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lal kitab experience - blog

My Experiences with Lal-Kitab

As I heard from several knowns and the unknowns-This book is written by Souls.
\”???? ?? ???? ?????? ?? ?????\”- Before you rush to a book store near you to get this book-Please read the complete article as maybe you will change your mind.

This book has very strong energy as any occult book whenever you will buy and start reading it -Eventually, you will get affected by the energy of that book as I always use to feel when reading Bhrighu Jyotish- I get really proudly and with Lal-Kitab -I had a relation of several years and off and on several times. and it goes way back to 2003- when my private tutor for maths was learning Lal-Kitab and use to tell me about it.


In May 2020- One Morning after daily rituals I opened this book and touched to my head -praying that either give me nimits to continue with you or I should leave reading lal-Kitab completely as I really want to understand you, with this emotional note, I started reading this book and the same night I received an email from my student.

The title of the email was lalkitab domain name – He said he has a domain name of lal-kitab.com and after listening to course of predictive astrology-He want to gift it to me- He is holding this domain for last several years and several astrologers were after him for this domain name but he never sold it and today he felt it has to be given to me, I was stunned with the nimit of this book, Apart from this I got so many significations related to Mars and Ketu that I got cleaner that I should go ahead with full flow in decoding this book and make sure this book gets its place in Jyotish what it deserves.

The planet which governs this book is Mars and Ketu-This is a Scorpio book and is capable to transform life completely but when dealing with the energy of Scorpio -one has to be very careful – Even in Ravan Samhita progression, my Scorpio is active when I started working on Lal-Kitab seriously in 2020.

This book has several stories where it created problems related to land and brothers and disturbed married life as this book has an energy which no one has really understood, I really feel sorry for anyone who felt this is a book for a remedial measure or to make money by using this book as so much and so quickly will come back to them and Ketu is a karaka for kids get affected. Please do not read remedies and give them to clients without understanding them.

There are several stories of people trying to learn Lal-Kitab and their whole life got upside down in the process-Any publication which has published this book has either caught fire or got closed due to some mishap, there is a wonderful redbook sutras written by B.D Dhanwantri Ji from Ghaziabad- The press caught fire and none of his books are available in the market- I have got a copy of only one book from a friend and it clearly shows the content written by B.D dhanwantri Ji was a wonderful content and out of 10 only 1 book is available till now.

One of the other friends tried to scan the book and the scanner went bad, There is another story of a person who brought a red book at home and his family life got disturbed after it, If you have any intention to learn lal-Kitab -Please ask for nimit from the book-see if the book allows you to learn otherwise let it go- as this book is not meant for you and you should try any other branch of astrology. Such as Jaimini is Gemini sign -Ketu.

This is not an ordinary book but something very coded and special as this is a book of Pending karma- A lot of astrologers have labeled it as a remedial book but each remedy in this book has a very deeper significance -We can\’t follow the literal meaning of any remedy given such as Saturn in 5th house the native should not build his house as in several posts I will give explanation and how you can predict using a single line in Lal-Kitab and solve problems which exist in a family from several generations.

This can be something simple written as -\”?????? ?? ??? -???  8??  ?? ???\” -Mercury in 8th house termed as the flower for dead but this has a very deep meaning and solve problems of several generations.

As this book was written by souls so they have explained one planet and then leave it to the intelligent reader to figure out the rest of the planets and solve their problems of the 8th house.

I will write different examples and decoded versions of remedies on this blog- Keep Learning.


    1. Desh Bandhu

      Pranam sir,
      Like your videos, your thoughts on lal kitab are Zara hatke. You are right sir that this book can’t be understood without it’s own grace. I have 2 books but couldn’t understand the same, especially logic behind the upayas.

  1. allaboutbasic

    Thanks a lot Sir..
    I really feel fortunate that i got a Guru / Mentor like you…
    I always pray to God… as i have a deep wish to be free from the pending karmas..
    God Bless to you for showing us the path..
    Om Prakash


    Nice to read your article ??
    Specially to know the story of LalKitab.Com.

    It shows us how universe executes its plans even when we are totally unaware of it and timing has its own importannce as when Universe will offer it to us we don’t know. What we simply know is we are just the medium.

    thank you sir ???

