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Obstacles Remover-MARS

Whenever we start something new -there are chances that we get numerous obstacles in starting new work/Job- starting a house construction or buying a new piece of land or sometimes to break the monotony of life we require some power and strength to make new decisions.

The 1st house, Aries, and Mars are responsible to start something new as whenever you will start something new -a lot of energy is required- even the opposite house of marriage requires the energy of Mars to get started.

As Mars is the passion to get going, take risks and start something new while the 8th house from it which is the drainage sign of Scorpio- Which is where obstacles are that is why before starting any work we start with pooja of Lord Ganesh to give us blessing and remove all obstacles.

A very simple principle of Aries sign and 1st house is that whenever Dasha of this planet will come something new will start- Even same is the case with any planet sitting in Janam Nakshatra and also with Ascendant lord as all of the signifies a new beginning – a starting – Even more than Mars and Aries -It is the ascendant lord which shows new beginning in your life as your life has started from that particular planet.

so when someone feels like a stalemate in life a generalized remedy is – pray to Shree Hanuman -this can be done in various forms- You can start with Hanuman Chalisa or Sundar Kaand on Tuesdays or Saturdays, Most common is to do Hanuman Chalisa 21 days 21 times daily while practicing food control (without onion/garlic), sleeping on the floor to give you the energy to bring life force in your life to remove all obstacles.

As the energy of Mars is just the opposite of Saturn which is an old mature man but one very significant trait of Mars which very few people have observed is to work with minimum resources and get going as it\’s a matter of life and death.

Let me give out one of the other remedies for Mars which I have been able to decode from Lal- Kitab – Wherever the Mars is in whichever house-donate sweets/food or any basic survival item in that area- as basic survival is food/shelter/clothes as an example if someone has Mars in 12th -Lal Kitab says there will be hospital nearby house and native as a remedy should donate regularly to hospitals/cremation grounds– One more clue Lal Kitab has given us here is that Lal Kitab is using the position of Mars to see what will be near the house but if you read prashna marg carefully (In between the lines).

Somewhere it is written – to predict from where native is coming -see the Ascendant lord as that is the Janma of that Lagna so during prashna if you get Moon Ketu in Lagna in Jupiter sign -Ask native if he just had curd and then there are various combinations of food you can make.

Anyhow this is not the article for Prashna -but to give you remedies to come out of stalemate positions in life and the passion to do something new-Also the same remedy can be performed with the help of Ascendant lord and where the energy of the ascendant is as that is the life force in individual\’s chart.

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  1. Gayatri Kumari

    This is so true… I have got international order for my art …its my first ever order…but I am unable to start it cz I am badly trying to get the material supply… But due to covid… There is restrictions on that…. Plus I myself got down with covid last week and is currently on home isolation… I did hanuman chalisa yesterday 7 times….. Sir I wanted to ask… For the 21 days thing…. Are we not allowed to sit on bed for work even? Please clear??

  2. Purva

    Very well articulated and stumbling across your article is coincidence designed by universe! Got insight on exactly what was holding me back. Thank you very much sir and pranaam aapko ????

  3. Ram Gopal Jajodia

    This remedy works very fantastic even when no astrologer can help you. It requires devotion and faith to Hanumanji. I have recommended this remedy to many poor people and they admited, it works.

  4. Shubha

    Thank you so much sir, i really need this sort of help, as I have completed my medicine in 2012 but for some reason till now I have never as worked as doctor Or anything, just today I got my appointment for Medical license exam and you posted this remedy, really Greatful ?, but what dose 4th house signifies as my Mars is in 4th house and i am leo asc Thank you once again.

  5. SG

    Sir little bit of confused here.hope this principle works for antardasha as well. In that case lets say sat in libra ascendent and mercury in 6th. So mercury dasha and sat antardasha will create new job or becasuse it is mer/sat it will loose job. Again sat is 8th from mercury ..so the job def will be changed ?. Thanks in advance.

  6. Nikhil Arora

    Hi thanks for sharing nice info.

    I am a scorpio ascendant and currently going thru Ve-Ma dasha. My Ma is situated in 9th house.

    Can it signify I can take loan to break stalemate as it is going to transit soon in my 6th house.

  7. Nouree

    Sir I have Mars in Aries with Sun and Rahu in the 3rd house.

    Whenever I drive and get lost, to get back on track I use google maps for the nearest police station near my house.

    I think I will donate sweets there. I never thought this before. I have a hotel project that never started since 3 years. I hope things change.

  8. Gurwinder Singh

    Sir I have Mars in Leo sign in 12 house and Saturn + moon conjunction in Aquarius sign in 6 house.

    Whenever I am going to start to do something, I have to go through lots of obstacles and never able to accomplish in first attempt, due to which right now my confidence level is to low.

    Sir, please suggest me what to do

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