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Cancer Combinations & Timing of Events with Kaal Chakra (The Best Predictive Dasha)

I always tell people to follow the flowchart when reading a chart; This is what I taught several years before while teaching a course on Predictive Astrology; what happens with any student of Jyotish is that there are so many parameters to be checked in any chart and if you do not have a flow chart on what to check first, It will be difficult for you to conclude as you need to decide on prediction.

Problem is over analysing and there should be techniques in every astrologer’s kit which should be like dal chawal -a staple food on which he should be able to make specific predictions very quickly be it in any area of life and especially when approached by cancer patients we need to be sure of the planets causing these troubles.

Let me give you a flow chart for cancer patients, but you can follow it for any area of life as well.

For any disease to happen in life your ascendant has to get involved with bad energy of 6th 8th or 12th house.
Planets although might be sitting in rasi chart in 10th house but their frequency will be hitting the ascendant that is your D-9 or D-10 chart.

When to use D-9 or D-10 – D-10 is your karma which you do and try to change things while D-9 is bhagya which you have got and for any major event to happen in your life,planets have to acquire special position in the chart as well.

Let me show you one of the charts for understanding the sequence.

Do not go in to any other details and only follow the process to judge the dasa and conclude.

1) Check for planets in Mrityubhag-  YES- Jupiter placed in mrityubhag.
2) Planets in close conjunction with Rahu/Ketu- YES.
3) Planets running dasa are in special position- In the case above Ascendant lord dasa is running which is debilitated in 4th house.
4) Does condition gets better or worse in D-9- Saturn is placed in lagna with Rahu (not good) and the house lord of Saturn Moon gets debilitated in the navansh. (Ra/Ke axis prominent in both D-1 and D-9
5) Dasa is SAT- Mer-Venu-  Dasa of ascendant+6th lord (being dispositor of ra/ke and Jupiter mrityubhag) + Venus (Debiliated in D-9 in Virgo in 6th house.)
6) Mercury placed in lagna of D-9 and heavily afflicted by Mars and Saturn.

Get second confirmation from Kaal chakra Dasa.

1) Dasa running is Pisces Virgo  -This axis has only ra/ke and Jupiter and Jupiter being in mrityubhag is not helpful at all in this case but  Again ascendant sign gets involved and both lords are sitting in 4th house.
2) Sign is Aries which is health again and Venus being debiliated in Navansh.

once you are done with the simple analysis on 2 levels, now you are sure that related to health there will be issue in 4th house.

The lady got breast cancer in 2022 got removed with the help of surgery.

This is a repetitive method to predict diseases in any chart- I would suggest take all the charts related to cancer and try to use the flowchart to reach the conclusion.


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  1. Krushant

    The above chart mentioned regarding cancer study is of my mother. I posted it on Your Facebook page, to get some remedy and to know certain things. Right now my mother is perfectly fine and in good health post her breast surgery. *TouchWood*
    Her chemo sessions will begin from June. My mom shes a fighter and I am sure probably in 6-7 months post all chemo and radiations she will be back in Daily routine. JaiShreeRam??

  2. Isha

    I shared my fathers chart once who is struggling with lung cancer & unsuccessful lung surgery , unsuccessful chemo since December 2021 & since then unstable in ICU ..

    doctors gave up on him but we are giving him some shifa ayurvedic medicine lately & nodules are dissolving at one side & appearing at other side sometimes
    due to removal of lung , he is totally bed ridden as he is on ventilator support to exhale ..body weight gone extremely down & just a structure of bones with sheath of little mass on body ..intake of food through food pipe

    Please guide if we can do something to help him .. he is suffering a lot

    His details —-
    3:00 am

    Thanks ??

    He was Mis -diagnosed with T.B & doctors missed the nodules in biopsy ,, was taking medicine of Tb only & post 6 months tumour got so big that lung had to be removed immediately ..

  3. Nirav


    I observed that Ascendant as a base is used for both Dasha calculation and it’s good for learning purpose. If we use Moon as base, Sun MD and Venus AD in Vimshottari is running currently. MD lord – Sun is 8th lord (chronic dieses) and sitting in 6th house of disease. Plus, Sun is aspected by Saturn and Mars and Venus is sitting in 4th house with debiliated Saturn. In Navamsha, Sun is sitting in 8th house with debiliated Moon (karaka for breast and 4th lord) in karmic sign Scorpio and Venus is sitting in 6th house – debiliated. Sun Dasha started in August 2016, so disease would have started or grown afterwards. We hope and pray – your mother get well soon.

    Thank you!!

  4. Smita

    Pranam Sir. KCD Flow chart is super helpful. You’d told in YD class to make one ourself and I did (it’s more like a checklist). Same schema and flow as was taught in YD class. Never fails. Takes me 3-4days to listen to the chart, iterate all the steps and then it yields something unique.
    Speaking of staples, there was a neat technique you shared in ‘Tarpan – a remedy of promise’ post, where Jaatak had Ketu in Cancer and libra moon. I want to perfect this as a staple technique because it hits the chart core. Sometimes I am unable to pick up the story line and other times when I do pick it up, party says no, nothing like that happened. Sometime if you could share examples where you’ve resolved the RK axis storyline, that would be nice. Regards.

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