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Johnny Depp and Trial

I thought of writing an article on Johnny Depp regarding the case he is fighting for abuse at present, I will present my analysis by using various methods and things, I have explained in my lectures and courses so this will be a bit long post as I want to show you the process of analyzing the chart.

Below is Rasi the Chart of Johnny Depp Let us analyze this chart completely before moving to D-9.
johnny depp chart study
This is a technique which I called Standing a ground- As the chart has infinite combinations and predictions but it is not possible for an astrologer to cover all of them so it is better to focus on rasi chart in starting and follow one combination and see what you can interpret.

I remember meeting an astrologer and for the first 25 mins, he kept on mumbling like you have Saturn in such and such position, Mars here, and so on and then repeated the same kind of information such as nakshatra, navansh and char karaka without uttering a single prediction and then coming to remedies,  It is like when you teach a kid Moon in 6th house but you don’t know what to make of that information.

So start with Rasi chart – pick one combination and start predicting from there and do your first reading from this house only, Most likely what i always do in first reading is pick up the worst possible combination of chart and complete my reading from there only and will provide a remedy for that particular house only, This type of habit ensures few things.

First of all – I know which house I have covered and even when you meet me after 4 years, I will be able to tell you the exact remedy and combination of your chart like other day in live class of Karma and Relationships QA session, I was doing live predictions for all students to make sure everyone experience the magic of Jyotish Live. In my every course this is a pattern I have made to ask for combinations and then predict in live class, This ensures two things first of all student knows how predictions are done and secondly it keeps the energy live in class.

So a student with whom I gave a consultation around a year back, I told her exact remedy which was said during consultation as I focused on one house in that chart and even told that Vastu issue in her house is at Bramh Sthan. All these things are possible only when we focus on most problematic areas of chart.

Let me give you an example- A student asked a question

” Sir my husband is not able to save money even if he does a project worth 2 CR ”

I answered her via Prashna by asking her one question- ” Which stone is he wearing ?”  –  She replied Ruby and Green Emerald.”

Look at Prashna now

What made me ask her a question of stone only and nothing else, In Prashna Saturn is aspecting lagna while ascendant lord is in 6th house of debts and this is a house belongs to Mercury.

Karka of Stone is Saturn which is aspecting lagna and in 10th house there are 3 planets- Sun- Rahu- Mercury- He is wearing stone of 2 of them but one of the stone is increasing expenses as Mercury is a lord of expense-12th house in chart now -made me ask her about stone and let her husband remove this Green Emerald.

You can watch some portion of this QA session on Youtube as well- The Remedy for Solar Eclipse -2022- QA Session Relationship Course – YouTube

This session was not planned but done for Live students of Karma and Relationships.

Let us now come to Jhonny Depp’s chart to see what happened– I will start and stick with Venus and Venus only in this case and will no go sideways but let me read out few principles to you which you might have heard earlier as well in lectures of Happiness series.- Predictive Astrology Part-2

Any planet which comes between arc of Mars and Saturn gets physical injury and gets beaten, In the case of Jhonny Depp- Mars is in 2nd house and Saturn in 7th house and in between comes his ascendant lord and Moon which shows he will suffer physical abuse as well as mental trauma as well, His ascendant is also hemmed between Mars and Rahu.

Rahu in 12th house in Gemini shows past life event of where someone might have taken his wealth by forging and false aquistion- Rahu is cheating being the 8th lord of inheritance in 12th house of giving out but it gets more interesting that now the Rahu pr Ketu will become a Darakarak- (Significator of Wife in the chart).

As in case of Jhonny Depp -Ketu being cojucted to the ascendant lord and being more powerful – Ketu will become a Darakarak, when Ketu becomes darakarka the work of darakarka is to complete you, To become a missing half of you who is going to come in your life but all people are not blessed as if you see in case of Jhonny Depp, His darakaraka role is to be performed by Ketu which is a karaka for liberation sitting in 6th house of debt, diseases and enemies with Matrakarak Moon.

This is past life debt which he payed back for cheating siblings, for not taking care of home and doing forgery in paperwork -His finger got chopped off, false accusation, text leaked out and he was not even able to express that he is a victim of Domestic abuse.

This shows the most comfortable place a human wants to be in his home will be the most troubled one due to combination of Moon -Ketu in 6th house but in which Dasa?

