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Karmic Dasas of Life

Planet in Nakshatra of Ketu -cuts bondage and makes native free and careless- These are the planets which gives the real meaning of life but sometimes native is so much involved in his world that a shock has to be given to give him a glimpse of how big and beautiful this world is and you cannot waste time in small matters. These are the people who have a bird\’s eye view of the situation as they can assess everything but Ketu Dasa comes after Mercury or say any planet which Dasa follows after Mercury to Ketu- It brings a drastic change in native and the world goes upside down as Mercury Dasa creates Bandhan and this is the dasa to pay attention to details on a microscopic level as Mercury Dasa is a micro view and to switch from Micro to Macro – It changes the prospective – A lot of belief system barriers has to be broken down and this is what troubles native.

Ketu Dasa liberates you and Mercury Dasa creates a lot of responsibility and making sure you are useful to everyone you know – While Ketu is smiling among the kiosk and Mercury is trying to do damage control as Ketu knows nothing is permanent – everything has to happen this way so don\’t panic there is a bigger plan and Mercury trying to save the day and making sure every single detail in the plan works out.


When these two sit together in the chart they create an inner conflict or Mercury in Scorpio or Ketu in Gemini- The conflict is clearly visible in speech as the brain tries to switch between the words that\’s why stammering or opposite thoughts keep on coming.
Mercury creates bondage by making relations -helping everyone, listening and responding to everyone and Ketu as a Karka of the soul just watches everyone and remains silent.

Look at Nakshatras of Ketu- All 3 of them represents independence and works for higher goals and that is why the result of all three of them sometimes astonishes us – Such as partner allowing extramarital for the health sake and even in Magha and Mool there are stories related to behavior patterns which are hard to believe but true even the yogtara of all the Ketu ruled nakshatras and you will realize that each Yogtara has a story which is well defined in itself.

Mercurian nakshatras – Just tie up the all above 8 nakshatras and keep them all together- Look at the Ashlesha Nakshatra- It has kept all the energy of Kundalini stored in Ashlesha and when this power will rise sometimes it will result in the bad or good event as we don\’t know what kind of energy the nakshatra of Mercury has stored into the deep as all the energies when released from Mercury Nakshatra it creates an end of one lifecycle that is why any planet in the nakshatra of Mercury during its Dasa creates an end to one part of life.

Gautam Budh leaving the house.

The most Karmic dasa belongs to Mercury not ever to Ketu as Mercury Dasa or planet sitting in Mercurian dasa is going to create turmoil to end one pattern of life and that is why in Lal-Kitab the Mercury is given so much importance – Even in Bhrighu Samhita- Mercury dasas are considered very important as during the death ritual as well- what changes are your name(Mercury) and only name of Ram stays -That is why people who have their 3rd lord in the nakshatra of Mercury – either their name is easily forgotten or changed frequently by everyone as this is the pattern of cycle they are carrying.

In the Dasa of Ketu – you also don\’t have a name as you are in the form of the soul but rather many names are given to you when you are in the womb of the mother and most of the times people don\’t even know the gender that is why 3rd lord in the nakshatra of Ketu gives multiple names and name which is not specific to the gender of the native as it works on soul level and this name has half letter in it.


    1. Learning buddy

      Namaste sir. Amazing. I am trying to connect the last point to the gender identity of a child born with two genitals, genetically female, intersex cah child. Cant get why so.
      Extreme femenine nature, though biologially male harmones are high. Spiritual. Tantra, suegry still…joyful.

      I failed to use ur article to find gender n mestruation date as the place is blocked. Hope to crack it soon.
      28.2.2008 3.45 pm punr


    Wonderful blog, works perfectly in my natal chart. I have ascendant lord Jupiter in jyesta nakshtra pada 1 in 12th house and lord ketu in ashwini pada 1 with lord moon in ashwini pada 4. Since 8th lord is in fifth house, a girl from past life came in my life in anatardasha of mars in sun mahadasha, had a relationship for emotional support only. She broke up with me during Jupiter antardasha in sun mahadasha on 31st July 2018, two days later of largest total lunar eclipse of 21st century when mars and ketu were together in capricon. Now I understand its mercurian nakshatra who stimulated my great lord Jupiter to liberate me from that karmic cycle and turned my life upside down. That’s the beauty of 12th house ascendant lord Jupiter, it liberates u ?.

