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An Old Client and Payment Issue

These are the cases that students of Jyotish will face in everyday life – It was 2018 November when I first did this consultation for this particular case, and then in 2020, and this is the third time, Genetelman has come back for advice,  I am sharing with students of Jyotish so this can increase their learning and see the thought process, I will run you through my thought process in deducing the conclusion and also making a future prediction for the native.

I will use several tools available to make sure the prediction is rock solid and will discuss every one of them in detail, but you have to excuse me for grammar as even when I use Grammarly, still sometimes even Grammarly goes, ” You can’t miss the entire sentence between your head and fingers” – As brain thinks several thousand times faster than the fingers can type.

So a week back, while returning from the temple- I received a phone call saying, ” Sir, you did my consultation in 2018 for marriage ?”  I replied, “Ok”, as if I had seen the chart once, I would remember at least a few parameters of the chart, and then the person added, ” I am the one who came from the UK.”

Now My memory flashed, and I said- Yes, I know you; you have Sat/Rahu on the 1/7 axis, and in Brighu pada dasa, your Saturn was transiting from the 7th house, and I asked you to do glass remedy. When you were standing outside the court, the reason I don’t take new clients easily is as I do see chart several times before prediction by various ways as even after five years, you come back to me, I will still be able to tell you the most significant planet of your chart and most of the clients are regulars only.

This case was special as, during the consultation, I offered him money for his ticket back to the UK and offered a refund as well; I was so sure of my prediction as I told him that you could not go lower than this in life and once you recover, you can pay back.

His case was interesting as earlier he was sending me emails for a free consultation, and I used to receive several of such emails, and I realised over a while, People will try to take advantage and are ungrateful for your hard work and time and made a rule for no free reading after specific experiences with people, Anyhow he paid for the reading, and while I was doing his reading, This was the background.

As I predicted the problems in marriage, He started explaining that he is a UK citizen who rose to top-level in the software industry and a highly skilled person that he is paid close to 1600$/day and coming from a humble background in U.P; he achieved all this with own efforts,  but his wife never wanted to live in the U.K, and finally, she moved back to India, and in the name of buying property, A large sum was transferred to wife’s account, and the moment this person landed in India, He was arrested on the airport as wife filed a dowry and harassment case over him and also his passport was impounded along with bank accounts.

Look what was happening in Bhrigu pada dasa chart- This is a special transit used by Bhrigu astrologers to predict events- Saturn is transiting through the 4th house over pada of A-7- He got duped in the name of property due to his wife,

So that is why he was asking for a free reading anyhow; during the reading, I offered him to pay back, and when I predicted to him that you are not going back to the UK anymore, He was not able to believe this prediction as he was unequivocal in mind to back and continue his life in the UK,  all he required was ticket money, I offered him ticket money as well as I was very sure of my prediction in this case.

Anyhow, the Prediction came true, and the native got work in MNC in Bangalore, and now he is country head for another brand; a divorce case is going on, and he is looking for when he could divorce this woman and start a new life, Let us now look at the chart to judge past events as well as future as well.

I will start with the basics and again use only two dasas which I have never seen failing- Kaal chakra dasa and Yogini dasa; let me introduce you to a simple rule of Marriage and Divorce for Divorce to happen; a dasa of the planet has to run which is sitting in a house from where Venus is drawing its energy and when dasa of planet and sign will run which will supply energy of divorce to Venus, the Divorce will happen, I have explained this principle in detail in yogini dasa as well as in Karma and Relationship course, You can get a basic understanding from the diagram.

You can see Venus is linked to several houses, and each house is supplying its energy to the planet, but whenever any of these houses have a weak or debilitated planet will start to run dasa; this energy will be supplied to Venus, and this negative energy will then turn in to divorce so sometimes when we have to give a remedy, We have to take care of these things, Please refer to lecture 5 of Yogini dasa where we have discussed on how to make customised and effective remedies in Jyotish according to one’s chart, This is the main reason when people complain that remedies don’t work as when you will not focus on cause and only on resultant then remedy will give you bare minimum effects.

venus in the 6th house
So this was November 2018 when I was doing reading, and the Kaal chakra dasa was of Libra – Libra- As being placed in the 3rd house with so many planets, Libra is loaded with energy and is the natural sign of marriage; Venus will have a say over here in this Rashi, House wise Sun will have much say in this.

Sun in 3rd house, whenever dasa runs native, loses money through robbery, frauds, dacoits this is classical dictum and holds every time.

7th from Libra is Aries, whose lord is placed in the 12th house debilitated and also aspects the 3rd house when the antar of Scorpio kicked in on 3rd level- Libra- Libra- Scorpio – Both Ketu and Mars- Ketu is well placed in 7th house and interestingly in mrityu bhag as well and second lord Mars is in 12th, and debilitated shows curse of land to be paid off, and Ketu has placed in 7th house in mrityubhag that this relationship is over.

Ketu and Moon are on the same degree- Moon being Putrakarka representing fame; kids will take a deep hit during this period as the only child was separated from the gentleman due to the cunningness of his wife.

Look at transits, too – this was the time when Jupiter was transiting his 4th house; whenever Jupiter has to transit, the 4th house native has to change his comfortable position and travel to various places; the dispositior of the 4th house is in the 12th and in an extremely weak state, native had to go Jail during this period.

At Present, dasa running is of – Libra-  Scorpio, which is about to end in a few months and then antar of Aquarius will complete the separation as the presence of Ketu in mrityubhag in 7th is bound to give separation easily but notice one more thing before antar of Aquarius there is an antar of Pisces – This is Lion’s leap in this chart.

Lion’s Leap is a special feature of Kaal chakra dasa as when some major changes are to happen in life this is to be seen via Lion’s leap, some people do not get a lion’s leap at all in their whole life, while some people get like 10 of them in this life making it an interesting chart.

This means during the dasa of Libra, Pisces, as pieces being the 8th house, has to go through a major transformation in life and has to be careful during this period as when you make Pisces as Lagna, you will find all planets are in the 6th or 8th house which is not a good indication but shows native might have to move to a foreign land during this period, and also health issues are indicated.

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  1. Neetu

    Sir, humble and folded hand request can I ever meet my son in my life.His dob is 1.1.2016, 1:10 pm, Dasuya, Hoshiarpur.
    My husband took him forcefully and now he remarried.

  2. Mayuree

    I read your blogs and colum
    You give so many remedies
    I have got two grown up work boys
    Elder one will be 27 in few days Still not ready to settle down and is in livin relationship
    Younger one is also working
    I want both of them to leave my house and start living independently
    Is there any remedy I’m very stressed

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