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Rituals of Happy Soul [Paperback]

This is not a spiritual book as I am far away from spirituality. Spirituality asks you to accept situations as they come and not react to any situation. Spirituality is what Buddha preaches to become one with nature by mastering the art of ignoring the problems in life. This is a book to awaken the hidden energy inside you so that you can overcome all your problems and enjoy success in this life. This is a book that teaches you the magic of the universe which lies within you. It is only disbelief inside you that has made you stop believing in magic. Your brain has been programmed to limit your capabilities so you forget your true worth. The book contains several rituals of energy which have no relation to religion of any kind. Religion binds you by rules. Religion is always overtaken by fanatics for their own benefit, leaving no scope for free thinking. This is the main reason for the downfall of a religion in any society.