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Hormonal Imbalance & Jyotish-Autism, Diabetes, Thyroid

This is Part-1 of the article as there is a lot of information to be given out in respect to each hormone and remedies related to it- In Part-1 we will look into common factors causing this imbalance – how different planets and hormones are interlinked and what are some remedies we can use for Thyroid in a both underactive and overactive thyroid.

As there is a Surge in hormonal imbalance disease whether it\’s a PCOD issue, Thyroid imbalance, Autism issues in newborns, or slow killer diabetes all of them have one thing in common that something in our body became imbalanced resulting in disease.

All these diseases are the side effects of changing lifestyle because we have created an imbalance in our lifestyle and are not given enough time and respect to our body, brain, and food. The first 2 are internal and the third is external but remember the first two- Body and Brain will get affected by the food only.

Now what we are looking at today is the Thyroid gland- In one of my live classes – While a student was asking a question – By observing her name and voice I told her that her Mars is connected to 3rd house and she should get herself checked for thyroid issues and problems in relationships, during the class she didn\’t respond but later on sent an email regarding the same.


Dear Sir, 
 I have attended your first QA session yesterday, it was very informative and helpful. During the session, you advised me to remove the letter \’ T\’ from my name. I want to  Thankyou for the guidance and I will follow your advice as soon as possible. You said I have problems in my relationships. It is true that I lost my mother in my childhood and my father during post graduation. Problems in sibling\’s life and in my daughter. I went to many astrologers but never be satisfied. I always feel the need for a guru/ mentor in my life and as my Pisces (9 th house) activated I started learning from you. I am feeling so blessed to learn from you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart \"?\"\”

The reason for this prediction was her voice had a bit of roughness like something is creating obstacles while speaking.

The thyroid is of 2 types -one is Over and another is under and this hormone is directly connected to Metabolism and very clearly you can predict this by using the position of Mercury- Mercury with Rahu/Mars or in houses of Rahu(8th-11) or Mars (1st and 8th) afflicted will give hyperactivity and along with Saturn and Ketu and in houses of Ketu (12th and 2nd) and Saturn (10th and 11th) and afflicted will give under development.

Now when it\’s a case of hyperthyroid -the metabolism of a person is very high and will be extremely skinny in appearance -while in other cases native will tend to go fat in excess.

One of the main predictions you can do for these natives is that while growing up as a kid they never had a smooth family atmosphere and that tends to take away all the innocence of Mercury from it – One of the best remedies to balance this hormone is the art of doing nothing – As these natives pick up habits of engaging themselves in work which is not mandatory or necessary.

The Art of Relaxation- The reason hormone is unbalanced is because native has forgotten to enjoy life laugh like a child- He is keeping himself busy in either of the work and in both and under and over thyroid there are several predictions you can make like for under thyroid native will have a habit to fault find and knit-picking and over thyroid doing 10 things at a time. They are masters of all traits as it\’s difficult and irritating to talk to people with these combinations as you know that their talk will not have any outcome like a child speaks gibberish -same is the case with these natives and voice tone can make your ears bleed. exactly like Janice.


While the Fun fact is – In the chart of Janice AKA- Margaret Emily Wheeler- There is a connection of Mars and Mercury and she did start her career by providing a voice to animated characters as her Mercury is in 10th house and Mars is sitting in Mool trikon of Mercury, Connection of Mars and Mercury keeps person looking young and metabolism very active and you can imagine what Mercury Saturn connection would do.

Now let us come to the serious part of what these natives should do to calm down the thyroid issues-

Take meaningless walks like a child -Nature walks/Jungle walk/ Evening walk- The walk on a treadmill, while loud music is played in the background, cannot be compared to a Jungle walk while watching a scenery or walk in a park as what you are doing while a nice brisk walk in a park without staring at a phone is – you are calming your brain down to rearrange thought process and when your brain is calmed it can send healing and hormones for your body function- This is the process of disengaging yourself and let your inner child enjoy the beauty of the garden, flowers as this is all Mercury.

Remember when as a kid you would run in park fearless and drink water from the garden hose without much of worries but all that play is now replaced by phones/ useless talks and no time is given to your own development.

Mercury gets Directional strength in Lagna- the reason being -you need to take care of your thinking ability by keeping the child inside you alive by dancing, singing, laughing and all this is a remedy for your thyroid imbalance.

The healing should not start due to outside medication but from inside as the problem has occurred from inside only and should be cured naturally when you will give time to your body and brain.