All of this that Jhonny Deep got married, divorced, payed huge alumni to Amber in dasa of Jupiter where these two most karmic planets are sitting in the chart.

At present when this case is going on – He is running the dasa of Jupiter- Venus- Moon- Ketu
I hope you remember the dictum that when a planet is sitting in 6th house weather it is related to Venus or not gives trouble to relationships- Jupiter is 6th lord- Venus is 11th lord but when dasa of Moon kicked in which is sitting in 6th house this case erupts and finally the fourth level of dasa Ketu comes in the trial started.

Can dasa get more specific than this?
The Result will come when he will be running Jupiter – Venus- Moon- Sun.
Sun is in 11th house and sitting in 2nd navansh – Can anyone from Navansh course tell me, If he can expect money in this dasa from dispute or not ?

As Jupiter – Venus is in 2nd house of navansh in 7th navansh of Capricorn showing money from partner then Moon is 11th house in navansh of Libra- showing property gain due to partner.

Can we conclude the result of Jury only by looking at this or not ?

Can you also make a quick Glance of Venus in her chart and use some of the Nakshatra techniques such as – Venus in Kritika gives you wife who will make way for you and lead in relationship but in his case Shukra has a Latta- A kick of Saturn on Venus, Which shows that wife will be aggressive and will be cause of pain in her life. you can read the story of past life in nakshatra padas book and see the curse he was carrying as well.

His D-9 and D-60 has Mars Rahu in 7th house showing the aggressive nature of partner but more intrestingly Ketu being a Dara-karaka is in shasytamsha diety of Payodi- Which means someone who is expert in making poison so in case of Jhonny deep the poison was coming through wife which killed him.

See the statement he made in court – I was killed numbed no feelings as significator of marriage in his chart completely changed him as a person.

Not to forget that he is running dasa of Libra/Libra/Libra in all these levels of KCD which is clearly showing combination of 2nd and 4th lord in 11th house.


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  1. Aditya

    Amazing analysis ??

    I was also reading in this way :
    From the birth tithi (ruled by mars), then its placement in a fiery sign and then placed 8th from 7th house we can say that his overall happiness from relationships will not be good.

    But you pin pointed the exact cause.
    Learnt a lot from you.

  2. Smita

    Deft unravelling of this mystery – have been following the case but had no clue where to begin looking. Your two techniques – standing ground and chart ghoorna are golden techniques. Else one keeps looking all over and the main culprit in chart slips out the back door, never to be found again.
    Reg question:
    Sun from Taurus 11th to D9 9th house Leo 2nd navansh, I believe truth will come out in his favour, though it’s going to be hard work legally/verbally (Mercury from taurus to capricorn 7th navansh, and saturn goes from capricorn to virgo, 3rd navansh). He may also loose out on physical health. But Sun is doing all this to purify him for long term.
    Thank you for spelling out your analysis process.

    1. Nisha kumari

      Sir ne ek chaupai diya tha sunderkand se for rahu and mars combination jinko diya tha unka v 7th house m tha bola tha sunderkand ka paath krne ko aur wo chaupai jitna ho sake padhne ko
      “Uma an kachu kapi ke adhikari.
      ” Prabhu pratap jo kaal hi khai.

  3. Mehak Beri

    Amazing Sir, as always!! Thank you for explain the thought process in detail it truly helps.

    He will get money (Sun in D1 & D9) but what is the use of that money after losing all that he lost and he is going to loss!

    1. Inderpreet Kaur

      My name is Inderpreet Kaur DOB 20/10/1983, time 5:10 pm, place: Chandigarh…
      Husband name Kanwaljit Singh
      DOB 19/05/1981, time 10:50 am, place: Haridwar
      Problem: Childless…can anyone guide please

  4. Harisankar

    Amber heard has sun rahu close conjunction in aries in her birthchart. This conjunction is Currently happening in transit. Does this have any relation with what’s happening?

  5. Annu

    I have a very elementary knowledge of astrology so I can’t offer any analysis however I’m curious to know how the chart combination didn’t affect his first marriage. He was with his first wife for 14 years and as per public accounts, he had a happy marriage. And he has 2 children with his first wife. So is this current situation happening due to the dasa he’s running? Any insight will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  6. Nitesh

    Ek small update haiga ji. As you had asked I made the Surya Yantra 108 times on a total of 6 pages yesterday…hope that is how it was to be done. Can I stick 3 pages in my wife’s office and 3 in mine:) Or what to do?

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