  2. Sankaran

    Thank u sir and Ur prediction will always make us to say amazing , it’s real , mercury dhasa is going to end and ketu dhasa is going to start for me . Whatever Ur saying is correct to me sir

    1. Sagar

      Seriously ????
      Outstanding research
      I have face worst years of my life in Mercury dasha which involves fights, isolation, diseases, anxietyetc and change me 360 ,even my Mercury is 9th Lord in lagna.
      But now it’s about to end, let’s see what ketu brings

    1. Swati shukla

      Pisces lagna…my mercury in scorpio in jyeshta…I always think it wants to tell me something…placed with saturn and ketu which go to 8th house chalit….what can b the pending karma..wanna clear it off!!! I wish there was a course on pending karma.

  3. E S Jagadeeshwar

    Nice, Deepanshu ji, since 2011 I lost 7 of my family members. My last sister (unmarried) died on 22-3-2011 by saying 3 times Sai I am coming to you ( Shirdi Sai), my 1st sister died on 17-10-2011, had taken her last breath and died peacefully, these were died during my Mercury-Saturn period. From 28-9-2013 Ketu Mahadasa commenced.

    During Ketu-Sun my 1st brother in law died on 6-7-2015 in sleep. On 13-10-2016 during my Ketu-Rahu my eldest brother (1st) died due to heart attack in the local hospital.

    On 9-3-2021 and on 5-5-2021 I lost two of my nephews ( both bachelors, children of my 1st sister), both were died in sleep, during my Venus – Venus. These two are feeding to stray dogs and kitten at our home daily. I am also feeding them daily. My Venus maha dasa commenced on 26-09-2020. For all the above I performed final rites.

    During my Ketu-Mercury my 3rd Brother in law, left this earth by doing Om Namah Sivaaya Japa during meditation on Koti Somavara, during Kartheeka month on 4-11-2019 around 7.30 or 8 pm. My nephew performed his final rites, I accompanied him.

    Incidentally, I had physical darshan of Lord Siva on 18-11-2019 around 8-30 am at Kapila teerdham, Tirupati, AP. I bowed to him, not asked anything, because my mind was blank. I don’t what I have to ask. I had physical darshan of Divine Mother on 6-1-2009. at Koba village, Ahmedabad around 5.30 pm. I had many, many similar experiences

    I was born on 17-10-1965, 9-20am IST, Nellore, AP. Those who are attached, lived with me were left this earth. I am also a bachelor.

    The above deaths happened during my Mercury, Ketu, Venus Mahadasas. Within 11 years I performed 6 funeral rites. You may enlighten the reasons for the above in my life. All these are quite unexpected events in my life.

    Ketu, Venus in Anuradha 4, Mercury in Swathy 3 Atmakataka Moon, Dharakaraka Sun both are weak.

    I have not received any divine instruction to renunciate. I received some marriage proposals previously but were missed due to some reasons. Is this my last birth on this earth? I am doing remedies from time to time to clean my accumulated bad karmas.I am a meditator since 1982.

    For your research purposes I am furnishing the above data.

    Once again, thank you for such an enlightening analysis.

  4. Abha

    this is tru there is in my family mithun lagna ,vevus / mercury dasa runnig .he became sufring from cancer and die.Second experience is in female chart kumbh lagna ju/me dasa running husbend became die due to corona.I also see in more chart mercury affect badly .

  5. Sonia

    I have a chart in which native is going through mercury Dasha in Scorpio in 5H. This person is Cancer ascendant. She is going through inner conflict as she is getting separated from her husband . The trigger was kids being beaten. She was being abused since many years by husband but as soon as mercury Dasha started she started analysing and retrospecting and now finally wants to break free and earn her own stripes . Still going through first six years … !! Thank you for such beautiful theories????

  6. K. Ramesh. V

    Respected Sir,
    I have been following your videos with great
    Interest. Dipanshu Giri Ji – your are such a humble,down to earth person. The great amount of insight of jyothish and the way you decode the pending karma from last birth is simply amazing. Can I please show my chart. THANK YOU. HAREKRISHNA.

  7. Shweta

    Wonderful blog sir?….was thinking ab mercury & ketu from last 4 to 5 days as my mercury dasa is going on both r placed in 6th house cancer ascendant rising and ur blog told so many things.???