The art of doing nothing is alike aimless karma which you are doing to calm down mental activity so your logical brain gets shut down – Read any book with fiction like Magicians as this is developing faith system and fiction book does not have any logic only faith.

but the best of all the remedies you will get today from this blog is MEDITATION – You need to meditate and during meditation, you don\’t have to focus on anything but you have to learn how to defocus, Meditation does not have rules- It\’s a state which happens when you practice defocusing and decluttering of the brain- When you have fewer thoughts in your brain and difference between these two thoughts is the 0 state that is termed as Moksha.

0 Which is ultimate – Where end and start points meet each other – the complete circle -that is moksha.


You will experience glimpses of it in meditation and all your problems related to thyroid will slowly start going away – you don\’t have to focus on any chakra while meditation -leave the effort and let you breathe and vison yourself like you are watching everything from inside -the energy will flow and you will experience it from Moola Dhar Kendra to Agya chakra and whichever chakra you are on automatically you can feel it -from the sensation of mooladhar to butterflies and cramps in the stomach at the same time there will be days of aghya chakra when you will not be able to open eyes but do not try to do something.

Meditation can\’t be systematic or procedural as it will show you so many deep visions and colors in your mind which you have from past life to open knots of this life and past life -Meditate.

Let me know how you like the article and if you need more guidance regarding meditation -I will try to cover it in detail.


    1. Lata Janga

      After hearing your suggestion in one of the Q&A sessions, I did the Sudarshan Kriya meditation course from Art of Living, felt immediate physical and mental relief. Thanks as always for showing us the light!!

    1. Shalini

      That one can predict such things – childhood, lack of it, thyroid, need for aimless walking, rewinding and requirement of meditation, is scary and yet, coming from you strangely comforting. Of course there will be variations for example my mercury sits with mars in the 10th house (Saturn karka connection) but still I do feel the need for aimless walking and meditation both. Kindly do indicate connection of food for thyroid mercury-mars as well.
      Many many heart felt wishes, thanks and Pranam.

  1. Neeru Singh

    Thank you for this much knowledge , please explain meditation further ,why we experience different colours and what these colours denote .This article is so accurate every time I feel amazed .

  2. Ramashree N C

    Sir ..so true..i myself being diabetic for more than 10 years..By doing meditation and constantly de focussing has made my levels become normal…
    You. Are so much correct sir..

  3. Anu Arora

    Yes….need more guidance on meditation and chakras ….

    Even in autism, you can tackle behaviour issues if u take care of their gut health. Because more functional the child is , more anxiety will be in him . And that will lead to high cortisol levels …. More anxiety n more depleted gut health …..and more irritability in behaviour.. …….

  4. Priyanka jaiswal

    Thank you so much sir for knowledge. I have pcod problem eagerly waiting for the second part. Though i don’t have any thyroid related problem but m skinny and i dont loo like 25 year old i look young ? virgo ascendent rahu sitting in first house and mars 8th house with sun mercury in 9th house i can got my answer from your blog.. and u are absolutely correct my childhood was not good i loosed my innocence. Again sir extremely thank you for all the knowledge that u provide us .

  5. Priyanka jaiswal

    Thank you so much sir for knowledge. I have pcod problem eagerly waiting for the second part. Though i don’t have any thyroid related problem but m skinny and i dont loo like 25 year old i look young ? virgo ascendent rahu sitting in first house and mars 8th house with sun mercury in 9th house i can got my answer from your blog.. and u are absolutely correct my childhood was not good i loosed my innocence. Again sir extremely thank you for all the knowledge that u provide us .

  6. Vijayalaxmi

    Hi I have Gemini rahu in 8 the and Saturn and mars in 11th .your predictions are exactly right my childhood home environment was very disturbing and constant unknown stress which effect my studies too…will certainly try this remedy for pcod Thank you Sir much blessings and love ?

  7. Sunaina

    This article is such a beautiful cosmic gift….I was very down yesterday night and cried myself to sleep worrying about my PCOD and today I get this article…thank you so much sir!!
    I am eagerly awaiting the next part of this series!!???
    This is penned down so beautifully!!

  8. saurabh kumar

    Very true sir. Sir, can we say ,as diabetes is also connected to jupiter,meditation brings true knowledge, hence jupiter calms down and balances diabetes? Loved the Janice analogy to drive the point. Excellent. Thank you sir.

  9. E S Jagadeeshwar

    Wonderful article on Medical Astrology and your efforts to synchronize with spirituality, Deepanshu ji.

