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Genetics in Vedas & Nadi Dosh

Our Seers were so much into genetics and human development that they were not only focused on the development of the physical body but various levels of the body divided into various categories of the Astral plane.

Five sheaths make up our existence. These sheaths are known as Annamay Kosh (Food Sheath), Pranamay Kosh (Vital Air Sheath or the life force), Manomay Kosh (mind as distinctly different from intelligence?—?Sheath), Vigyanmay Kosh (Intellect Sheath) and Aanandmay Kosh (Bliss Sheath?—?or ceaseless joy not connected with body or mind).


Marriage is a grand affair in the Indian subcontinent with so many rituals and rules to make sure you choose the right partner. Any partner you choose will affect your Manomay Kosh -That is why we speak about emotional pain and love when it comes to relationships. Many people who go through the pain of separation from loved ones are hardly able to recover in their life as these are wounds that are not visible to the world but exist deep down in the third layer.

You see, the intellect(Vigyanamay) Sharir comes after the Manomay, as when it comes to intelligence- you will not be able to love anyone. Only the emotions of past life stored in you force you to love someone.

When we meet people, our aura and energy circle get disturbed as the moment someone has access to your emotional body, they can drain you’re or empower you; a simple word of encouragement or harassment from people you love who has access to your inner core can change your entire life, Imagine marrying a partner who always smiles in the morning and motivates you for greatness rather than marrying someone who is draining you inside out 24/7 by negative feed.

Sometimes meeting someone on a different frequency of energy within no time, you feel like a headache as your energy is draining towards the person of low energy. Similarly, imagine the result of the fact when you have to exchange energy and get in physical relation with someone, the amount of energy transfer crosses all boundaries. It can make you feel weak or rise in life.

Then comes the Genetics part as seers were well aware that if married in close relations there will not be the development of humans as if you add green to green colour the result will be green there is no new property will add up in humans and take care of this issue, Seers come with to leave at least ten families from both parents end to get married.

There will be no character development for the coming generation if married in a closed family. Still, one more interesting thing which was mentioned is to marry girls not only in the distant family but in distant land as well as the far the girl will be from a place where she has been born and brought up -Happy will be her married life and the term used is Duhita- (Daughter) (Far Away).

I asked a couple of girls who are married within a radius of 10 km?—?I was expecting to find out how happy they are in married life, but what I could gather was most of them have problems related to kids when they marry a person in the same town or city. I still need more data on this before saying this is true but I will appreciate your comments in the comment section or wherever you can comment about this fact.

As if both couples are born and brought up in the same region, their upcoming generation will not be able to develop any new qualities either. It will suffer from deficiency as both parents. The range given is 33 kos to 50 kos- which is around 100kms- 150 Kms. Interestingly, the weather experts also say that every 100 km, the environment is completely changed along with food, language and nutrient values.

Nadi dosh happens when nakshatra charan is identical in both charts but understand the bigger perspective?—?That Sun and Moon are the nadis in the chart called as Ingla- Pingla, and we have already discussed in detail the role of Sun in Karma and Relationships course but Moon.

Think Deeper What does Moon represents??—?Land, Food, Language, Nutrition- Isn’t our seers telling practically to avoid nadi dosh by getting married 100kms away at least from birthplace and when people say in old times there was no need of chart matching and this holds because they were following the shastras subconsciously and this will override the nadi dosh.

Nowadays, people follow the table of matchmaking and then also are not able to live together as you have not learnt that table is only a reference guide not the only and final tool to match the charts and if you rely only on table or software you are going to fail miserably in the the the matching.

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  1. Shipra Singh

    As mentioned in this article about 100 kms difference between two houses of girls and boy, according to mine, distance is about 120 kms, but facing issues regarding kids

  2. Geetika Sharma

    This is so true….marrying someone from far away lands. I belong to extreme north part of india and my husband is from south part. By god’s grace we are living happily and kids are exposed to both cultures so learning is more for them. Great knowledge shared by Deepanshu Sir????

  3. Sunet kamra

    Great insight As always???
    But I have a female chart born and brought up in delhi , married 1500 km away
    In30 years of married life there was not a single day without struggle to live ,kids also have to suffer
    Isn’t karma ?

    1. Bhavin Dipak Dhamecha

      Pranaam DG sir

      Don’t describe My situation that how i am feeling by seeing the articles

      From Last more than 15days

      I was thinking to ask you about the same dosha and also the way out of it

      And today You have given it out

      Thanks Alot sir

      Related to this article
      Me and My wife are from with in 50Km distance
      And yes don’t have child.

