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KaalSarp yog

One of the yogas where very little information is available and whatever available mostly concentrates on remedial part rather than predictive as until and unless we know the positive and negative effects of any combination- We can\’t really know whether it is harming us or giving us any positive results as well.

As Kaalsarp is a yog which will give you both effects positive and negative during each Dasha and you will realize the importance of this yog as working on this yog from last several months -I see all other yog give results good or bad according to the time planned but this Yog is dreadful -It even affects the House next to it.

Such as If Someone has Rahu in Ascendant then time after time his finance/family he is born in life will keep getting affected due to his harsh speech and in case if any planet sitting next to Lord Rahu significance of that particular planet will keep fluctuating badly on a particular time cycle.

As a lord, Rahu is the king of the chart -without his desire you are not going to get anything in life and as royal he is -He will decide which planet will get how much importance and there are few snapshots you can easily make whenever you see this combo- Similarly when Ketu is in Lagna the story is entirely different and so are the Predictions and remedies.

There are several reasons why someone gets a kaal sarp yog depending on the Sign and disposition of Rahu story will change every time- In case you have Anant Kaal sarp yog where Rahu is in Lagna in the sign of Aries -you have a sin related to brothers/land/helping others as in past life you have not helped brothers properly and depending on your combinations you can see in which area- Similarly you will see this person family will have a combination of unusual early age death either sibling or father or grandfather and now native has returned and in this life, he will be Obsessed to help everyone and still not respected by anyone even after helping as he is paying back dues of past life.

Similarly opposite to this house is Ketu in 7th which shows a detachment from the world but people will drag you down in every matter when you don\’t even want to interact with anyone, You are not interested there when people want you to interact with you or meet you as you are searching for peace inside you.

The house 12th to Ketu is where you will be most accused of things such as 6th house is duties- You will be accused several times of not fulfilling your duties properly, Let us Say Venus placed there so Wife will always say \”You are not worth a husband or wife will accuse or insult native for money\”

When I did the video I received like a flood of emails with confirmations and several stories and I can understand the pain anyone has gone through as sometimes it\’s not in our hands especially with Kaal Sarp Yog -Some combinations are so unavoidable such as Saturn/Mars or Moon in 3rd to Ketu the complete charts just nulls down.

As there are no general remedies for this -Only karmic corrections after understanding and if we understand the remedies -we will understand how deep the connections are for this combination, but there are some remedies that will break this chain completely and make debts over.

I wanted to complete this project but this is so huge that is beyond my capacity at present as even after working almost 12-13 hrs. every day- still it exceeds the time allotted -As I thought in between 2 nakshatra courses – I have over 4-5 months and with strict schedule and discipline -I can get this done but even after working on this for 3 months day and night-still only 10% of the work and I have to go back to nakshatras now as starting level-2 but I think in coming years we will have a fairly good understanding of not only Kaalsarp yog but also of several other yogas.

Here is the Video on Kaalsarp yog.

Kaalsarp Yog

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  1. Khan

    Rahu in 8th house, ketu and shukr in 2 nd house, Sagittarius, all planets between 8th to 3rd. Mars and Saturn in 10 house. Sun in first house. I really need Ur help for kalpsarp, pls suggest me

  2. T K

    Thank you for sharing .This is super sir and really helpful .However , I am scorpion ASC. with Ketu and Jupiter in 1st house and Rahu in 7th house. With kaal sarp dosha . with Saturn + moon combination in 12th house . I often wonder what karma I did in PAST to get this and how to I RECTIFY it in this life.
    I bet something seriously wrong I did.

  3. E S Jagadeeshwar

    You are doing wonderful work to keep alive the glory of Jyotish, Deepanshu ji.

    Those who are suffering are suggested to visit


    Basing on your difficulties you may choose stotra or Sukta and begin to recite them daily. You will get benefic results.

    To ward off past life bad karmas Sri Dakshinamurthy Stotra, Kanakadhara Stava of Sri Adi Sankara, to clean the body, mind Aghamarshana Stotra, to get relief from diseases Dhanvantari Stotra and Kalyana Vristi Stava etc are very useful.

