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Birth Time Rectification -5yr old kid.

This is an email from a lady confused between two astrologers as she approached two different astrologers when her son was suffering from health issues. One of the astrologers mentioned that her Son’s chart ascendant is Taurus, while another said the ascendant is Gemini, and both of them gave remedies.

Here is what the chart looks like in Jhora, and you can see the ascendant is on the border, making it Gemini ascendant, but when we go to PL-9 or Bhrigu software, it comes as Taurus ascendant in the middle.

The same chart is in Parashara Light- 9.

So the first thing is, if all details are the same in both software, why one software is taking a different ascendant? The answer is it is due to DST correction while Jhora doesn’t consider DST – Parashara is considering it automatically while you have to do modifications in Jhora manually. If you are dealing with a chart where there is daylight saving, then please consider DST for the local city.

Now we have to check if Taurus is a correct ascendant or not. We can do this by looking into an event that from the birthday the kid was sick and this should be shown in different charts, Anything which happens to body the golden principle is that ascendant or Moon should be involved in it and for bad health, we need to look into dasa and various divisional charts.

Boy was running Rahu-Jupiter- Saturn dasa as this is an event which happened for one month only. We will focus on the 2nd and  3rd levels of dasa -so let us see if Saturn and Jupiter are completing any circuit in the rasi chart to give an event.

Saturn is in the 8th house in the sign of Sagittarius (Saturn- Jupiter circuit in the 8th house), and Jupiter is placed in the 5th house- So we have a connection of the 8th getting completed. Still, the result will be that natives will face bad stomach issues related to the liver. (Jupiter is the significator of the liver.)

Although Jupiter 5th looks in a good position but also carries the negative effect of being the 8th lord and Saturn placed there, which is why the function of Jupiter will slow down, Jupiter placed in the sign of Mercury gives trouble indigestion. Also, the lord of the 5th house is placed in the 12th house with the significator of the body Mars. Note down this Mercury is house wise debilitated, and in dasa antardasa of natural 12th lord, Jupiter Mercury will be extremely bad.

In the dasa sequence of Rahu-Jupiter-Saturn-Mercury, the health of natives went entirely down and being in the 12th house; natives will be admitted to hospital now.

Let us dive more to test our other methods- Jupiter in Chitra Nakshatra retrograde- Native face extreme troubles in the stomach- this is a one-liner from the nakshatra sequence.

In the Nadi Navamasha chart- which I consider to be a more accurate representation to look at-all planets which are involved in dasa are placed in the 10th house in the Gemini sign, but what is more interesting is Saturn- Saturn is placed in the 8th house in rasi chart and move over to Lagna rasi in the nadi navansh chart showing trouble in health in the dasa of  Saturn.

In yearly chart progression -look at the first month you will find out ascendant rising with Leo and Sun with Venus is placed in 8th house showing the extremely problematic year in terms of health as Sun represents stomach so yearly charts are also pointing out same.

If you will padnavansh dasa, you will see the antar of Scorpio navansh just started with the placement of debilitated Moon placed in Scorpio navansh giving out health troubles for native.

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  1. Kapil saraswat

    Hi Sir,
    Can you please help me to get the actual birth time. According to my grandmother it is in between of 9:30pm to 10:05pm.
    Just want to know about my job switch.
    Details are as below:-
    Birth date – 8 nov 1987
    Time :- 10:05pm ( need rectification)
    Place :- aligarh(u.p.)
    Question :- regarding job switch

  2. Smita

    I hope the kid got better. Interesting BTR process. A few people asked me to get their BTR done, but I got frazzled with details. You make it look easy Sir, and when reading, it’s like an Aha moment. But when I try to practice with unknown charts it’s too tough.

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