      Will be waiting for
      Dosh Nivaran – If any thing can be done to resolve this dosha

      Thank you so much
      For sharing great knowledge with us

      Pranaam Sir

      1. Sandeep

        Hi m student of astrology and I do matrimony events, I have seen n number of charts within 50 km radius those who got married 90 percent of them have children and 99 percent finding difficulty, it’s there pending karma they are clearing in this life.

        1. Sandeep

          Bhavin ji I mean to say 90 percent those who have child, in those parents 99 percent finding difficulty with there child it’s there pending karma they are cutting off to move forward, I think you are lucky you don’t have Nadi Dosha. If you wish to have children soon you will get one or else you have to wait for a long long time..

  4. Rohit Khetarpal

    Sir again an excellent knowledge from your side. As some of the people are still facing problems even after marriage in far flung places – in one of the old video of Sir he has clearly explained by Venus prastakvarga the direction of success in life.

  5. Jaya Mago

    Yes sir I am married within 7 kn. From my house faced issue relate to kid. Our thought pattern doesn’t match in having kids so there has been delay. And recently someone asked have you got your chart matched properly. We only have 18.5 point in match making but our dasha doesn’t match. We both are having sade satti of Saturn. Marriage has been transformative for me.

  6. eti arora

    Thank you sir , that’s excellent knowledge. Sir but in this age as addresses move fast these days , how do we understand where one of the partner moved into the area just a few years before marriage ?
    Though I do see this in a couple married in a radius of 5 Kms.

  7. omprakash sharma

    Sir I would like to add soemthing from my end. In our community SHARMA(VISHWAKARMA) specially the ones with roots from bihar,up and ranchi we mostly perform marriage in same gothra. 98% marriages are in same gothra,infact most of the time we sharmas are found to be connected through some or the other family members of belonging to those aforementioned cities. but the happy vs bad marriage profiles are always mixed. same is the case in west bengal. in west bengal most of the bengali couples belong to same community or same locality as love marriages are common in here. I had seen several friends and acquaintances who are married in same locality like bride n groom lived just 1 house away. but those marriages are mostly good as per my knowledge except maybe one or two.

  8. Milindavn@gmail.com

    I have no peace at home …i stressed out ..out of control.. we are good .. but he is super lazy …and i am too weak. He has a transfwrable job ..till date almost every 6 months.

    I am vegetarian and have deficiencies somebody suggested me to have college marin base ..for bettwr skin and hair .. and may be my mind have somw deficiencies …omage 3 or
    But being vegetarian i don’t want to try
    marin collegen. Can anyone guide?

    1. Wellwisher

      Please if you are vegetarian then eat all plant based protein sources…like soyabean ,chickpea etc…all kind of veggie n fruits according to season and dry fruits,nuts and seeds …search on internet …take proper diet

    2. Pia

      Hello sir.! I have a question.. if couple born in different city more than 300 kms. Then they change their place and did schooling in some other city (not their birthplace) and git married their (thier houses in the city is 1 km say apart) does it still apply? Nadi dosh is to be considered ???

  9. Renu Mishra

    Got married to teen age lover from same society and now staying here …no kids since 10yrs.husband is from Ahmedabad and I am from UP.
    But staying in this locality since last 20yrs.

  10. Jyoti

    Everything is correct for me, i have love marriage which is within 10kms distance, even have nadi dosh and unable to conceive. We have tried ivf too but not successful. But we have strong bond so opt for adoption and it is always get delayed, i think we have some karma related to children. Hoping for best.

  11. Brij Kishor

    Sir, People married in same Gotra will certainly have problems in their relationship and kids health. Merriage can be solimonised in the same title but should never be in same Gotra.

  12. Girish

    Sir I am your foolest student as I learn from you via YouTube your many suggestions and recomdations are correct I tested them and follow also. But sir I saw many marriage I
    Which is done in same places are doing very well. Some kids of that marriages are doing very good working abroad and we’ll settled. May I am lacking something need your blessings to understand completely. Please forgive me because I am still a student of astrology and ready to learn something new about this Devine knowledge. Thanks
    Hari Om Tatsat


    Sir, I want to ask just one query that is poped up while reading this post. Whether it is like, there are 3 Nadi
    Adya Nadi, madhya Nadi and antya Nadi. And these 3 have specification that vaat, pitta and cough respectively. And ruling planets are sun for madhya Nadi and moon for antya Nadi. I guess whether it is like that these nadis are Sushumna, Pingla and Ida respectively in yog shashtra. Pls correct me if I am wrong, but I think it is like that if both person have same Nadi I.e. antya Nadi-moon- Ida Nadi, then only the Nadi dosh will activate or create problem on the realm of moon. If there is Madhya Nadi dosh then it will create problem on the realm on sun and this time it will not affect the realm moon. Pls correct me my guess is wrong.

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