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Mars in Cancer- Antardwand

Finally, I\’m gearing up for the next Predictive course, this time it will be on Planets. My last course was very much focused on Signs but this course will be more focused on Planets. Why do certain planets get certain houses? What is so special about the placement of Mars in the sign of Cancer? Why do mars get debilitated in the sign of cancer? Both Moon and Mars are friends but still mars in the sign of a moon is considered as a debilitated planet but why does a native get a debilitated Mars?

These are the techniques used during the pending karma readings which makes it clear why certain people get some malefic combinations in certain houses. For most of the questioner, astrology has been limited to mostly 3 questions – Job, Marriage, Health. But our main focus should be on the root cause of suffering. Why? Why do we face certain kinds of problems in our life? All the answers to these questions are lying in Bhrighu readings. Most of the Bhrighu readings will state the reason why the native is suffering and also include corrective actions.

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When we go through charts some questions keep knocking again and again like, Why I have got debilitated Mars? What is the Karama which I still need to correct? Now from here onward the process of self-analyzing gets started. You will start self-analyzing your patterns and behavior and suddenly on one fine night, it will strike you with lightning. You will abruptly figure out that why and how all your life your behavior was influenced by the energy of debilitated mars. That is why people cry during readings or sometimes after the remedial measures because at that time energy starts sorting out their thoughts.

Moon is the epicenter of your birth chart and the Cancer sign is the powerhouse. The main house where your thoughts get generated. Mars is Krodh and Saturn is Kop and both of them do not behave well in the watery emotional sign of Cancer. As neither the Krodh or Kop is welcome in the heart. That is why diseases like TB, low learning ability, Blood Pressure, or head-related issues will come into the picture.

What will happen when we throw a burning ball in the water. There will be a lot of movement in the water and we cannot see anything with clarity. Similarly, a person in Anger cannot see anything or make a Judgement properly. The logic of Mars fails. Mars works wonderfully in the sign of Capricorn because it is a logical sign and cold sign as well. A warrior always thinks with logic and takes cold-minded decisions, that is the combination that makes an army general deadly.

Look at people who are receptive to learning most in their life-One common thing you will notice about them is -they are completely dedicated to the search for knowledge. They are really happy and content with learning without any Jealousy, backbiting, groupism, or anything else. As our only goal in Jyotish should be learning as there is no greater joy in anything else in this world rather than learning, rest all things will fall in place. but a person with Mars in Cancer has a hard time adjusting to let it go and help people genuinely without any other motive.

It\’s a situation where you are confused as you don\’t even know what to do. What is right or wrong. This situation can be pacified if Jupiter aspects it and makes it very clear as the wisdom of Guru is required. While the aspect of Saturn will make things worse and eventually lead to the downfall of the native in the Dasha of Mars. As the native will be able to make several wrong decisions but only in dasha of Mars/Moon native will experience the true results of the combination.

Here the Situation is exactly like Arjuna in front of Krishna not knowing what to do and how to react to the emotions he was running through. He asked Krishna to make his chariot placed between two armies as he wanted to make a conclusive decision by standing there but how could he make a decision? when he was going through emotional turmoil then Guru like Krishna solved his inner conflicts but the question was why natives get Mars in Cancer sign.

Sri Krishna

The person who always complains about food quality/land/house- Do not give food to his horses and provide proper shed yard for them – (In today\’s context- The native\’s Vehicle will not be maintained and parking will be cramped) – Native who disturbs other people while eating food- The one who was not serious about work and earned unlawful money as Property agent/or as a supplier to the food, clothes, the one who has a dispute of property with brothers in a past life will be born with debilitated Mars and will never be happy about their profession in this life.

To remove this curse native should start with the habit of praising food all the time, Keeping his Vehicle well maintained, and donating food to the policeman. By doing this the effect of debilitated mars will pacify.


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  3. Pooja

    Informative vlog sir.. Everything stated here are true for me..I will start doing as you stated here to pacify my Mars… I hope this will also make things between me and y brother good..

  4. Arti

    Hello Sir i have parivartan of moon (3rd house in mesh ) and mars (6th house in kark) as you said I have low ability of learning I have not been able to complete my studies i got married when i was in sy bcom I tried learning astrology vastu numerology tarot but couldn’t finish the course i am not able to do predictions but i am very much interested . I have no aspect of any planet on my moon nor does it conjunct with any planet but I don’t have kemdrum yog i wish I could do some predictions moto is to be of help to others and would want to do alot of sadhna as i am a Srividya mantra dikshit if I could get some guidance it would be of great help I don’t know why am i here if I can’t do anything in my life

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