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Let the Pain Go- Saturn & Mars

We accumulate lot of pain in our life on different levels to build a Saturn position in the chart- As Saturn is a significator of the pain and accumulation- To build Saturn in one sign -native has to build this Saturn by slowly collecting pain and not letting this pain to resolve. We never want to talk about what is troubling us and slowly we move on with life without actually resolving the issue.

The same pain which we forgot to resolve comes back and gets carried over to the next life and becomes a matter of grief of us as we are ignorant towards Saturn, We think it will be resolved but to solve Saturn we need to focus on Mars and ability to bear the pressure of Saturn-and Sat Mars combo helps us solve this issue in this life, So Do not fear this combination.

We never resolve our pain-we only ignore it- It\’s time to confront our pain and resolve the issues.

Last few months I was suffering from severe shoulder pain and even after all the diagnosis and therapy -the pain still exist -I told while teaching the class that my shoulder will be alright in August as I could see the transit position but eventually what happened that one of my students came as a problem solver.

As she does past life regressions asked me if she can do a small energy cleansing for me as I was very reluctant for past life regression -as past life regressions sometimes make you see a lot of bad things which has happened in past and I was not ready for it but as she is good in her work, She predicted \”At the age of 8 there was this red color toy which was taken away from you and that pain is now coming back as the issue was not resolved\”– So she said why not gift a red color toy for your kid as when a kid will play with same toy -that will resolve the issue.

Some incidents give us pain so badly that even when we grow up and we see certain things -they remind us of that pain as that pain is still accumulated in the body.

I was not able to recall anything as later on I remember an incident about the red cycle which deeply disturbed me when I was a Kid – Interesting thing is Saturn is in Scorpio (8th house) aspected by Red Mars and Saturn Mars makes machinery- so cycle and she was very close to predicting this- When I gifted a red color cycle to someone -The pain which was not been able to solve even after several therapy sessions and medicines got away by gifting joy to someone.

This was one small incident in which Saturn had accumulated all the pain get stored in the body in the form of different vayu(Saturn) which exist in the body and even arthritis is a result of Saturn -when a person is not able to resolve the issues.

Some pain is so deeply embedded in our life that we don\’t know that they exist- When we look at certain things which remind us of bad memories as in my case it was of the red bicycle as a bad memory we become uncomfortable but its time we should resolve them to live a happy worry-free life.

Some of us accumulate this on the emotional plane (watery signs) – some of us on the materialistic plane(earthy signs)- Fiery signs Saturn shows this on the action plane when someone betrayed you when you were performing a task and the Airy plane when native accumulates the pain while dealing with the outer world.

When we get Saturn in fiery signs- this shows native was about to do something very important and very big but all his plans were sabotaged and after several setbacks native was not able to trust anyone and also lost the will to work hard.

When we get Saturn in Airy signs- This shows native is ignored continuously by the peers for his thinking and hard work native brings on table and every time credit is given to someone else and this leads to total unattached personality towards anyone and will not be able to make friends easily and keep his ideas and intentions hidden Before going into any kind of partnership native will test the ground several times.

Such as Saturn in Libra with Rahu in 5th house native got so much fear to interact with the outer world and especially in school, Later on, native was not able to get married to the love of her life due to betrayal and inter-religion issue and that caused blockage in the progeny – in the words of native \” I died inside after the breakup and was never interested in marriage – I used sarcasm and funny attitude as my tool to hide the pain in life but never knew this pain will result in the blockage of progeny\” – I asked her to get this sorted on emotional plane as during her breakup -she never knew the complete story of why exactly went wrong when everyone agreed to marriage. so she called up the guy after 10 years and had a 42 min conversation to get sorted.

\”I cried for hours after the talk but I felt like I got cleansed\” – in 3 months she got pregnant and when I am writing this -she is in 2nd trimester. what remedy worked for her was resolving the issue which was dependent on someone else.

We travel to get cleansed -we look at the beauty of nature to sit in silence and look deep down in us to make sure we resolve all the issues- It\’s time we need to solve the internal conflict and clear the blockages.

When we get Saturn in Earthy Signs- This shows fruits of hard work not being paid and underpaid person- Material wealth missing from person\’s chart even after lot of hard work as native will acquire a lot of incidents in his life where native will not be able paid properly even after hard work and this let native accumulate the pain regarding the physical matters- we need to use the individual qualities of sign such as for Virgo there will be physically hard work and native will do for people working under him and his servants as well but all of them will become ungrateful and this will let result in a pain which is unsolvable. Saturn in earthy signs gives a lot of body pain as well.

