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partnership in astrology

Partnership Went Wrong – 4th house

The last few days have been busy in the office as a lot of people are pouring in for consultations and this week Monday 18th April- started with an unusual consultation- A student was visiting from Norway and this was scheduled months back for this consultation and I did the consultation but by the time, I finished my consultation with him -There was a lady waiting at reception area as she was requesting from several months for a consultation. As she requested I agreed to see the chart as she said she will not take more than 10 mins but I always know that is never the case anyhow, I asked for her chart and told her to wait at reception until I do my analysis. Let us start with Prashna – partnership went wrong - astrology This is prashna made in the hora of Moon on Monday and by chance, Cancer is the sign rising in prashna and what else can I ask for – if the ascendant lord goes and sit in the 4th house. Do I need any more signs? 4th lord is in the 8th house and sitting with pitrakara Mars – The degree of Moon and Ketu is very close which shows a separation of property is inevitable and has to happen very soon and this might be the reason for stress. Let us now move to the birth chart of the lady- At this point in time, I did not have any bias in my head and this is good for reading as when we do not have prior information we have to rely purely on the information we gather from dictums, that is why analyzing charts while sitting in silence is very necessary for any astrologer. Below is the birth chart of natives. Choosing a wrong partner She is running Jupiter dasa in all the three major dasas- Vimshottari, Yogini, and Kaal chakra- Jupiter is the 4th lord of the chart sitting in cancer sign and Moon is in Capricorn showing not a happy output of dasa and eventually leading to losses. The same story is repeated in Dasasn- D-10 chart as well. Interestingly in both Yogini and Vimshottari, she is running dasa related to these two planets only- Mercury and Jupiter and Kalachakra dasa of Capricorn -Cancer which is a 1/7 axis dasa. One thing I got clear was that it is not only property now- It is business property and relationship as well let me run you through a thought process of this conclusion. Jupiter is sitting in the cancer sign in the 11th house- Whenever Jupiter goes in the 11th house of rasi chart -This is not a good combination please refer to my earlier blog on Jupiter and the happiness series as well for the complete lecture. Moon is sitting just opposite Jupiter making a 1/7 relation between the two and lord of which Saturn is in the 12th house with Rahu, Mandi, and Gulika making a yog of an affair but also Mercury is in the 10th house whose is sitting in his own house and looks well placed but in navansh chart going in 6th navansh with 11th lord shows disputed related to profits. So It’s testing time – I called in the lady and gave her a few predictions- See if you can match these predictions in chart. you are here as you recently discovered that the person who is running a business with you is cheating you not only in business but in life-  1/7 connections (Ju-Mo) going to 12th and Mercury is damaged by Ketu in 10th. 1) her Parents divorced early in life and she has lived with her father. Answer-  Comes from Army background- parents were divorced as mother had an affair. 2)  She is never married as even the idea of marriage is not for her. Apply principles on Karma and relationships and see reason. this one is from Prashna. This morning you were not able to do breakfast and even shouted at someone for food. natal chart. Yesterday you came to know about the fraud which is happening as some employee told you this over a car trip (Sat in 12th – lord Sun boss in 9th with 4th lord venus car- must be going for a trip.) She was coming back from a group trip to the company and in her car, there was another employee who started talking and that revealed lot of new things for this lady. You changed the floor of the house recently to marble- She denied but the carpet of the office was removed and it is the hard floor at present due to the temp office. (So Much of 4th house- Vastu has to get involved – do not touch Vastu until and unless energy is coming from 4th house. Only in cases of property, home peace, and when dasa of 4th is running go for Vastu.) Can you see why dasa of exalted Jupiter is turning miserable for her as there are no supporting planets at all for this exalted Jupiter? Learning from this case- Do not take any planet for the face value of exaltation Anyone planet cannot make you rich, poor or bad- Planets work in circuits and in clusters to give results- In this case as we saw the circuit of Jupiter does not have an energy of giving good results and eventually will lead to loss. Once you can pinpoint the problem in the chart then you can go ahead with the remedy – like in her case remedy is of worshiping green Jade Ganesha and get Red carpets in the office and get the Vastu done for this problem.
I hope this case study will increase the learning of Astrology students, In case you wish to go for the course, Here are some minor details.
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  1. Haritha V

    Sir my age is 33 and am doing very bad with career, am suffering too much and have no clue how career will be going. I request you to agree for career consultation. Please sir. You will be saviour of my life.

  2. Nitesh

    My wife is having issues at work and we are planning to sell our rental house so she can start on her own which she always wanted to, but not sure if her current Dasha and transits favor it. But, all I can do is support her emotionally and financially. She is definitely not at peace due to work politics. Her Mother(4th house) is also very sad as my wife’s elder brother’s wife has Cancer and will not survive for long(he has exalted Venus in Lagna as 8th house lord). They both don’t have kids and her brother doesn’t work(he has exalted Sun in 2nd house, so lots of ego to not work for less. Also exalted Mars in 11th with Rahu. Imagine people thinking exalted planets are always good, he has suffered so much in life. He is the eldermost and my wife has an elder sister too who is doing great). So we are supporting them financially for all treatment. Hopefully, the problems will be resolved somehow. Lets see.

  3. Ch chandan kumar swain

    Sir Gynocomastiya disease ke bare mai kuch batayenge ..i am 22 years old suffer with this disease..in my chart i am capricorn asc. Sa,Ma,Ju in my 4th house .. Sir plz tell me how all gynocomastiya people relief this problem.

  4. Suma

    The native of the above placement of planets could be a cook, pilot, military personnel. Could be involved in finance or pet animals. There could have been gains or profits after disputes in land/property. Mother and elder sibling could have played an important role in the native’s daily routine.

  5. Smita

    Sir, While reading unknown charts, the thought process you’re sharing on last few posts is helping me a lot. I could follow everything you’ve mentioned on the sutra and circuits. (Skipped the Karma relationship reasons part since I am yet to join that course)
    My only question is regarding the reveal – Sorry if my brain is in not in gear, but I cant seem to get this car drive bit.
    12th house Leo with saturn Rahu Md Gk. Lord Sun in 9th Taurus with 2nd lord venus = Couldnt the reveal (regarding lover/boss) have occurred while watching a suspense thriller movie in private? And when eating some rich foods like butter rotis and rajma (Sun and 2nd lord Venus in taurus), the other party has blurted the truth (9th Venus, Shukracharya advising Devaguru case)? I could be wrong here, but just thinking.

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