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dance - a rhythm of universe

Dance – A Rhythm of Universe

I was writing this article for the magazine but I felt like sharing this online as I felt this article would be more in rhythm with the universal energy and is a requirement of time at present.

So let us divulge the beautiful remedy which can take care of your problems like you have never experienced before is only by doing dance; dance is a rhythmic movement of the body to express yourself, to convert the earthy energy which you are carrying into the energy of motion by expressing yourself in a form which only you understands.

Think as a human when you have all the five senses to express your feelings, then what is the requirement of dance? What is happening in the body that requires the complete body to move and express yourself, and you will find out deep down in your heart that we dance when there is an occasion of happiness. You are not able to explain to this universe how happy you are; you have extraordinary energy inside your body which is giving you stomach cramps and making you high, and to dissipate that energy in happiness, you dance so you can dissipate the energy your body is not able to absorb due to happiness of the occasion.

Imagine you are at your sibling’s wedding. The amount of happiness you get on that day is unimaginable as someone close is starting a chapter of life which will complete him, Shiv and Shakti are meeting today, and we all know that we can’t express this in our words. We need to do something special, and as a result, we dance with closed eyes and in rhythm with the music to a level that we forget that any other problem in our life exists; our legs give up but not the spirit inside us as we are channelising the energy of the universe that day.

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We dance to dissipate all the extra energy of happiness from our body, as people will say- that it seems like some kind of spirit has possessed us. Still, our body only adjusts energy levels by dissipating any extra energy.

If you are dancing in Happiness to adjust your energy levels, why not when you go through Pain- Shiv Dances in Pain to adjust to the energy levels? Dance is a way of adjusting energy levels; we humans have forgotten to use this beautiful gift of Gandharva and apsaras.

So we are clear with this concept that any extra energy in our body can be dissipated which we cannot express by five senses only by dancing -Similarly, when someone is suffering from extraordinary pain, emotional problems, and diseases happening inside a body. We cannot express it as we keep accumulating this negative energy in various body parts, which we cannot process. Later on, whichever body part this pain gets stored comes out in diseases in various forms.

Physical body show signs of pain as a last resort when you fail to address the issue on various levels such as mental plane, emotional plane and then finally when you keep on ignoring this energy finally you get problems in various body parts such as liver, kidney, tumour, cancer but all this is happening as a result of the accumulation of negative energy in your body and your inability to process this.

The best way to get rid of this energy is to dance regularly and choose the dance according to your planetary position in the chart; Lord Shiva is famous for two types of dance; we all know about Tandav- which is a dance of destruction while another dance of Shiv is Lasya- which is about the dance of rhythm and creation.

dancing shiva astrology blog

As you can recall from the Lecture of Venus in the Happiness series- Venus is the 6th house should pray to Natraj as Venus is a planet of art and beauty. In the 6th house of debts, diseases and enemies, Venus is the troubled and the best way to channelise this energy is by praying to Shri Natraj.

The dance of Shiv is in the form of Circles using hands, feet, and legs. If you notice the posture of Natraj, you will find out the balance made by Lord Shiv is only achieved when your inner soul is in a balanced state; otherwise, when we are not happy when we have accumulated a lot of energy over a period of time, it is impossible for us to create a balance in life as well as in the body as well. Shiv is the supreme source of power, and imagine the supreme source of power either dances in extreme happiness or anger, but in both cases, he is dancing to balance his energy.

In astrological language, Virgo is the sign of imbalance; look at the symbol of Virgo – A woman carrying wheat which means whatever she has sowed over a period of time now it was time to carry the weight of those karmas; wheat represents things which you are carrying as a result of your earthy element and next to Virgo is a sign of Libra which is a sign of Balance. So we can only move to Libra when we can learn to balance our life and sort of Virgo.

Lord Shiv was extremely angry when Maa Sati sacrificed herself at her father’s house. Even when all the punishment was given to Daksh, he could not come to terms with this reality and was not able to dissipate this energy; he danced in motion. Still, when his grudge energy was going out, the universe could not handle it, and it was called the dance of destruction.

Similarly, Shiv also danced with Parvati, and this was the energy of creation by forming circles by the gestures of hand, feet, and legs while tandav contained all steps with a lot of vibrations in the universe; we all dance in a rhythm according to our own energy but you see some people they are not in rhythm as they are “Asur”- This is term synonymously used for devils but what it means is someone who is out of the rhythm of the universe. When you are out of rhythm, you go through pain and misery in life while gods are always in rhythm with the universe.