Saturn in Watery signs – Emotional pain on various levels did not let native enjoy the world around him as on emotional level native is always under stress and even on everyday basis native keeps on accumulating pain and to avoid pain native becomes ignorant and isolated from the world. People will hurt you at an emotional level and will be difficult for native to leave the grudge but the best remedy is to let it go of people who hurt you otherwise it will become a pain stored in your life. such as a native who had a Saturn in cancer in 7th house and his married life got over due to betrayal of the wife but even after 10 years, he was not ready to let it go.


    1. Subhashree Tripathy

      Thank you sir..I hv saturn mars in Capricorn in 10th house..my rahu is in saggitarious in 9th house.. Today I am traveling to varanasi for darshan as per your guidance.. please bless me to succeed in my life.. ??????

    2. Saurabh Vashisht

      Deepanshu ji ? this post is really awesome and points at the base issues and again explains the concept of being light and try to leave all the grief somewhere in river or in nature to live happily.

      1. Akshatha R

        Sir… My Saturn and Mars are in 6th house in Sagittarius… In this life also I m struggling with same issue!! I m trying to clear post graduate entrance exam since many years now.. but one or the other obstacle is coming in the way… And now finally I have given up on it!!!!

  1. Darshna Kothari

    How I can read this article on vishyoga and servants of past life. I have Saturn moon in 8th house of pieces, I am Leo ascendant and Jupiter Venus in cancer 12th house and Mars in 2nd house of Virgo so Jupiter Mars both aspecting 8th house….. I want to understand more on this.

  2. Someshvarman

    This article was beautifully and soulfully written. Thanks for creating such a thoughtful write that is worth a journey of several lifetimes and the prayers of many souls. Blessed!

    1. Aastha Kumar

      Sir im facing the same shoulder pain from months,as saturn in scorpio 3 rd house.
      This article is for me only as im facing the emotional phase in life.i wil 99%try to follow this.lets hope for the best.
      Thnku for this immense beautiful knowledge .

    1. Ashutosh

      What an amazing way of Explaining.. Your articles are worth reading and sharing.. Thanks a lot for always making time to write and let life easier for readers..

      You are absolutely Brilliant in Astrology..

      Many Thanks again Deepanshuji…

    1. Rita

      What an coincidence . Today i was discussing saturn mars effect in my daughter’s horoscope. Saturn in aries lagna and mars in 7 th house. And i saw your post refering saturn and mars. As always your posts are very useful and informative. Thanks a lot.

  3. Kamna

    Amazing ? post, many things started making sense now after going through this post, also special Thankyou for telling to not fear Saturn Mars combination in the chart. You are right! I have Sat-Mars close conjuction in the 3rd house Saggitarius sign & I always feel as why people are ready to compromise with their deep lying issues when you can be a little daring and can get that issue resolved first hand, even though I too waste my time in suffering and regret because of Saturn but Mars gives me courage to look for opportunity and ways via which I can find solution to my problems. I always beleive that its never too late to give up on something, just wait for right time and if you really want it then you will definitely get opportunity to fulfull that desire by putting right effort ?

    Keep guiding us with your wonderful knowledge ?

  4. Lisha

    Very true sir, i am a water sign and i realised by your article that there is too much emotional trauma in my life since 2 years and its also about 2 years that i am suffering from pain in my left leg which is not diagnosed yet even after all the diagnosis . … I tried hard to let go people who hurt me in past but this emotional pain comes on surface over again and again . ..
    Please guide me ?
    Thanku sir

  5. Pranjali Mehta

    I have saturn in pisces.. and ever since I remember as childhood I have only befriend people with whom I feel emotional trust and peace, and ignored or left the company where they trouble my mental peace because I can hold those feelings for long while they still would be not sorry about it. Also I cannot bear gossips about others that would make me emotional too.
    Thank you so much for this article, I have been working since last week on my mental health hope this will give new direction and solution!

  6. Kamna

    Amazing ? post, many things started making sense now after going through this post, also special Thankyou for telling to not fear Saturn Mars combination in the chart. You are right! I have Sat-Mars close conjuction in the 3rd house Saggitarius sign & I always feel as why people are ready to compromise with their deep lying issues when you can be a little daring and can get that issue resolved first hand, even though I too waste my time in suffering and regret because of Saturn but Mars gives me courage to look for opportunity and ways via which I can find solution to my problems. I always beleive that its never too late to give up on something, just wait for right time and if you really want it then you will definitely get opportunity to fulfull that desire by putting right effort ?