    You are requested to visit the article on ‘Dhatu Siddhanta’ written by BHU Ayurveda Professors. This article is available in the web. The hidden reason behind various diseases is imbalance of Fire within sapta dhatus. This fire is called as dhatvagni. The diseases are caused due to increase and decrease of this dhatvagni. Ayurveda suggested remedies to this.

    As per astrology you may treat the fire or Agni as Mars and compare the impact of position of Mars in various stars with various planets in various Rasis and basing on the divisional chart to pin point the increase or decrease of Vata, pitta, kapha, and also relation between moola, dhatu, jeeva.

    Not only that the said Professors discussed about role of past life karmas and also karmas related to family members, ancestors. How a person is inheriting diseases and discussed about stem cells also.

    I got this info after 25 years of search due to some subtle spiritual experience while I am searching in the web accidentally. Critical analysis of the above will open new doors to understand past life bad karmas of self and ancestors and the impact on sufferings in present life as well as remedies.

    Regarding meditation, yes, by gazing in between eye brows by allowing the thoughts to come and go will root out unwanted thoughts gradually because of one pointed concentration. Once the unwanted thoughts are removed, mind will reach subtlest level. Basing on the purity of nadis, celibacy, silence within, calmness of senses, intuition within will be awakened and the link to God or Bramahan or Avyakta Brahman will be created.

    The food habits of Rishis in Himalayas is different from us. You share more on their food habits also, which will be useful to sadhaks.

    Crux, the link you need is in Ayurveda, dhatu siddhanta. Hope you will share the finest articles in future.

    Kudos to you for opening new doors. Wish God bless you.

  10. Preeti

    True Sir, since a quite long time I am working on my communication skills. I feel stuckness in my throat while speaking loud. Also in this Covid timing I lost weight 6kgs weight in 4 months, as living in four walls suffocates me. I got my thyroid checked bcz of this but nothing came. Most of the time it happens with me the problem only shows in reports only when it exceeds otherwise not. Mars aspecting 3rd house & 3rd house is highly active.
    I do practice meditation but don’t have the right direction how to do? I don’t know what I activated. One day on evening pooja in 2019, I sit there for sometime closed my eyes & suddenly a flow begins within me. My breathing gone fast & moving in upward direction. My body was shaking, head was shaking on either side, I continued to sit there.. & the process exceeds. Finally the rush swirled within me in upward direction, bending my head backward…& I lied down straight…& there’s more to it. After this I got feared of this energy. My body torn down completely. For one week almost I regained strength to work.
    But there’s always a thing that I want to experience it again.. what’s happening with me.
    Again I sat on meditation & request god to guide me & save me. Same thing again happened.
    Also in one of the videos I saw you saying that if someone does meditation & if you want to know is the energy going in right direction or not you’ll get burn patches on your skin.
    *And I got burnt patches on whole my body.
    Small little burn bulle on my skin.
    I still experience this energy while seeing some divine beauty, listening to any divine song my head starts shaking.
    But I consciously control that & divert my mind.
    (I still have a fear, if energy goes in wrong side, also the effect is that my body get tired after that…now it’s little but in beginning was more)

    My mom have hypothyroid issue & she always do knit picking. Never satisfied.

    Throw some light on this topic & give some deeper insight.
    Blessed ?
    Thankyou Sir?

  11. Sarika Agrawal

    Thank you so much for the article. Thank you so much for sharing invaluable knowledge everyday.
    It really helps to understand the effects of planets on hormonal imbalance.

    Would definitely like to know more about meditation.
    Thank you?

  12. Whats in a Name

    I know a close friend with same combination. Ketu in 3rd and Mars aspect on 3rd along with Jupiter’s. Rough heavy voice…No thyroid issue, visited a Gynae only 2 times in her life…for birth of her kids..touch wood…great Venus maybe thats why. No problem in any relationship except in one prominent soul-soul relationship which will sort out soon too. She was fat as a kid and called names when one day she just decided she will be the person with the fittest body around and that was needed more for her self confidence than anything else. She is extremely careful of her food and thoughts and constantly keeps herself physically active, its a conscious choice she makes everyday after being called fat as a kid. She has her Mercury intact, loves kids, birds and nature. Yes, she is a jack of all trades and maybe master of none. But she is happy and has always been. Its good to have all things in life running smoothly than one extreme success and another one a failure. Moderate happy life is great too. Childhood was average, only problem was deb moon and saturn dasha. But even then she never let anything break her jovial happy spirit. Mercury in its own sign definitey helped.