    So sadhaks to overcome difficulties can use the above mentioned site and begin to recite. Have faith on God, He will show you the way.

    To ward off negative effects of Kala sarpa doshas what benefits one will get if he/she worship Manasa Devi, Sarpa Sukta, Sri Subrahmanya etc. have to be known.

    The main problem today is we are unable to know or decode the heart of our ancient Rishis and unable to follow their stotras, Suktas etc.

    We are aware that we cannot alter the planetary position at the time of our birth but by the genuine analysis of horoscope experts can guide us to do remedial measures. Cleaning of bad karmas should be a continuous process.

    In everyone’s life main hurdles are relating to education, marriage, health, earnings, job or business or profession settlement in life early. Initially we have to know the remedies to overcome these. Once the time passed we cannot get it back. We have to take steps at early stage.

    Instead of suffering we have to take steps to overcome these. Our sufferings are limited to this physical world and during jagrat avasta only.

    Wish all of us will have the best future and will get timely guidance from God.

  4. Anonymous

    My both kids and my husband has rahu in lagna but not in aries.. I am the one who is having kaalsarpa yoga… all the planets between ketu ( meen) to rahu ( virgo). Thanks for this research ??

  5. Marina Pires

    Thank you for The explanations. You are so right. O have this yoga Rahu in Lagna in Rohini. My grandfather died When my father was 9 years old. My birthday is 31/10/1983 19:15h at Conselheiro Pena-MG Brazil. I’m running Rahu Mahadasha. Love your vídeos!

  6. Makarand

    Sir, Thank you! Just read the post on KS yoga. Touched by your dedication to get remedies. Understand you have lot of time pressures. If I can assist in anyway please let me know. Thank you again!

  7. Anonymous

    The house 12th to Ketu is where you will be most accused of things such as 6th house is duties. Let us Say Venus placed there so Wife will always say “You are not worth a husband or wife will accuse or insult native for money”…..Sometimes people really need a good Mercury I guess, to know when not to say some things…..as statements like these can hurt the other person deeply!!

  8. Anonymous

    “As there are no general remedies for this – Only karmic corrections after understanding and if we understand the remedies -we will understand how deep the connections are for this combination, but there are some remedies which will break this chain completely and make debts over.” Hoping to get an answer to these life mysteries…..if someone is an old soul(taken birth may times)…all they want is to do everything to repay the people somehow in this birth….and they are extremely lucky to have been given a chance to repay. I always hope I have only good to pay back….and that I did nothing wrong to anybody in any of my past lives. If I did, I am sorry!!

  9. Ganesh

    I have rahu ( true node) in navansh lagna in Gemini and Saturn and mars in 4th house

    Hurrah all malefics in kendra + mandi is something deadly

    Luckily for me MD gk not in kendra ..
    All malefic + md in any kendra like panaphar
    Also bad …

    When lagna lord and sun get connected to kal sarpa I know it’s bad beyond which I don’t know

    K n Rao sir have some funny interpretation of this yog

  10. HEMA

    Hello! Sir..
    Your Analysis is excellent and the approach of studying the cause and effects very nicely explained in all your videos in youtube channel.
    My Date of birth is 14 Dec 1987
    Time 12.55pm afternoon.
    Hyderabad is place of birth I have Rahu in Lagna.Im Meena Lagna Ascendant with Guru in Lagna itself alongwith Rahu. .All other planets are between 6th house to 12house.Do I have kal sarp yog?
    When il get married, im not getting suitable matches from my caste. But getting from other castes.
    Please help me sir.


  11. Harshita Dhawan

    I have rahu and venue in lagna and moon and ketu in 7th house. Life has become full of misery. From 12th to ketu i have jupiter that means guru will accused me. ??

  12. Kanika Rastogi

    My husband also has kaal sarpa dosha. All astrologers we consult says there is nothing in this chart. He also has exalted saturn with moon in third house. Ketu in 4th and rahu is in 10th house.
    I am writing his DOB for your research purpose 12/09/1983 at 4:30am, Modinagar, Ghaziabad

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