    Keep guiding us with your wonderful knowledge ?

  7. Roopa

    Article is very practical and works absolutely magic……my saturn in cancer 7 th in navamsha atmakaraka and retrograde……my spouse betrayed me…..I
    Dint let go more than 12 years…..but saturn dasha brought me wisdom instead of jupiter (where I dint let go anything) and I bow down to saturn for showing my life path…..I have a request here….if someone is good at past life regression let me know….I want it…..my contact is 8861357003 or email roopagowda43@gmail.com
    I really welcome these kinds of articles…..more to go Deepanshu sir…..

  8. Bully

    When I was placed in an orphanage 4-5 years old, I gave my only toy “Gi joe soldier” as the only toy I got from my dad to a crying girl who was the same age as me then. But in 2016 I gave away a 3 meter high teddy bear to a woman, in my case she called the police haha

    best article so far

  9. Kushal Parmar

    Sir, can I get a consultation with your student who does past life regression. Me and my wife are going through lot of leg pain since sometime, meds and physiotherapy isn’t working. Will be helpful if you can I get consultation from your student. I’m reachable on 8055193594 or kushalparmar86 at gmail

  10. Randhir

    Sir! I am asubscriser to your channel.For the last 2months i had bleeding piles after 15 years of undergoing operation.suddenly it stopped on13august evening.libra assc,Saturn/pisceas, mars/leo.

  11. Meenakshi Vasisht

    Sir very enlightening article. Even I am facing a particular issue related to work again and again. I am not able to master or confront this particular experience. I had to leave my job too at one time due to this situation. Can one suggest who to overcome this issue please.

  12. Sonal M

    No words to describe the feelings I am having after reading your article. Suddenly all past memories appeares in front of me and finding the reason for my back pain of which i am suffering from last almost 16 years. No medicine is working. Hot water bag is my routine from last 10 years. I really wish i can get rid of it soon. Saturn in virgo.

  13. P B

    I know Deepanshu Sir do not need any validation, but I would like to confirm few points.
    I have Saturn and Mars in libra 9th house and it has happened with me so many times, I was not given credit for my work. Now i am completely detached from my work(Thanks to 10th house Ketu)
    I also can’t let go the past hurts and can’t forgive people and I have developed arthritis in my fingers.
    I think now I need to learn to let go. Can we please have your student number and get the help?

  14. E S Jagadeeshwar

    Regarding past life karmas cleaning point of you, you enlightened us a lot. Meditators sometimes can go back to their past lives. The problem is if the love and affection on loved ones are awakened it will become difficult to control the pain within.

    Past life regression therapy is a technique to get back to the past life to know the reasons exactly what happened in our past lives and it’s impact on present life i.e. impact of sanchita on prarabda karma. This technique is an advanced one relating to hypnotism.

    In some cases even though soulmates are aware as they are soulmates from the past lives may not marry or may not continue marital life or may not reunite due to various reasons like unwanted teachings, misguidance or misinterpretations, wrong decision making etc. This may be known by studying Saturn and Mars position in their birth charts. By following suitable remedies they may unite. If a person was cursed by past life Guru the said impact will be on present life also. Their marital life may be disturbed.

    In some cases God may not allow to go back to his/her past lives during their deeper meditations due to unknown reasons. Again, confusion will arise within the mind. What I have to do? How I have to know? Again life will be disturbed. Restlessness will be increased. This will have an impact on present life day to day activities.

    In soulmates point of view, once you identified someone as your soulmate, then open your heart and discuss to know the root cause of separation and to take remedial measures to reunite. They should not rely on perverted interpretations as bachelors life is good, marital life is not necessary etc. Otherwise, the same unwanted karma will carry forwarded to next lives also. When the God allowed soulmates to rectify their defects, it is foolish to rely on unwanted teachings.

    Crux, don’t rely on foolish teachings and rely on your conscience. If the soulmates are separated means mainly relying on foolish advices or foolish teachings. To avoid such problems it is better to check the horoscope around 20 years of age and follow the remedial measures. Then the lives of soulmates will be good. Otherwise the pain of viyoga will be continued. You have to know how to heal these pains.

    Astrologically, the link is in between Atmakaraka, Dharakaraka, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Mars and their relationship with Rahu and Ketu and their placements, aspects on each other.

