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Energy Bubble around Us

Energy bubble around us- Most of us are unaware that there is an energy bubble around all of us – Some of us have high energy bubble around us – while some of us lack in energy and the bubble is destroyed and we start building a negative bubble around us and that constantly deprive us of energy.

What is a Positive energy bubble?
A positive energy bubble is made around people whose energy levels run in the upward direction and you tend to remain in the state of gratitude, happiness, and giving. this is the state when you feel blessed and happy and it increases your aura. what happens when we are really happy and contented- we tend to attract a lot of positive things in life.

We radiate positive energy -positive people come into life with a lot of goods and things start to change for good automatically.


Even when negative people or people who are not same energy level as you- will do several things to bring you down but as the positive bubble creates resistance around you and makes you laugh at their pity thinking and let them throw dirt at you- You don\’t feel like getting involved with these folks. As when we move up in life always remember there will be a zombie effect among all the people around you and these people will behave like zombies to pull you down.

Instead of focusing on the negative- focus on your internal growth- the more you will grow the positive bubble by working on your inner attitude – the bubble will become more and more powerful making zombies null and void in your life.

As you are of most importance to zombies but until and unless you focus on them these people will not grow, so stay focused as their goal is that you should respond and indulge in a fight with them.

As the positive energy bubble increases you will realize you are attracting good people in your life- It is like a poster outside a movie hall- whatever movie is running-theaters place a poster outside to attract people- When a kids movie is on -It attracts all the kids and families with small kids who will enjoy the movie- The same principle actually happens in life- whatever we are from inside -we radiate the same energy outside as well and attract the same kind of people.

So don\’t let your inner peace get destroyed by a few people as some people will not like kids\’ movies and want to watch something else but as again we can\’t please everyone.

Every morning when we wake up If the feeling of being happy is missing this is because we are not working towards to fulfill our goal -The desire of the soul is to fulfill the dreams of life and the disappointment which comes from the soul to neglect the voice is the one which will make you feel unhappy about life.

Tree of life -Only branches that will grow are the ones you will focus on -Always focus on good parts of your life- No one ever gets a perfect life- Focus on the part you got and enjoy the fruits of your karma and hard work.

When a Negative bubble increase around us -what happens we attract people who are on the same frequency as us and negative people are easy to identify by following traits.

1) They do backbiting and bitching.-Only reason they want to align with you is so they can do hate-mongering and spill the venom in your ears about someone else as they need to say it and sometimes on FB wall.

2) Lack of gratitude – they only praise people when it\’s beneficial for them.

I can write a list of this but I think you got the idea of these people- Today identify them and remove them from your life. As one question- I always ask someone when I work with someone professionally- What are you bringing to the table to improve my life?

What happens when you are with negative people- these people will provide you comfort zone for your backbiting and the reason for failures will be blamed on someone else to give you extreme comfort -If you are in a group that is not making you feel uncomfortable by questioning your intelligence, efforts and not motivating you to do great things in life- You are in extreme trouble as you are not going to learn anything new with these people and your energy bubble is going to attract diseases, depression, and failure is coming.

Energy changes the voice – the way we speak- the way we carry ourselves as when change is happening from inside all the visible changes in the body is easily seen -such as the way a person walks change, The way we react to situation changes as nothing much can disturb us as there is a great amount of positivity which we have built around us.

Then there is the energy of Vastu -Energy of your house- the energy of the place you are living in and energy of the city but the best part is the most important energy lies inside you when you will the world inside the outside things will start to change – you will see the house will be more positive and starts to attract animals and creatures around you.

As animals will be the first to sense the energy and started attracting towards you this is the first sign and then you know slowly a lot of other good people will start to come into your life depending on your energy.

What happens when we increase the negative bubble around us?

Slowly life starts taking turns in directions none of us wanted- It will start with business failures as the good people working with you or working for you will start to leave as Jupiter is the positive energy of the body and when negative bubble increases -people who can advise you in bad conditions tend to leave- even the native is not able to take right decisions due to prejudice in mind.

Then it will come to the atmosphere at home – a person who is not happy from work will be frustrated at the home atmosphere as most of us don\’t even want to address the issue of stress we face in business or problems we are going through. One of the most important reasons native breaks is they lack sharing problems with anyone and this leads to inner frustrations. Usually, it also happens when we stop learning and lose confidence in ourselves.

Finally, you will see the body start showing the symptoms of long-term diseases which got generated due to repetitive negative energy impact such as TB, Thyroid, Diabetic or cancer depending on stress levels.

