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Predictive Astrology Course Part-2

In the previous course which is Predictive Astrology Part – 1, I had explained the techniques used to make predictions simply using the rasis and explained their basic nature and qualities. But, as usual, I won’t repeat the same content once I have given it out so this course is going to be completely unique as there will be NEW STORIES – NEW TECHNIQUES as I will show you how to make predictions from Planets in Houses and things which are more enhanced in terms of predictive capabilities as last time I felt that the course I am going to launch will be more practical, easy to grasp and implement and help you in further learning astrology in a more simplified manner for beginners are well as practicing astrologers.
This course will cover a. Planets in houses and their predictions along with special positions when they occupy and how special events get manifested in life. b. How to remain happy and sort out all your problems using qualities of rasis so that you can motivate yourself and others and learn astrology peacefully. c. Nature-based remedies and planetary-based remedies. ’d. Blank Chart Predictions e. Dasa Systems which was never revealed before anywhere includes House Code, Zodiac Code, and Planetary Code. And many more……
Additionally, I have also given out bonus techniques and transit-related predictive methods. Also, PPTs & Compilations from students who shared assignments have been added as well for your reference in learning Predictive Astrology Part – 2
[Happiness Series] online astrology course