    The above article is suitable to the soulmates, specifically. To make your life joyful or spoil is in your hands only. Best thing is taking preventive measure and relying on conscience. You may pray to Brahman or Avyakta Brahman to guide you.

    Now a days, singles, divorces are rising. Bharatheeya family system has been destroyed a lot. There will be serious imbalances in future if bharatheeya grihasta life has not been strengthened. Youth have to awaken and take the right decision to settle early.

    A person has to accept Sannyasa if he/she received any divine instruction during your meditations only, otherwise don’t accept Sannyasa. How many Sannyasis accepted Sannyasa due divine instructions only we don’t know because they don’t tell. Only very few chosen ones will receive divine instructions to renunciate but not all. When you have to enter into grihasta life, if you take sannyas, it will become meaningless. This is nothing but ruining the life on your own. So take right decision at the right time to settle early to lead joyous life.

    Kudos to you, Deepanshu ji.

  15. Mini

    Sir??, I have learnt a lot from you and dealing with my pain by conserving my spiritual energy!
    I realised Saturn being my ascendant lord past life pains I have to resolve in this life n Rahu age is taking my energies to resolve past life !
    Keep me in your prayers?

  16. Vasu

    Yes. I tried. I tried very very hard for the last one and a half years to sort it out. Did everything a self-respecting person would never do. Let go of my self-respect so that someone else would understand that something needs to be sorted. It was pending. What helped was that my ketu dasha was running and unlike a lot of people who take a lifetime to understand their issues, I know who all I have karma attached with. I know this is my last life here. I get premonitions that this is it. I need to pay back and reach the final source. Since Ketu started in 2017, my life changed. My Sade Sati was ending and suddenly life was getting happier, more settled, moved into our own house. Then I got a job in 2019 Feb. I knew I had some past life karma with my boss, the CEO of the company I work for. After I started working with him, the company started doing very well. He has told me numerous times I am very lucky for him. Even if I want to leave, he doesn’t let me go. Gives me freedom to work on my own hours, because of which I get time to learn astrology, respects me a lot although we get into healthy arguments once in a while. In last 2 years his startup grew and is in fastest growing Companies in the country. I am here because of the respect even though I got job offers twice my current salary. I know its my karma to pay him back. Work hard for him(Saturn in Virgo). Even in his chart, I saw I am linked to him from past life. Once this is over, only then I can move ahead. All of my Ketu dasha will be like this. And I am okay with that. I love Ketu because it give me the option to fast forward a lot of payback of a few lifetimes. All the people who are coming in Ketu dasha are all linked from my past. We moved again in dec last year. My 2 immediate neighbours are 2 Christian ladies, 10-15 yrs elder to me, both were living in with their bfs. One of them just got married on 21st July with his live in boyfriend even though she is 58 years old..and she was an ex-senior police officer. I can see in my chart 9th house getting active(my neighbour’s 7th house). The other lady is a psychologist.
    But with a few people, I tried a lot of times relentlessly, only to be insulted multiple times. And it came to a point where I got exhausted and asked the Universe that I have done everything to sort it out. I can no more try harder. If its meant to be, the person will come back. If not its okay. Atleast I can go back to God and say I tried. They have my phone number. If they want they can get in touch. If not, I am fine. I now have another dasha which has started and has told me to go to other people who might be able to help me move ahead in life. I have no hard feelings for anyone who treated me badly, but for my own sake and self respect I have to go. I wish them well in life. Always have. Maybe it was not meant to be. And I have accepted that fact. It was tough but there was no other option. They are too big to give a damn to my emotions. And have me on the sideline just because I was lucky for them from a distance. They were too big to accept my presence so I need to go to people who will accept I exist and I can have healthy conversations with. They are not willing to talk because I am too small, a nobody in their opinion. The day they are ready they can call me or email me. My doors are always open…but I will never go to their house to be insulted as in the past. But I have to go to other houses just so I can move ahead in life and complete my karmas with others. Hope they understand. I wish them well. Just because I have no grudges, no guilts, I have no body pains, touchwood, no diseases even though I technically have a bad chart. Because the heart is very pure, the mind is occupied with good thoughts, the body is free. I am happy and anything doesn’t make me happy anymore, I just go away….since childhood that has been my mantra. I hope everyone can be that free and happy. One of my past relationships could also not culminate in marriage due to inter-religion issues. But at age of 26, My father asked for that sacrifice and in an instant I gave up my love. No questions asked. I could not give up on parents of 26 years for someone who was only there for 3 years. I guess that is the age that 7th from wherever Sun is, you are asked for a sacrifice(logically right but morally wrong). That past love is still a great friend. Is happily married and am always ready to help him when he needs some guidance. Good Relationships help you both grow.