All the rituals we usually do in life are to increase this life force around us only -follow the simple lifestyle change and you will realize as the positive bubble has increased negative is going down in life.

Start with waking up early and doing exercise- As when we do physical workout not only body generate happy hormones -It also brings stress hormones down.

Take a cold water shower- As the purpose of a shower is to gain energy through water and when we use cold water it wakes up internal organs as well- cold water makes us uncomfortable and that is the whole point of taking shower to face what we are avoiding as this attitude hampers the growth.

In one of Bhrighu Samhita, there are various things such as betel leaves paste, Chandan powder, and various other things are prescribed to add to bath water white chanting snan mantra.

Start going to temple- When we visit the temple -the energy of the temple purifies us as in garbh grah regularly mantras are chanted and when we visit it has a great impact on our body and mind due to vibrations of the temple.

Do gratitude every day when you use anything – As what is everyday equipment for us might be a dream for someone somewhere.

Faith can move mountains – A simple prayer daily makes a unique relation of us to the creator of the universe-He listens to us every minute and gives us the best possible resources to us complete the journey-Make relationship with Ishwar- He will take care of everything else.

Get Vision for bigger goals and stay focused- There is a difference between posting your thoughts on FB and actually working for them-Work for goal let everyone else talk about it. Do it silently without making noise- Its keeps you focused on goals whether it\’s as simple as weight loss or getting married. Even when you achieve it -don\’t over celebrate it as there should be a new goal in front of you.

Learn Everyday- We live in a time when we have access to knowledge 24/7 on a laptop and can study almost anything at any point of time and if we can\’t utilize it -this is because we have taken things for granted- The value of this should be asked from the deprived person who misses school.

You follow these simple principles of life and you will see the energy change from day 1- there is no magical pendant for energy – No amount of stone is going to help your energy until and unless you are ready for the change in lifestyle. Until and unless you balance the body no remedy is going to work.

Astrology is for brave people who want to change the world- directions are only useful for the drivers who have the courage to drive and reach their destination.


  1. Shobha Rajpurohit

    Thank ù sir for making us more aware about ourselves and our inner energy. After watching ur videos now I m better person i m trying to do more goodness and giving surya ?????? .I m making efforts to increase my Jupiter which is sitting in my lagna with Mars and Saturn.
    Thank u so much sir ? ur articles give us boost.
    Ignore grammar mistakes ?

  2. Subhashini

    Namaskar sir, I really appreciate your time and effort which you put in your videos and blogs. Most of the time inner cleaning and inner work is solution as said by you and all other good scholars. But keeping it up all the time i( I mean positive energy) s little bit difficult, what can be done about it if you have family members surrounded with negative energy.

  3. Shruthi ananth

    Namskar sir
    What a wonderful article. Thank you for writing such beautiful notes it helps us to elevate to higher self .
    When ever I am searching for answers I always find your videos and articles and my inner ketu ( anxiety fear ) gets removed .
    Thanks for the life lesson and astrology gyan
    God bless your family

    Gratitude and cleansing one inner self is the most important life lessons .one must be like water on lotus leaf .
    I guess the anuradha effect. Not to get bogged down by outer negativity. But to rise spiritually


  4. Devansh

    Sir the knowledge provided by you with the logic helpes us.I am 17 years old and listened your videos and want to learn more about astrology and energies .I am grateful to you for providing such knowledge for free.I am practicing some of the routine you mentioned and I am benefited and I will follow the other also . Thank you so much Sir
    Devansh Raval

  5. Parvin Chowdhri

    Discipline in life important. After wathing your vedios from last year, doing what ever you mention to do. Only 8th house remedy, not able to do in foregin country.

  6. Vinesh

    Hi Sir, pls provide your consultation for single query so that most of them can be benefited with your predictions & remedies. People like me need your help in resolving one major issue in life. Thanks & Regards

  7. Sangeeta Sarraf

    Dil ??se shukriya….since many years I was finding a Guru..I finally..universe help..
    Have no words to thanku you…just…saadr charn sprash..
    Please shower your blessings..???

  8. Prasanna Sanglikar

    Namaskar ? Sir
    Absolutely true. The way we think is the way you are projected into outer world.
    Simple life is key to success and happiness and prosperity.
    Thanks Sir ?

  9. Smita K

    Pranam Sir,
    Lucid thoughts, effortless verbiage and an urdhwamukhi direction – Prince Mercury serenely sits on the tip of your keyboard and hits home for the reader like a crystal clear arrow of light and knowledge. Blessed are we, to receive this message. You truly are a vector of peace and magic. Gratitude.

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