  3. Anuradha Singh

    Sir I was actually waiting for your mail since yersterday.Thankyou soo much for this blog??
    – 8th house mercury is murde ka phool.
    -9th house is mandir ka phool or respects to be paid to father/guru/deity.
    -10th house respects to be paid to father’s family/mother in law/work place.

  4. Rohit Khetarpal

    Excellent knowledge Sir. Only a rare spiritual person like you can decode this book. Please share your valuable knowledge and experiences with this spiritual book God bless you take care Sir.

  5. ??????? ????????? ????????????

    Thank you very much,sir. The depth of your knowledge delights me. I look forward to your every post as the grace of God. And thanks to you, I begin to look at astrology with different eyes. Your story about nimitta related to this book is simply amazing.

  6. Purnima

    Deepanshuji you are just amazing in decoding any dictum ….Your heart and soul are into it completely ….Yes I am awaiting for Lal kitab to give me it’s permission …Always a honour to hear you or read you

  7. E S Jagadeeshwar

    Deepanshu ji,

    God gave you an opportunity to serve more with your meticulous astrological skills.

    I sincerely pray to God to bless you with lot of opportunities to unearth hidden secrets of Astrology and Lal-Kitab.

    I wish you very, very great success.

  8. Yogesh Lodhia

    Thank you?? very much Sir for valuable guidance. Sir i have scorpio ascendent, moon in it and Jupiter and Ketu in 8th house. Saturn in 12th . Should I do astrology and particularly Lal Kitaab? Please guide me

  9. Radhika

    Sir, you have mentioned that …many people have tried to learn the red book but their life went upside down.
    How can we know that we should read this book or not?
    Please enlighten?

  10. Helen

    Dear Deepanshu-ji, when receiving invitation this morning, I immediately wondered at your great good luck to have to domain name. What a nimitta, indeed!
    Years ago, I bought a copy of Lal Kitab in a tiny little bookstore in Delhi, which was shipped to me by sea. Chara grahas in chara r?sis, I move a lot. Though I have never opened the book, somehow another copy appeared in my possession — total mystery to me. Now I but wonder if I was mean to wait for you to appear in my life. All of my books except Light on Life, which has agreed with all I’ve
    learned from you so far, and some Sanskrit are packed, ready for next relocation. Time to hunt for
    this one. When found, I’ll ask its permission, per your wise instruction.
    Thank you very much for sharing this parama knowledge.

  11. urmila27d

    Thank you Sir for everything that you are doing in the field of astrology. Never seen before. You are sooooo dedicated towards this science that your efforts speak. We do not have enough words to praise you. The way you teach and the techniques you come up with are priceless. We are actually blessed to have you and feel proud about you. Eagerly awaiting for decoding Lal Kitab Book from your end. You are doing a great great work at such an young age.
    May God bless you with this divine knowledge always, to do a greater work in this field and to serve mankind.

  12. Ganesh

    Compassion and good karma is what defines a sage…
    That is why he can bless..
    Now it is clear red book likes people with purva punya ..who can give blessings..

    What Deepanshu ji has done to world of astrology is brave …god bless sir ..

  13. Ganesh

    Compassion and good karma is what defines a sage…
    That is why he can bless..
    Now it is clear red book likes people with purva punya ..who can give blessings..

    What Deepanshu ji has done to world of astrology is brave …god bless sir ..

  14. anindyaishere

    Once I ordered this book from flipkart and on this very night I have had a severe pain in urinary system without any warning…….I just cancelled the order of that book immediately as I got know from your videos that if this book does not permit someone to be read by him or her it will give signal..

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  18. Christyn

    Dear Sir
    I have been thinking to get a consultation for a long time, but always the timing is not right or i am not sure. I feel now is the right time!
    I am not sure which consultation should i select. Vedic or Lal Kitab?
    I do not have much knowledge of astrology. I am a scorpio ascendent.
    Would you be able to advise which one is for me? I am looking for a consultation that provides me remedies.
    Thank you Sir. Namaste.

  19. Neeru Singh

    Namaskar Deepanshu sir .I have experienced it .I visited my mother two months back ,there lies lal kitab of my sister I thought of reading it but I reminded your video that first it will give you nimit.In the morning ,I got an invite from lal kitab ( Najoomi ji) to join this group .I felt so positive .Is it a clear indication that I can read this book . Thank you for sharing immense knowledge to all. ??

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