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Marriage Matchmaking - astrology blog

Matchmaking & Jupiter Dosh

As Matching charts using the nakshatras of the Moon has failed miserably in the practical world, and instead of blaming the shastras we need to find ways to match two humans who can complete each other.

As we will discuss charts of couples where no points were matched but they lived happily versus those where charts were matched but harmony in marriage was absent.

This is from my course on Karma and Relationships?—?1/7 axis of any chart shows physical body and interaction and in today’s world when most humans are so conscious about physical body and appearance we can’t ignore the 1/7 axis of the human body, While the 1/7 axis of D-9 chart which shows our feelings is equally important.

We will look into the 1/7 axis of the D-9 chart and see how different planets placed on 1/7 axis of D-9 make us feel about relationships.

Understanding Matching of charts Jupiter in 1/7 axis of D-9 partner is not interested in married life activity -as Jupiter has very high standards to intermingle.

Jupiter cursed one of his servants for seducing him. This means when Jupiter is on the 1/7 axis of D-9, natives will have the opportunity to be seduced by the employee, but a faithful Jupiter will reject it, while an afflicted Jupiter will accept the relationship and fall into the trap. Jupiter 1/7 axis never makes short-term relationships.

Jupiter looks for long term relationships rather than a short fling, and that is why when Jupiter is in Lagna of D-9, the native is unable to do flirting or fling as Guru is “Parampara” There is a lot of family background and social responsibility on shoulders of Guru, Look for people who have Jupiter in lagan AMSA means?—?Jupiter either on 1/7 axis of D-9 or sitting in the same sign which is rising in rasi chart.

These are people who are doing public service for several generations, and you will see a person belongs to a family where people have worked for masses to give wisdom over a period of time and in case it is exalted/Debilitated Jupiter then clearly shows powerfully linked to masses.

As the person is very concerned about his image in society so bound by Dharam- If an average person drinks alcohol that is normal but when someone who is a monk is seen anywhere near the bar will be frowned upon as the person has the responsibility to preserve dharma.

Even when these people are alone even in their thoughts these people are pure in nature as this is what the soul energy has but when it comes to married life, Due to Intimacy issues these people suffer as a partner will feel frustrated due to lack of romance but if you match this chart with someone who has similar combination with the effect of Jupiter in D-9 or Jupiter sign with Moon placed in it, then both partners will be engaged in dharma but match this chart with someone Venus Rahu on the axis of D-9 and even with 32 point matching the couple will suffer.

This is the first step to matching any chart.

See the email from one of the students.

“Pranam sir..aaj ki video me apne kahan Jupiter lagna me intimacy issue deta he..mere 11 saal ki sadi me 10 saal ho gaye humne relation hi nei rakha..dono husband wife dost ki tarah rehte he..mere sare divisional chart me Jupiter lagna me he..per retro Jupiter bahot kharaf anubhav dia he..sadi ke 3 saal bahot hi jyada kharaf situation thi meri”

Out of 11 years first 10 years the couple never had any relation in marriage, This is what Jupiter does in extremes as in this chart of the native there are other factors also contributing making it an extreme case.

Click below to learn more about Marriage Astrology (Karma, Relationships & Match Making)
Karma & Relationships
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  1. Ruchi Agarwal

    Jup- Ketu in lagna (Virgo) in D-9 chart. I always feel a fear of the society. ‘log kya kahenge’’.

    I find peace in studying n guiding others. But people take advantage. So now I like isolation ( Ketu effect) . Married but still like to sit and study alone for hours .

    Birth details: 05-08-80
    4:45 a.m
    Bareilly U.P


  2. Piyush Shrivastava

    This is absolutely a wonderful article Sir. Please guide as what could the scenario when the Boy is D1 chart as pisces ascendant with Jupiter in Sagittarius and Girl has D9 as Pisces ascendant with Jupiter in pisces itself.
    Thanks and Regards

  3. Anusha

    Hello Sir, Pranam.

    I just want to share regarding this post! I have jupiter in lagna D9 aries and venus in 7th house libra. I got married last year in September (2021). My husband is a maths teacher (jup) and my father in law works as prison guardian (aries/mars) and sister in law is doctor (works for the mass). My husband has moon in pisces in D9.. We are like best friends! We understand each other so much, always happy and laughing! But when I start to do prayer or do a specific fast I lose interest in sex and I also restrain myself completely. This somehow affect my husband.. So lately I haven’t been too serious about doing pooja. But I cannot stay too long not connecting to the divine. Sir, whatever you said, completely agree!

  4. Niladri Ghosh

    Sir one query. If the Lagna of D9 represent our Spouse nature + the influences add on to it. Does the 7th house of D9 represent us in the marriage what kind of attitude we have towards marriage?

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