you is three steps of land, Even before he could say no as his Guru Shukracharya told him that the one standing in front of you is no other than lord Vishnu -He went ahead with his promise.

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If you see the planetary position of today- Sun is in the 5th house of the Kingdom, rulers. Moon is in the 9th house of Guru, Dharam, and long-term planning both came in sync, making King Bali think that if you want to rule even after you are dead, you need to sacrifice something greater than people have not even expected. To everyone’s astonishment, King Bali agreed to give three footsteps of Land even when he knew he would get duped. His sacrifice was something which not everyone would have done, considering that in the short term, it would be a loss for him. Still, he chose for the long-term goal, and to date, people remember king Bali by tying the red thread of his hand at the start of Pooja and reciting the Bali mantra.

Yen badho Bali Raja,danendro mahabal:,Ten tvam raksha bandami, Rakshe machal machal.

येन बद्धो बलि राजा, दानवेंद्रो महाबलः, तेन त्वाम रक्ष बध्नामि, रक्षे माचल माचल:

As King Bali protects us from taking short-term decisions and provokes us to work for the greater good in life. This is the Ekadasi which will help you decide the long-term goals so you can move towards greatness in life.

Similarly, today is the day when Lord Vishnu change his sleeping side and turned around- Which means from today onwards, there will be an energy shift in the environment; you can see from today the energy levels that have been down for the last few weeks suddenly has uplifted and if you were facing any issue related to Jupiter in last few months that will start to resolve now onwards.


This is the Ekadasi which gives extremely beneficial results for people who are suffering from Jupiter-related issues as today you are likely to meet one new person who is going to resolve your issues and guide you for the long term, so even when it’s painful for some time, look for long term benefit in the advice, and this will give benefit in the long run.

I hope the deeper meaning of this Ekadasi story is helpful to you. You are also fasting on this day of Lord Vishnu to heal your body; if you haven’t read the previous article, please read here about Ekadasi; it will help you understand healing.
Ekadasi Archives – Welcome To Lunar Astro

As Soul and Mind are aligned on the axis of 5/9, it is a good day to start any book, course, or lecture, and it will help you understand meanings beyond what is even written in books. To read something which is not written, you need divine guidance and that is why to cure people who haven’t got relief anywhere, we decided for today to start this project.

Suppose you are reading Lunar Astro magazine and going through the last few articles. In that case, we ensure that most of the remedies are delivered to you beforehand. The next edition will be delivered before Diwali, so you can have everything prepared and hope you enjoy the articles there.
Book & Magazine – 𝐋𝐮𝐧𝐚𝐫-𝐀𝐬𝐭𝐫𝐨 (lunarastro.com)


Please let us know in the comment section your experiences with Ekadasi, and we will look forward to helping you more and sharing the deeper meaning of these stories with family and friends, as when we understand the deeper meaning of any ritual, we do it with more belief and also it helps chuck out negative things from religion.


  1. Charanya

    Thank you so much for bringing these stories. It does give lots of thoughts to ponder over and helps us understandthings in a deeper way.

    I have been fasting (I eat fruits and milk) on ekadsi for a year now. I sometimes find it so addictive. After 10 or 12 days of one ekadasi, I really can’t wait for the next one to come. It’s like body is looking forward to the fasting. Ekadasi fasting has really brought lot of changes in me and I feel very much connected to Krishna.

    I have bought your book “Happy Souls” and will start reading it from today!

  2. Jyoti Guptta

    बहुत सारी जानकारी दी आपने आज topic पर जो आज से पहले नहीं पता थीं मुझे । धन्यवाद आपको और आगे भी आप ऐसी ही जानकारी देते रहे इसी आशा के साथ। हरे कृष्ण 💐🙏🙏🙏💐

  3. Nouree Seddiqi

    Today I was depressed but got a solution to my weight loss and decided to take it long term. Now Im reading this article and it makes sense.
    My Jupiter is in capricorn in 12 house, I never find any mentors to guide me. I hope God sends some help

  4. Neeru Singh

    Aapka dil se dhanyawad Deepanshu sir 🙏 sach mein shabd kam pad jaate hain her baar.Meri beti ki Jupiter ki mahadasha chal rahi hai kafi adchane hain per aapki is post ne bahut positive ker diya . Thank you so much for each and every word from you.

