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Healing via Marriage

A king should marry a queen, as for Kings and queens, what matters is whether after marriage my power is increasing or not, A king has no say in marriage, they marry for the benefit of the kingdom even if that comes sacrificing personal love and marrying someone they don’t even like, but all they care for is that after marriage their power, wealth and status should increase, it should not go down by association after marriage.

This is why some actors, politicians, and Doctors marry in the same profession as they know that after marrying their power, connections and influence will increase in all directions. This is when a planet in 7th from Sun has a say in marriage. However, this type of marriage increases the influence but lacks happiness. As their marriage is a marriage of convenience as lawyers, doctors, and other professionals know that no one else will be capable of handling their energies, so marrying someone with similar energy eventually, these people have a prominent 6th house. It is seen that their married like looks ok from outside but it lacks happiness as their marriage is coming from the 6th and 10th house which is houses of duty and anything coming as a result of these houses are agreement, not happiness.

marriage and astrology


A brahmin should find someone who is on the same path of knowledge, someone who is continuously striving to improve and following the path of religion; as a partner of a brahmin, it is not an easy task to live the same type of life, This is in true sense blessing of Jupiter, These people when get married support each other in growing in life.

Similarly, a Shudra should find someone who enjoys a similar lifestyle- Some people marry for body requirements as the colour, complexion and physical body charm is everything; these people get all results based on the physical body as even after marriage, once the charm of the body is over, then the marriage started falling apart as the whole concept of marriage based on physical body can increase or decrease the physical body deficiency and this was done in old times when people were suffering from certain diseases, The girl was chosen that should have strongest of those houses based on Bhav bal to give energy physically so the person can be cured.

Such as, if a person suffering from asthma gets married to someone with a very strong 4th house, the person will get relief from asthma after marriage, but vice versa; if someone is suffering from a problem related to the liver and marries a partner with an afflicted 9th house will intensify problem.

healing via marriage a blog on astrology

Some people marry for emotional need as the 7th from Moon?—?to be a life partner and emotionally attached in good and bad times. They give thoughts to each other to grow in life or sometimes go down in life, Moon must be in a sign or sitting in a position where partners should encourage each other.

Such as, if one person has Mars in 7th from Moon?—?his expectation from his partner is security, providing a safe environment that you should make him feel safe in all conditions. In contrast, the other partner has Mercury in 7th from the Moon; the partner’s expectation is entirely different, that you should spend time with me and take me out regularly for dinner to keep the romance young. These two expectations do not have a common ground, and even if you do a bhakoot Milan, that will not work as you forget the ground rule of matchmaking and only rely on a table.

Some people marry due to Venus as Venus is what is grace and happiness in life due to relations; they celebrate their relationship and their association with another human as for them marriage is a wonderful way to change the outlook of life- Your partner will be from entirely different realm who will show you a new way to look at the world, your partner is going to make sure to change your eating habits and in starting you will face troubles and fights over food, but this is when a person grows most in life as now you have got someone from different realm altogether, but same can be reversed as well if 7th from Venus is a negative planet and creating an impact on you negatively. This is how outlook towards life changes after marriage that is 7th from Venus.

Apply the principles taught in Karma and Relationships. You will find out that matchmaking is far better than traditional ashtkoot Milan, as I have taken all the parameters in the true sense mentioned in ashtkoot with a broader understanding leaving no scope for mistakes in the chart. If you encounter client-facing troubles in married life, start with simple remedies taught in class, and you will find out that it gives out results quickly.

The more you can replicate the model of his chart better will be the results. You need to understand that a remedy is unique to the horoscope. When you create energy to counter or increase any effect, use every detail, aspect, and energy you can see in the chart to manifest the energy of the chart. Look for final remedial lectures on karma and relationship.

Karma & Relationships [Recorded]- lunarastro.com)


  1. Nidhi kanodia

    I m not getting match for my marriage, lost my mother last year and only father and me is left, now Iam looking for a boy who can take care of my father as well. However no one is ready for this.
    Pl guide how to get out of all these
    My details
    Dob 16 th march 1990
    Place – delhi
    Time 2.05 pm

  2. Sunaina Bisht

    My Venus is in 6th house being lord of 7th house, 7th from Venus is Jupiter in 12th house. I guess thats why I am looking for someone who will help me in the path of libration. A very rare being to get now days. ?

  3. Kirtika sharma

    I recently got married but I don’t know what is the issue I don’t find happiness all things are changed suddenly I don’t even feel anything not able to concentrate anywhere

    If someone’ could help
    Dob – 08/12/1995
    Time – 10:54 pm
    Place new delhi

    1. Aman

      Aap apne partner par Vishwas nhi kar pa rhi hai sayad, aap jo expect karti thi wo nhi mila,AAP ko chahiye ki aap communicate kar ke baat ko suljha le, koshish aap ko hi karni padegi. Kyu ki Jupiter or mercury 12th hai or mars jo ki 11th lord hai desire ka wo 12th hai isliye aapki desire khatm ho rahi hai. Aap stuck ho gyi hai ek jagah.

  4. Vineetha

    Sir I am not getting match for marriage. But after reading your article i came to know one thing i want to marry for emotional need with whom I can share my life problems. Moon in tarus in 10 house with Mars. 4 house empty Jupiter in 12 house with ketu. Mercury Venus and sun in 2 house. Date of birth- 09/10/1990 time of birth 03.45 am

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