  17. Capricorn

    I have Rahu in Scorpio in 11th house.. aspected by Saturn in 2nd house.
    I have recurring pain in my lower calves and frequent trouble with income.
    I can’t make it in my head what might have happened in past.

  18. Rashmi

    Very good article.after reading this I would appreciate if you could give the contact ( email or phone) of your student who does Past life regression if so he approves.
    I have Been dealing with my pain through your videos, chanting and prayers for past couple of years.
    I was betrayed after being married for 25 years I was handed the divorce papers where he told my kids that mom and I did not get along. Only for me to find out later that he was having an affair with a woman from his office.
    I had been a house wife and now I am trying to heal myself. The manipulation was very well planned by that guy. I think I truly might benifit if I go past life regression and also try to heal the current situation. I got into Jyotish only cos I needed an answer as to what did I do wrong to get this treatment I spite of being loyal, committed and dedicated.
    He was always flirting with women and I would confront him only to be told it is all in my mind. Later I found that he has Venus Rahu combination in 6 th house of his navamsha and I had been correct about his flirtings.
    I am learning a lot from your videos and would like to heal and focus my mind so that I can take care of my two kids emotionally and financially in future and be ther for them as a healed stronger mom. Therefore I think it might help to have your student’s number as I would like to have someone I could trust and know that they are genuine.
    My email rkodibag@ hotmail.com

  19. J Shah

    Deepanshuji I have been trying to contact you since few months. But I can’t put it to you directly. I am facing similar what you wrote. I am facing negative results of my sacrifices and issues I never opened up for 8 years consistently and those became a regular habit. I am being used and torchered and I was not fully aware. Now from 2019 in Sade sati and Sankata Mahadasha I saw a hell kind of suffering and misery and 2021 came up with Miserable deadly mental physical financial phase while Sankata Ulka dasha. When my husband filed a case on me which I was completely unaware about his planning from 2 years. I try randomly do remedies as I can’t have focus to understand astro what I had before. I will be every thankful if I can directly have words with you. I can’t put it on social platform more. But believe me I am seeking to talk to you from long and it will make you cry when you will listen to me.

    I have 5years old son and he is also suffering badly due to my sacrifices.

  20. Nouree

    I have Saturn in Scorpio 10th house opposition to Mars in Aries. I find it hard to forgive and have realised that Saturn scorpio( Old widow women) have been jeolous of me in comparison to their children because they sense I am lucky and sober. I have forgiven them but sometimes remember them for their negativity even though they had a kind aspect to them. I want to end this and I am working on it by being aware of my thought processes.

  21. swatijeet333@yahoo.co.in

    If only we would know our pain how will you define it some anxieties pain and thirst seems to manifest from another dimension and sometimes you feel that what I am complaining about is just joke in front of others suffering ….you grow through what you go through……

  22. Akshatha R

    Also I am suffering from upper back pain since a year now…in fact it’s second time that I m in pain… It’s very bad… I too have lot unspoken punt up issues with many people… Friends, family…bit i try n forget n move on .. but this time the guy I was engaged to broke up with me on money matters(dowry).. his nasty words keep coming back to me….this has been very challenging to me to forgive him… The worst kind…

  23. Neha

    Thank u for sharing your knowledge. Very beautifully you have written the article sir.i felt each and every aspect is matching in my life.air, water, earth.I am aries ascendant with saturn and Mars in 6 house.i am not able to take credit for my work and I am unpaid and underpaid for my hardwork.
    Thank u for sharing this insight.

  24. Vishal

    Sir now I actually fearing for my son.
    If snatching of toy can impact so much on human.
    Circumstances made me to ask my wife to leave my just 9months old son in her in-laws house to do a job coz I left the job & was sick.
    He often complains of stomach pain which comes undetected & normal in diagnose..?
    god pls forgive me ?

    1. Vishal

      My son has moon ketu in 4H taurus natal ( mother had to leave him for job)
      & Saturn/rahu- 9H/10H( health job problem for me) in natal
      Mars in 9H navamsa ( making me anger on him )

  25. Tanvi Sohal

    Hii sir, I have Mars in saturn naksharta , in 10th house and saturn in Mars nakshatra in 5th house. I have started to experience shoulder pain since past 2&3 yrs after I left my previous job, I think I have suffered a lot mentally as it was my dream job. May be healing that will help with the pain.

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