  13. Bhavya Sharma

    Dear Sir,

    Beautifully penned! I suffer from hypothyroidism and am a borderline diabetic, on medication for last 5 years however, nothing really helped. Have been practicing meditation for quite some time now.
    Looking forward to the next article in this series.

  14. Neha limbu

    Deepanshu sir please accept my request to you please do my reading sir….im given lots of money going through astloger but never satisfied…i saw in your video that i have never hear in my life time so please sir help me…help me sir i need your help….please how can i contact you….I AM FROM NEPAL SIR PLEASE HELP ME…???????

  15. Sujay

    Hello sir, very good wishes to you .. I feel so amazed by reading all your articles and watxhung videos

    One of my friend is under going hyperthyroide treatement.. after reading this articles i just checked his horoscope.. guess what, he is gemini ascendant, mercury in Aries 11th house, it has aspect of Ketu and saturn..

  16. Anil Deshmukh

    Sir , I dont know astrology. I have autistic daughter. I am following all your remidies with faith (conshell water+ magnet. Sarswati yantra etc. ), for me it is imaterial which planet seats in which house
    My daughter started writing alphbet,previously she resist to take pen in hand,trying to comunicat in small sentence these are improvement after remidies.
    Please guide us on same. Nobady can imagine the suffering of parents with problems of autistic children.
    Please add to your remides to read shree guru charitra 8th adhay specialy on autisum mentioned the importance of pradosh vrat (as you also mentioned in blog)importance which nulifies your past karm.shree gurucharitra belongs to shree Nrushinh sarswati purn Dattavtar at starting of kaliyug.I personaly read the adhya on saturday bcoz of these spirutuality started getting remides from you.
    Thanks will be the small word for person like you. For me you will be the next person after my god shree gurudev datt.
    Warm Regards
    Anil G.Deshmukh

  17. Ameet Behare

    Thank you for the subject imbalance in
    harmones , focus & defocus.
    I am having Ketu in lagna along with Sun & Saturn, problem is not able to focus while chanting, & meditation. Mercury, venus in 2nd house Jupiter in 8th house.

  18. Nilima

    OMG……. Amazing…. So true…. ??
    Bahot sara shukriya sir ?
    Yes please…. Do continue these series.. ?
    Thank u so much once again… Wishing you good health n happiness sir..??

  19. Nilam

    Hello Sir,
    I was first diagnosed with PCOD at 16 years of age. Later, I checked my thyroid levels and I had hypothyroidism. But my doctors told me it was because of my irregular cycles.
    Mars, mercury and sun in 7th house in taurus and ketu in 3rd house.
    Please, shed more light on this topic . Doctors had said that this disease is incurable.
    Thankyou so much for giving out such a valuable and life saving information

  20. Pankaj

    Thank you Dipanshu sir
    I have been following you for almost a year now
    Your knowledge is beyond words I wish one day I will be able to learn from you in person
    Never had the guts to share my feelings but after reading this article I could not control my self
    Lot’s of Gratitude n blessings to you Sir????

  21. Antima Goel

    Gratitude Sir for sharing and always look forward to more and more guidance. I have Hypo thyroid since last thirty years and definitely it’s result of inexpressiveness and I do hav Mars Mercury together in Scorpio.

  22. Tathagat Behera

    It so accurate Deepanshuji.My mercury is in lagna of Martian sign while Saturn and mars are connected in 3rd and 9th house respectively.It is a very informative for me to develop myself.

  23. Monika Gupta

    Namaskar Deepanshu ji.
    Words coming from has lot of knowledge. I read your series with great enthusiasm. In my birth chart there mars n mercury are in 12 house.My thyroid is detected 20 yrs ago n l hv read somewhere that it is related to related to ,when you r not expressing ur thoughts n emotions n l related this as after my wedding there was v less scope of expression. V grateful for putting forward all of this knowledge. Thank u for all the hard work n time u put in to take out such hidden things from the amalgamation of the planet’s.

  24. Prasanna Sanglikar

    Pranam Sir ?
    Very useful information about thyroid.
    Sir please continue with same topic.

    Also please put some light on mental & pyschollogical disorders like schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, OCD, bipolar, borderline personality, addiction…etc.
    Give some astrology planetary combinations & remedies.
    Lots of young people are affected by these now a days… will be helpful for them..
    Thanks and pranam Sir ???