  8. Aarya

    This is unbelievable! I’ve never read anything with regards to Mercury being the more karmic one. And very very true. I don’t know if it can be applied to antardasa as well.. but for me my experience during mercury antradasha was hell. I went through so much and also a long cycle of my being which I was struggling with for 10 yrs got over!!! And I till date could not link it. Why it happened during that time. Now I know. Kudos sir. Loved it

  9. Sagar

    Sir ????
    Outstanding research
    I have faced worst year of my life in Mercury dasha like anxiety, loneliness, fights, diseases even Mercury is my 9th Lord sit in lagna . It change me completely now. Mercury give me bandhan towards conflicts.
    Let see may ketu will bring peace

  10. Mohit Sharma

    In my son’s horoscope, third lord Saturn is in ketu n i use to call my 3 year old son with many multiple names due to love. Also my son’s moon n ascendant Jupiter looking each other in 5th n 11th houses.

  11. Vishwanatha P C

    Namaste Sir!

    I always wondered why people address me with so many names, this technique cleared my doubt – My Ketu is with 3rd Lord Jupiter in 2nd house (I’m Capricorn ascendant).

    Thank You, Sir!!

  12. Jack

    What a coincidence that I will end my saturn antardasha (jupiter MD) and start mercury AD from today itself and you posted this!

    Can confirm- I have 3rd lord in nakshatra of mercury (capricorn lord Saturn in revati) and I have been given many nicknames and have a major name in each part of life so far (im 24).

    Im scorpio lagna- my Saturn in Revati (5th house) conjunct ketu ended yesterday and in the last few days I graduated and had convocation and completely exited university life, decided to end my several months vacation (involved a lot of weed, alcohol random research on several topics especially astrology and living mostly reclusively) and start finding a job and gf earnestly lol.

    This post is almost like it was written just for me haha. Thanks a lot!

  13. Tathagat Behera

    Thank you Deepanshu sir for your guidance and writing about this topic.I have Mercury in anuradha 1 of Scorpio lagna and ketu slightly near to Gemini in mrigshira 2 nakshatra of Taurus.Always have communication problem while address a large section of people.That time i almost shivering.It is a good lesson today for me .may Mahakal bless you.Thank you again God for showing me this type of article.??

  14. Sivamsundaram

    I have 3rd Lord moon in jyeshtha in scorpio…have 3 different names in different id cards because of format problems…have changed pseudonyms for writing and artwork, all gender-neutral, and always have a problem deciding which pseudonym to use for which occasion.

    1. Sivamsundaram

      Also bank signature has always been a problem…twice cheque bounced because signatures won’t match! Never understood why my name never sticks to me till now 🙂

  15. Smita

    Sir, In my humble opinion, your tagline should be “Pinnacle of Perfection in Prediction”!! Also the recent Nakshatra video was a good follow up to this and makes total sense.
    Sir please one humble request – please make a post/video on Fevers. People are suffering either due to the virus fevers or due to the vaccine reactions. I am myself suffering from vaccine reaction fevers going up to102 and Paracetamol hardly brings it down for 1 hour then it climbs up again. I was chanting Surya mantra, but then was not sure if that is increasing my fever in body because Sun is heat? Which chants or mantras are most suitable in fever conditions Sir. What does Vedic Astrology say about Fevers? — Thank you.

  16. Neha Anand

    Mercury Dasha sometime is so karmic that soul is totally purified and you are at another level. but it depend whether you are utilizing the bad events happening in your life as an inspiration for changing your self or your not ready to accept your own mistakes and learn from them. As I found Deepanshu Sir in this Dasha only. ?

  17. Anindya Saha

    Sir I am seeing someone who is passing Mercury Mohadasha ( Mercury in Virgo in 11th house)with hell lot of problems that no one can even see & depict…..After seeing your article I come to know why she is passing through such a hard time……..

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  19. Amit Mishra

    Thanks Sir…can connect very closely with all your recent articles and videos after turning 33 years (Venus activation article)…two articles on Planets in mercury nakshatras… My grandfather (who died in 2019) used to say that my Moon dasha will be good (considering that Sun has its own hard way to teach us), but now i am getting the feeling that the dasha (starting next year) will not be the easiest of the ride (moon being third lord and Mercury sitting in scorpio). Thanks for being our light house in this Journey called life.

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