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You are not in rhythm as your brain has created a blockage not to let some of your body parts work altogether. Still, over time, you will see that your steps will start getting synchronised, your life will also start getting synchronised, and you will start dissipating all the negative energy you have accumulated now will start going away. Give your body some time to heal, and the day you will be able to be in Natraj pose for over 3.5 mins, you have achieved balance in your life.

Let us come to various dance forms.

Sun- Odissi or Chhau
Mars- Bhangra
Mercury- Play in Dance such as Garbha, Chhau
Jupiter- Classical in front of Diety- Kathak – The one who tells Story to the masses.
Venus – Bharatnatyam- The one who does play while dancing. Mohiniattam
Moon- Manipuri Dance- Story of Radha and Krishna
Saturn- Sattariya Dance
Ketu- Trance
Rahu- Zoomba and all new forms of dancing.

Every dance form has a story behind it and relates to the planet, such as Dances of Sun is a blend of Martial traditions, temple rituals, and lineage traditions.

Jupiter is the planet of masses, and to convey anything to the masses, the work of counsellors was to provide messages in the form of stories. That is why the dance of Kathak- Translates to Katha (Stories) to be told in the form of dance and pass the message to everyone.

Even when some of these dances you might not be able to learn but still watching these dances and performing some steps and motions will help you sort out the emotions in the body. In earlier days, it was advised for kings to watch dances and appreciate them as this would help the thought process of the kings.

When you start dancing, eventually, the pain your body has acquired over time, your body will get a medium to dissipate this pain. I hope this article helps you live life pain and worry-free.

dance - a rhythm of universe

The continuation of this article will be in the upcoming Lunar Astro Magazine, going into a more precise way to address the problems. You will find out details about 27 nakshatras and dance pose related to each nakshatra and how, by mastering the energy of a dancing pose, you will be able to heal yourself and the planet situated in a particular nakshatra.

Nakshatra is like the energy source of the zodiac. When there is an imbalance in your energy, you will have trouble relating to a particular planet- Imagine Nakshatras as power sockets and planets as equipment. When the energy of the nakshatra is incompatible with that of the planet – a person experience trouble in life, and using particular dance poses or mastering certain mudras in the body help native create harmony between the nakshatra and the planet.

You can subscribe to the yearly magazine below, and related articles related to healing are links given below.

Lunar Astro Magazine – 2023 [4 Volumes]


  1. Astha

    Good evening sir 🙏 i learned katthak around 25 years back when I was in school for 8 years …i love dancing..took part in every school function but after marriage every thing stopped.thanku so much for this article sir it gave me new energy to start dancing again 🙏 looking forward to the upcoming lunar astro magazine.u always spread light in our lives

  2. Achal Ligga

    This article clarify and give insight on what life is all about and how to be in rythum with universal energy, till you are live, pain will be there, wow explained so deeply to get essence of life

  3. sunita singhal

    Its a beautiful article … very honest . Interestingly today morning itself similar thoughts …about how liberating it is when we dance… crossed my mind …as i suddenly started dancing on listening to a song praising lord ganesha… and now as the day has come to a close i read this :)…. universal energy !

  4. Geetika

    Beautiful post…. I have done diploma in kathak and it was taught to us that when we dance wearing ghungroos the sound created by it removes the negative energy from our body and we feel light and happy from with in. Very beautifully explained sir 🙏🏻

  5. Alka

    Gratitude to you sir. i dance daily and get abundance energy n feel happy it makes my day was doing so with out this knowledge. I started as a workout but realised that it makes me joyful.🙏🙏 Glad to learn from you.

  6. Riya

    I am a Bharatanatyam dancer (since 2009), I have Ardra moon in 7th and Mula ascendant. I love learning different Tandavs (Anand Tandav, Rudra Tandav, etc).
    I also have Jupiter-Ketu-Sun closely conjunct in 3rd house, Venus in 2nd house and Mercury-Mars-Saturn in 4th.
    I get depressed when I don’t dance for sometime.

  7. Pia

    Thankyou for the article. I was asked by someone to come and join jumba and i wanted to .. here comes the article. I was thinking about venus ketu few months back.. and article or some post related to that came in the group. I started applying kajal from past 3-4 days . Got to see the post about kajal. How you do it sir ?? Your article hits me different. You made astrology easy by relating it to dady to day activities. I always wonder about things like why dance , why shouldn’t we do this or that… you gave us true reasons for every thing . Thankyou sir 🙏

  8. Seema

    There is no facet of astrological science that you’ve left covered for us… Hats off to you Sir and the way you’ve dived into the subject .. everyday is a new revelation… Absolutely loving this ❤️

    1. PP

      Very true sir. Since childhood i have serious issues with self expression, especially with speech. I have severe stage fright and can’t debate with anyone because my mind shuts down. Surprisingly, I am in publishing industry. Could you please help me.