  25. Milinda

    Hello sir, thanks alot for your efforts for humanity!
    Best regards .. i want your guidance for me daughter, husband and myself .. name correction guidance and past life karma remedy for my daughter..

    Me and my husband both are noble, giving, sharing by nature and cheated, hurted but after finding you all bitterness has gone.

    But i am worried for my daughter cuz family history in laws , is typically repeated, marriage issues, mental health ..
    i had emailed also for the consultation but have not received and response. Please guide

  26. Nilam

    Hello Sir,
    I was first diagnosed with PCOD at 16 years of age. Later, I checked my thyroid levels and I had hypothyroidism. But my doctors told me it was because of my irregular cycles.
    Mars, mercury and sun in 7th house in taurus and ketu in 3rd house.
    Please, shed more light on this topic . Doctors had said that this disease is incurable.
    Thankyou so much for giving out such a valuable and life saving information

    1. Pragya Gondane

      This article really says alot about the depth of knowledge from learning and observing. Thankyou very very much sir for such crystal clear insight. Thankyou sir.?

  27. Sama Jha

    I am grateful to you Sir for defining Meditation . All these time that i practice meditation i dont like listening to meditation guides they just confuse. I used to assume myself as mad since i try to only declutter my bin of info in meditation. People talk about growth in meditation i was correct how can i grow if i do not detox. Thank you for restoring faith .
    Kindly share your precious knowledge on meditation to heal ourselves from frustration, self doubt, indecision and how to connect with NATURE.

  28. Shalini

    Wonderful article! I am a homeopathic physician and have encountered numerous such patients. I do recommend meditation, but the practice of nothing is one I have not tried. It appears logical and worth a shot. Many thanks ..will revert with proof of success:)

  29. Neha

    Sir ,

    Your guidance is amazing and mind boggling most of times.For people like me who dont understand planetary positions etc please help by giving some slot for personal read.Feeling really lost and need some genuine guidance to bring life back on track ??? .Hope you will give sometime for a personal read and contact information .

    Neha s

  30. Namrata

    Thank you so much for such a best guidence .pls share some more details about meditation because I am a thyroid and diabitic patient but can’t do meditation because of lack of consentration.it will be a great help?? thank you so much ??????

  31. Shanza Gill

    This is true I have Mars in 3rd house… Mars in Leo and the time I started experiencing Overactive Thyroid symptoms… I was going through really stressful time due to family members.
    And yes I try to keep myself busy by putting up any task…. I have joined GYM to keep myself busy.
    At first when I told my family members that I think I have thyroid they didn’t believe and told I’m overthinking… Hair was falling out.
    Then I decided that I have to do things on my own I started spending time with children playing with them did some changes in diet…. Hair has stopped falling I have not taken blood test.But I think things have started to heal.
    But the thing is this time I have decided to ignore all emotional drama we have in family it is still there and bothers me.So for my healths sake I have decided to ignore it.
    You are spot on I never had any issue any health issue… But this started suddenly I still have no idea why this happened only thing I know and can blame on is consuming a lot of iodine rich foods.
    I thought this is due to Mercury in 8th house in taurus in navamsa…

  32. Anuj

    Thank you your your insight. You mention that under influence of Ra and Ma, Me gives hyper-thyroid and influenced by Ke and Sa it gives hypo-thyroid. What happens when Me is under influence of all four at the same time. I have a chart where Me is with Sa and Ke in the 6th house (Gemini rashi) and aspected by Ma from the 4th and Ra from the 12th house. What will be the result of such a combination for thyroid and relations?

  33. Manorama

    Sir pls cover autism and astrology connection i deeply feel it to be true, my son has autism with little speech also has this venus mars in 3rd house extreme hyperactivity.
    Waiting for your guidance. Pls help.

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  36. Sleep Guard Plus Testimonials

    An outstanding share! I have just forwarded this onto a friend who was conducting a little homework on this.
    And he actually bought me lunxh siply because I discovered itt for him…
    lol. So allow me to reword this…. Thank YOU for the meal!!
    But yeah, thanx for spending soe time to talk about this issue
    here on your site.

  37. All Day Slimming Tea Safe

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    Besides that, fantastic website!

  38. RAJAN

    Thank you so much Deepanshu Sir again for the insightful thought and vision.
    Please elaborate more on meditation and also you didn’t mention about diabetes and it’s remedies as It will be very helpful for many of us suffering.
    Radheshyam 🙏

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