  5. Sneha Ratnam

    Each and every word looked like penetrated through me, I will share my experience today,
    I had been doing hanuman chalisa since 21 days and today was the last day(somehow I didnt know today was ekadashi) and since past few weeks i was stuck emotionally as if I were paralysed by it and today morning I had a dream where in Lord Hanuman ji asked why I didnt accept the stone that he was offering me ( in real life nobody came to offer any stone, I am wondering if it is a metaphor for saturn, hardwork) and in dream as well I had a strong very strong urge to take the stone that maharaj was offering everybody, but it didnt come to me. I told lord hanuman ji that I had the urge but the stone didnt reach me, to which he told – Did you ask for it or try getting it? ( And now the whole day this one thing is stuck in my mind ” did you try getting it?”) Later when I check it was mars hora at that time. Sometimes I feel blessed to have someone guide me like you, as if Lord hanuman ji wanted me to know this today 🙏🏻 Jai shree Ram 🙏🏻Jai Bagrangbali

  6. Pushpa

    Thank you for sharing this article Deepanshu ji 🙏

    It was nice when I woke up but later I felt lost and sad.
    During puja I missed one ritual and it made me upset.
    Hope the day goes better than my morning 🙏🙏

  7. Himanshu Sharma

    I am keeping fast on ekadashi days with all my family members. Hope something new and beneficial will certainly come to my way. Just to share if ekadashi falls on two consecutive days. It’s always suggested to fast when ekadashi is mixed with dwadishi tithi. Regards.

  8. Alka

    Pranam Sir
    I follow you n do implement many of your advice the only problem is I’m not able to do ekadashi fast at times i forget or by mistake i consume termeric which i do on daily basis for immunity. Please guide me.🙏🙏🙏🙏

  9. Purnima Dhar

    Namaste Sir 🙏 I sensed different energy even reading this post. You choose wonderful pictures of God’s always, it gives a different feeling, an entry into a higher dimensions automatically. Based on reading of your book – Rituals of Happy Soul, i had advised one person to fast on Ekadashi. Her experience with first Ekadashi was out of the experience. I myself started, it’s my second. Surely there is energy shift today. Yesterday I was sitting as dead. Unexplained turning off of mood, energy and much more. Today I’m back in spirits and control, so your assessment of energy shift is well understood. I was wondering how great is God Vishnu that even by turning of him, the world changes. How great must be you to be chosen by the greatest power itself 🙏
    If it’s relevant to mention, i got a dream this morning as if someone in the house was looking for some flowers and Prasad for Lakshmi Poojan and i assured that i would provide. I saw a Lil girl decked up in grace putting a chandan tilak on her forehead and holding my hand as she climbed down the stairs, she was age of my daughter. I saw that a female asked me to get grey colour flowers for her Pooja. 🙂🙏 Aum Namo Narayanaye 🙏

  10. Jyotii

    Thank you for wonderful article
    I sometimes feel that planets and karma are interconnected so as joy and sorrow
    In this age where we all are running for materialistic pleasures and happiness how important it is to be that we remain grounded.In today’s world when more and more families are becoming nuclear and we are forgetting our roots your article help us to be connected with our Sanathan dharam
    Thanks once again to be there for guiding all of us🙏🏻🙏🏻

  11. K

    I’ve been struggling with finances. Today a friend of mine offered to let me move into her home with her to save money, and she has offered me guidance. I can’t help but feel this article is a sign.

    May the Almighty bless the healing centre and those who participate. This is just what the world needs at this time.

  12. NamrataSamantray

    🙏 sir I follow joomi ji video to solve my charts after few months later on I saw the video lunar astro the first video in which u say jub tak app guru thik result na de raha ho chart me apko acche guru melenge hi nehi I feel most happyest person that day I never find any mentors like u in my chart Jupiter n Mars in6th house I always saw ur vidio again n again also started doing fasting on ekadshi

  13. Vandana

    I got the book Rituals of a happy Soul 2 days back . Last few pages were pasted ulta.. and some were blank. It sort of reflected my life situation at present. I made the red triangle on Sunday. Within 2 hours a dog came to me and wouldn’t go away till I gave biscuits. Then I went to my hospital( I am a gynaecologist) ,..Was taken aback to see one brown and one black dog right at entrance. They looked exactly like the 2 dogs I had accidentally overrun by car in a dream a few days back. This really shook me up and I took down the red triangle.
    Sir please advice whether I should continue putting it up or remove it.
    Facing children related issues at present.