  9. RP

    As usual, well written 🙂 😍 Beautiful painting.. Inspired by the ram- leela character? The painting reflects exactly how dancing makes me feel- ‘free, blissful and energetic. When I am sad, I dance to feel better (really helps) & when I am happy, I dance to celebrate 😀( makes me happier on a good day) 🙂 While we are dancing we don;t analyse about past, future-we are just there in the moment. Its one of my fav. simple pleasures. Gives a different high altogether. I am a passionate belly dancer & practice it as a hobby since many years ,(Sometimes, I love dancing with my 2.5 yrs old twin neices too) hehe..one just can never be angry or upset while dancing, thats the beauty of dance. We also include it, as fun activity for older women, on special occassions, in our yoga group, on those days, they feel so much more happier. ♥ I can write a beautiful essay on how it makes me feel so joyful. 😂Being a gujrati , this painting reminds me the navtri season about to start 😀 its garba tiime…!!!!💃

    1. R P

      wow! beautiful article.. 🙂 In yoga, there’s a pose, called natarajasana, Its one of the ‘balancing pose’ and my favorite too. 🙂 Never thought of dance from astrological perspective. Though belly dancing & garba, are my fav. dance forms, when I am practice yoga flows, I feel the same bliss and freedom, that I feel while dancing. 🙂 both help us get into that ‘flow’ state easily. 🙂

  10. Pooja

    I love dancing , and never a day or night goes by without dancing with my kids … they know we have to dance and sing karaoke …on our favorite songs .. my daughter and one of the twins will dance while the other twin will just watch us
    .. I tell them every day that I want you to remember me like this . They say ” mom we see you like a 6 year old dancing on loud music even though u re 40. ” I love dancing and singing for myself..
    Thank you for your write up. I hope many people dance and sing .Feel the life and the love that runs through us into every atom that surrounds us … life is beautiful.

  11. Anita Tailor

    Excellent article on dance, gift of universe to express our energies, my daughter is a Bharatnatyam dancer has done M A in Bharatnatyam, she has sun Venus in Libra 3rd house , moon in Taurus in 10 th house, and Mars Rahu in leo lagna, I hope she will do better in dancing career, need your blessings for her, please suggest for improvement so she can come up and enjoy.

  12. Seema

    Superb article ..
    dance releases stress , body feels good and mind becomes younger .

    There is a lot of confidence that exudes when one dances in the Audience , one more way to gain self confidence .

  13. Vandana

    Namaskar Pranam Deepanshu Sir,
    Reading this blog gave me butterflies in the stomach and my heart beats went up, i dont know why…. Dancing is something I am not enthusiastic about, but this blog certainly touched something within. Thank you so much Sir. Awaiting the continuation of this article in the magazine.
    Deep regards

  14. Sunita Rao

    A very informative article. The concept of letting go of pain through dance is very good. This is kind of Gestalt technique, if body movements.

    I didn’t know that Kings were asked to appreciate dances to get themselves in balance. Thank you so much for your shares.

  15. AAparna

    Thanks sir for the insightful knowledge.Sir I have a question if some one has a retrograde planet or not in good position so if we learn that particular dance in that form example of someone has Jupiter retrograde and the native will learn kathak so will it work as a remedy

  16. Ram gopal

    I never want to be a part of Baarat or Geet Sammelan at marriage ceremony.
    Dancing is weirdest that I can thought of. So I escape from these events in family.
    I am suffering from sciatica pain since adolescence
    Stones of 19 mm in kidney and gall bladder (operated)
    I have a cavity (pilonidal sinus) near tail bone which erupts puss and blood frequently. Surgery had not worked
    I am not able to understand ,how to start dancing.

  17. Smita

    I’m reading your article today, but strangely, a few days back when I was studying through Ashtami tithi class, a thought crossed my mind. Which dance form would be most suitable for this tithi? Then I thought of Odissi. The way the body line is maintained in center, and the sway goes to the left or right of the central line. Like they gently tilt right then straighten, then tilt left and straighten along with mudras and footwork. This dance form also has 1 leg always bent like Lord Krishna. So I felt wow, Ashtami tithi needs this type of Odissian balancing. This may be a remedy – to learn or watch this dance for ashtami tithi natives.
    So I made a small tentative list with which dances may work for each tithi. I’m not at all a dance person, and so self conscious that I cannot even lift a hand in public to dance. So I honestly dont know how this dance-astro bug got into my head.
    Chuffed that you have posted a whole article on the planets and their dances.

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