  14. Preeti

    Thank you so much for this guidance Sir, from last so many going through the difficult phase of life and after reading this article has motivated me to move ahead with more positivity
    Gratitude 🙏

  15. Smita

    What a lovely day to begin and wishing deep core healing to all those delivering and receiving treatment through Lunar centers.
    It’s been flooding a lot lately in areas of Bangalore. But some magic happened. On the 3rd night of continuously torrential rains, I was pretty sure we wont make it. So I thought hard and performed 3 remedies ( a donation, an invocation and a yantra combination). I myself have been sick and could hardly get out of bed. But you had told Jupiter 4th should never be selfish. So I performed this for around areas.
    Within 1 hour, the torrential rain came down to a pitter patter. By 7am, there was drone survellence and within 3 hours, state disaster teams were outside our building. We told them that there are other buildings in worse shape and they went off to rescue them. Have been providing water, biscuits to the workers. Also magically found extra milk in my fridge with which I could feed cats and also an old man in neighbors house who was grumpy that he did not get his tea amidst the chaos!!
    Still a lot of work to be done, but am very very grateful for all your teachings. Deeply humbled that Universe responded to my plea with speed and alacrity. It’s possible to help others even if stuck in bed, if one has the blessing of Navagrahas. I must have done something right to get a teacher such as you. Happy Teachers Day and Shubh VaamanDev Jayanti. Pranaam.

  16. Sahil passi

    Today I got a phone call from employment hiring agency for a staff which I want to hire from last few months but not getting sutaible candidate even for getting interviewed my Jupiter is third lord I want to hire digital marketing employee might be Jupiter energy related to third house getting fulfilled now on ekadashi, thanks for sharing beautiful article, moreover my Jupiter is debilated in Capricorn in Lagan with sun

  17. 3H Ardra Rahu

    Thank you sir 🙏

    I was struggling with something because of my principals. I sacrificed and someone with Saggi Ju in 5H helped me.

    Everything you said came true.
    Forever in your debt.
    Forever you will be my astrology guru 🙏

  18. Dr Subhro Chakraborty

    Respected Deepanshu Giri Sir ,
    This is a gratitude post …Akadashi fast has completely changed my life , my ear problem is controlled now and my case history got a place in the divine book of Rituals of Happy Soul and many people called me to verify the effects ..hope this remeady reach to all ailing persons and people get benefitted like I m …On the day before my 47th bday ( 7/9) , I just want to say u ….U are like harbinger to me and this world .. Kudos Sir 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
    Dr Subhro Chakraborty
    West Bengal

  19. Kamal

    लिख रहा मिटा रहा लिख रहा मिटा रहा।

    सर शब्द ही नहीं मिल रहें। क्या लिखूं🙏
    बस इतना ही की आपके ऋणी रहेंगे हम सब 🙏

    मेरी उमर भी आपको लग जाए 🙏

    धन्य हो गए वो जनक और जननी।।।🙏

    अदभुत ज्ञान का दीपक 🕯️ जलाने वाले दीपांशु जी को कोटि कोटि नमन🌷,

  20. What's in a name?

    I read this article late last night and I am re-reading it now. I just realized that I was the medium to help someone today. Let me share the story – I am visiting my in-laws for the very first time after I got married. My eldest brother in law and I were returning after dropping our rental car and the Uber driver happened to strike a conversation around trucking industry and how it is challenging here in Canada. By the time we got to our destination, he expressed his desire to learn something new and move away from driving full time as an Uber driver. Now, my BIL and I are in tech industry and we offered him help on how he can learn, educate and certify himself to kickstart a career in tech. As we got out of the car, he said a lot of people have offered him advice, but today was the first time someone showed him how can he start.

    I have always loved helping people and I truly consider myself lucky that I was able to help someone today. Thank you lord and thank you Deepanshu ji.

  21. Niladri Ghosh

    Hello Sir,
    I have been observing Ekadashi for 3.5 years now and every dashmi tithi I felt like having fever. By reading your article I realized that on the 10th tithi the energy absorbtion is very high thus we require break. Even while observing Ekadashi it is mentioned not to do any challenging work. You have explained the Ekadashi part beautifully.

  22. Dhiraj

    Mind-blowing, fantastic explanation boss. Thank you very much for wisdom.🙏I was astonished to see the story of this king Harishchandra. It often happens to me that I make a promise to someone but then I forget. Whereas I am not a king or in a similar situation.

  23. Shailesh

    Unexpectedly on Day of Ekadasi I visited ” BHADRACHALAM” its Called Dakshina Ayodhya ” and also Temple Town of Lord Shri Rama. It is Located in State of TELANGANA. As mentioned by Sir It is Thithi of Absent Minded, the same implied to me on that Day. Even though I was in the temple and having Darshan I was totally Absent Minded due to some Issue happened amongst the family. My Mind and Soul were drifted apart and energy was on lower level.
    The Story of Bali also is similar to the Story of Rishi Bhadra who went into penance and Lord Rama Appeared and Fulfilled his Wish.
    They say that if facing problems in Life Visit Bhadra to forego that Problem. If any visit is made to State of Telangana do visit the Dakshina Ayodhay – Bhadrachalam.

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